Jee Le Zara 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 8th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi telling mom that Dhruv does not want kids. Mom says he is not ready, but she should convince her. She says even Yash was not ready, but she conceived without his knowledge. Once he saw Anvay, he accepted him and got emotional. Saanchi thinks how will she convince Dhruv. She remembers Dhruv playing with the kid. She gets an idea and edits Dhruv’s pics with kids. She writes it is a complete family package on her pics with Dhruv and kid. She gets call from Dhruv who asks her to send her presentation CD. She finds it and says she will send it via driver. Suparna says driver was busy and has gone out and asks her to check. Once Saanchi goes, she manipulates pics and sends them to Dhruv as presentation.

Saanchi comes back sees her laptop open. Suparna exchanges CD from driver and asks him to give it to Dhruv if he wants 1 month leave. Driver agrees and goes. Suparna calls Anvay, informs about the CD and asks him to make sure Dhruv plays that CD. Anvay asks if she also is assisting Dhruv. She asks him to wait and watch and cuts the call.

Dhruv calls his dad and says everything is going well. Client come and praise Dhruv for earlier presentation. They ask if Saanchi is helping him in this presentation also. He starts presentation and demonstrates about his planning. Clients are shocked to see Dhruv’s pic with kid instead of presentation. They ask if he is talking about industrial planning or family planning. Dhruv sees the pics and gets angry on Saanchi. Client says Dhruv he did not prepare presentation well and say they will come back some time later. Anvay asks them to wait in his cabin until technical glitch is cleared. They say the cannot waste time and go from there. Anvay scolds Dhruv and says that is the reason boardroom’s planning is not done in bedroom and it is the reason dad didn’t allow our house women in office.

Saanchi calls Dilshad and says she did not send her CD and says it was childish and if anyone would have seen, she would have been very shy. She says Dhruv is very tensed these days due to work schedule. Dilshad says he will come back soon. Dhruv comes come and asks about Saanchi to mom. She says she is in her room. She asks Anvay what happened. He says they lost the contract because of Saanchi, she sent morphed pics of her and Dhruv with kid instead of presentation. Dhruv asks Saanchi why did she spoil his, his dad’s, Anvay’s reputation and says she sent morphed pic of him with kid and clients laughed on him and his company. Saanchi says she sent presentation pics. He asks then how did he get those pics and says he does not want kids. She asks when does he need kids then. He says we will see when I am ready. She says she is aging. He says they are not the only couple with age difference and says he does not need kids at all. She says she needs kids. He says their marriage was a mistake.

Precap: Suparna says Saanchi whatever happened was not good. Saanchi says someone changed CD and it is her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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