Qubool Hai 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s haveli and dilshad’s residence
Sanam prays at night, while thinking that dilshad always says that lord tries the good people, and prays to the lord to help dilshad get through this phase with strength. meanwhile, haya in amritsar tucks dilshad to sleep. Sanam too lies down for sleep. midnight, dilshad has a couhging bout, while sanam too gets uncomfortable in her sleep, intuitively. Dilshad finally wakes up, with great pain in the chest, and cries out for sanam. Sanam’s sleep is broken too instinctively. she gets tensed, and decides to call and confirm if everything is okay. Dilshad is having a breathing attack, and asthamatic symptoms, when she tries hard to wake up Haya, but being tone deaf, she isnt able to wake from her sleep. As sanam goes out, and casts a glance at this haveli from outside, she is taken back to her childhood memories of her having spent time here, but thinks that its impossible as she has never been in this hiuse, leave alone bhopal, but is confused why this place seems so familiar to her, as if she used to play here with Dilshad. She then discards off the idea thinking that its insane to think like that. meanwhile, Sanam calls up dilshad while she wonders why isnt dilshad picking up the phone, even though dilshad tries hard to pick up. Sanam is highly tensed, while oblivious to her, dilshad collapses on the floor. sanam is very tensed. When she calls up again, haya wakes up and is shocked to find dilshad on the floor, and the cell phone ringing. haya tries to wake up dilshad by splashing water on her face, but she remains unconscious, while the phone continues ringing. finally dilshad wakes up dizzily. Haya picks up the phone, and tries to signal, and finally dilshad receives the phone. Sanam reprimands her for not picking up the phone and asks if everything is okay. dilshad says that she is okay and just had a dizzy spell. sanam begins to reprimand. she asks her what was haya trying to say. Sanam asks dilshad to take care of herself, while dilshad tries to cover up the severity of the situation. Dilshad asks about sanam, and is surprised to know that she is in bhopal. When sanam tells about her job profile, dilshad wonders how their times have changed, that in the city where they had servants at their disposal, and now her daughter herself is orking like one. sanam tells that she has landed a very good job. Dilshad asks her if everything is alright, and asks her to say clearly. Sanam controls her emotions and welling ters, and asks her to take care of herself and haya, rather than worry about her. Dilshad asks her to take care, and then gives the phone to haya on sanam’s demand. Haya gives her signals and then cancels the call. sanam gets emotional talking with them, and thinks that dilshad is hiding something from her, and prays to the lord to keep her family safe. dilshad too thinks the same, about sanam.

The next morning, Sanam is happily working in the kitchen, when ahil’s aunt and uncle, rant about how asma is coming to meet anwar and they have prepared a special menu. Sanam is shocked at the long list. She starts venting out her frustration, after they are gone, which is aggravated by latif coming in telling hr about ahil’s long list of breakfast as well. While latif goes to laze around, sanam gets to working efficiently. Latif comes back after a while, and takes the breakfast, but not after she added her special pudina chutney to everything. Ahil gets super furious at this, and latif blames it on sanam, and ahil is all the more aggaravted and demands that he wants to see her rightaway. Latif goes to the kitchen, to call sanam, but she says that she wont go. She refuses to budge, while latif is tensed when the angry ahil comes in herself. Sanam turns around. ahil comes to talk to her, but she doesnt respond. sanam, in her bid to avoid being seen by ahil, turns around, and covers her face with a dupatta. ahil gets angry at this, and reprimands her that noone turns their back on him while he’s talking and asks her to turn around. whn she doesnt respond, ahil takes it on himself, to turn her. but before he can do that, sanam takes off her dupatta and dips her face in the bowl that has besan in it, and smears it ll on her face. When ahil asks her to turn around, she complies, frightening ahil, while she smiles innocently, saying that its the latest face pack for her skin. Ahil is super frustrated and leaves in frustration. Sanam leaves with an excuse to wash it off. Latif too begins to try it herself.

In his room, ahil talks to tanveer on the hone, saying tha he wont finalise the deal as she has once denied, and that if his enemies try anything wwrong, he kknows how to give a befitting reply. He starts playing video games, and opens the door, to let rehaan in, when he knocks on the door,and again gets to playing games. After finishing, ahil talks about his remote controlled door, and then asks if all the arrangements have been done, for his LA clients, and that they shouldt have any problems. rehaan says that they should cancel tonight’s plans. rehaan tells ahil that last night some suspicious characterswere found lurking around the campus, and they are tensed, along with the security guards, and they dont want to take unnecessary risks. ahil asks what does he think, if anyone’s trying to kill him. when rehaan confirms this, ahil asks him not to bother unnecessarily like his mother, as he is so alone that even death deserts him. The screen freezes on ahil’s tensed face.

Precap: After sanam gets locked in ahil’s room, and ahil gloats about how it would open only when he wants it to, she is frustrated, while ahil mistakes her for another of his girlfriends, and takes off her dupatta, commenting on what kind of clothes is she wearing. She is shocked while he tries to get intimate with her. He takes off the string of her kurti, from her back, embarassing and shaking her to the core, while she is frustrated with the dilemma of avoiding or confronting him fr his misbehaviour.

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