Rang Rasiya 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
rudra is holding paro, paro says your medicine, he doesn’t take it. rudra says why paro why, I am stone, I have no love, no feeling, I have only fire, poison, I can burn but cant love you so why you love me paro why, he is frustrated, paro says why oil have fire? why poisons answer is poison?, why sun rises from east?you have no answer, I dont have answer too, he says you will never get my love, save yourself, you will not get anything , paro says don’t say like this, rudra says you will not understand, I pain of many things, paro says yes it had cut you from inside you have pain, you only told me in bsd when you were drunk, flashback shows rudra saying that it had cut me from inside, I am feeling pain. fb ends. rudra says whenever I try to mov on in my life my past come infront of me and make me fall, you say to forget past but past follows me always, it always find me, it will kill me someday, paro says your mother, rudra emotionally looks at paro, paro says keep speaking you will feel better, rudra says I was left alone in childhood, I waited for my mother only whole childhood, I kept crying, I was breaking, then I started hating her and do so now, I dont want her to come in my life but she came in my life, I kept fighting with her whole life but she came in my life again, rudra holds paro’s hand and caresses it while speaking, he sits down holding her hand, paro says your mother? rudra nods and recalls how he had seen her picture with tejawat in his haveli. he says you know where I have seen her and with whom, he is about to tell her but gets call from soldier, he says some women came to us, he says lady said that she ran to save her life from tejawat. she knows about you and asked us to send her to you, she says she will be safe in your house. rudra being tensed drops phine thinking its his mother, he goes from room, he recalls dilsher’s words that by crying she will not comeback, remember beautiful women is of no one, he recalls mohini’s words that my sister never loved her husband or her son she ran away leaving them, he then recalls how he was told that his mother is tejawat’s wife, he ask where is she, he comes on gate, soldier says I will bring her. paro comes there, rudra holds her hand for support, paro caresses his hand to make him feel better. soldier brings lady and says now you are safe you can take off your veil, she removes veil and it is Laila, paro recall how she tried to attack her and hides behind rudra, rudra hides paro. rudra is stunned and says you? what are you doing here, Laila starts crying, rudra ask what drama is this, from when you started crying, Laila says tejawat did this to me, he wants to kill me because of you, our relation, rudra ask how do he know about me,, Laila says I went in his party, Laila says I dont from where , from whom he came to know about us, she says I know you dont believe me, so see it yourself, she shows her bruises, rudra puts cloth on it she,, rudra says where is his men, Laila says they are near, they want to kill me, she says its about my life, I only trust you, you know I went that day finishing everything from you and I never return but they will kill me, she gets unconscious. soldier ask should I take her to bsd? paro says no you go back, paro says to rudra we should take her inside, she is not conscious, they gives her support, paro says where should I take her? In your room as all are sleeping in their rooms, rudra says lets go.

Scene 2
paro puts Laila on bed, paro says I will come in a minute,rudra looks at Laila and is tensed, paro comes with remedy. rudra says dont worry about her, maybe she is doing drama, paro says see her bruises, trust someone, she is being injured by Thakur, paro is taking out bedsheet, rudra is about to help, paro says not make your hand work.rudra says you dont know her she was my spy and worked for me, paro says so what, he says she tried to attack you, paro says and you are the one who killed my namesake husband, rudra says he was not your husband, paro says I know I just want to say there are many ways to look at one thing, what I saw, I took wrong meaning from that. paro says you know how much it hurt me and you too, let her be here then we will see what is to be done. rudra goes from there.

SCene 3
aman gets rudra’s call, rudra ask do you know about tejawat, he says do search and find him soon, he ends call, rudra says dont know Laila is telling truth or playing game.
Laila get conscious, paro gives her syrup paro says your wounds will be alright, she doesn’t take it, paro says you dont trust me? Laila drinks. Laila is going. paro ask what are you doing, Laila says I have to go, dont know why I came here, paro says you need to go, stay here, Laila says I took you wrong, you are giving me medicine and I tried to hurt you, paro forgive me, I did that because… paro says because you love rudra, paro says some lady comes suddenly and tried to hurt me so reason can only be that I am taking your something. Laila looks at her. Laila says no, I was only his friend all these years but tried to make relation with him but I have no feelings for him, there was nothing inbetween us, I have nothing fro him that’s why I am saying to let me go, I dont want to caste eye on your relation, she comes in hall, rudra comes there, Laila says I am going.

PRECAP- Laila says to paro I told you that it is good that I go from here, paro says rudra if she goes then I will not forgive you and me, rudra is stunned

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Plz fast Atiba

  2. I hate laila. y did had to comeback

  3. pls fast

  4. I hate her too… laila will ruin paro and rudra’s relationship

  5. Atiba plz fast

  6. But laila has some rights on rudra… wen i read 6th january episode i understood… we cant blame laila blindly… rudra is also responsible…

  7. It depend on Rudra if their relationship is going to be ruined

  8. True ahaana but Rudra also told her from the start their is no love between them

    1. ya u r rite, he said from the starting that she doesnt ve any rights on him

  9. i agree with u ahaana bt i think laila is puppet of mohini’s hand

  10. Yeah she is, but her plans will fail or do i say must fail

  11. Y is it taking so long

  12. u r too late

  13. atiba, why ur updates r always slow

  14. But… he was bad.. and had done some stuppid things… which was wrong.. so i think he shud pay for it.

  15. She isnt late …….actually uploading takes time…….b patient and thankful despite commenting in an immature manner

  16. Yr plz update fast

  17. Its for u anjali

  18. paro… is a idiot how can she allow laila to come in the house… it is like she want her to come between her and rudra

  19. omg how can paro allow laila to come b/w rudra n her,it ll ruin their relationship

  20. From the precap only one thing i can say that is…
    Paro dear… u r digging ur own grave… now bear urself..m

  21. From the precap only one thing i can say that is…
    Paro dear… u r digging ur own grave… now bear urself..

  22. And one thing more paro…
    All glittering things are not gold…
    I think u will be understanding it soon…

  23. What the hell us wrong with paro. Is she mad? Y is letting laila stay. Laila might b faking it

  24. omg look at the precap…dun no wat to do with tiz paro

  25. no…. it wouldnt be like that….. i think this will hasten up their confession…..

  26. I am not going to see this show for few days until Laila will be in picture… I cannot stand Laila coming in between Paro and Rudra and spoiling the whole story..???

  27. Wat is paro doing……
    Making her enemy stay in her house….
    Took her to persnl bedroom…
    poor paro

  28. I think paro hav d plan f leaving rudra wth laila , she wants to ensure tat b4 leaveing rudra shd make sure tat sum1 is there to take care f him 4 tat sake 1ly paro admitted laila tat she loves rudra so 1ly attacked her!! My mere prediction

  29. i hate paro, wht wrng with her..why she do this

  30. i think it might be a trap laid by tejawat to kill rudra,so he had sent laila to him!

  31. Ammu santhosh

    Plez update fastly of today

  32. Plz can u update todays episode

  33. Please update today’s episode

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