Rang Rasiya 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Rudras senior shows him the location of Birpur and other two villages – Jetpur & Chandangarh which are near the border and where suspicious activity is going on..and that he will be posted there..! He asks Rudra that being from Chandangarh he must be aware of that place? Rudra recollects his past and he says.. shifted to Jaipur early on ..dun remember!Senior asks dun remember anything? Rudra says worked hard to forget it..! Senior says. .u are to go to Birpur.. there people hate BSD..! He says..that these folks are ready to destroy BSD and will do anything for that…! Rudra says like arms dealing? His senior shows pic of ParamSinghTejawat.. n says.. his ancenstors were Raja.. n he too thinks he is so! He says..there are many folks with him. we need to stop them! Rudra assures he will do needful at the earliest and that he will submit the information and details soon..! Rudras senior says. .need information not encounter reports..!

An informant (the shopkeeper) informs Rajasaab about the donations raised and asks what to do with the arms..and Raja saab says.. to sell it off so people die off greed..! He tells the informant that two girls are coming to u with a thread n u send the THING i asked for .. with them! The guy assures..he will! He packs the THING Rajasaab asked for in Paros shopping bag with the wedding attire and gives to Bindiya and Paro ..! Bindiya says its too heavy and he says.. it has something for Rajasaab..! Bindiya spots bangles and goes to buy ..and right then the shopkeeper gets message BSD folks are patrolling there! The shopkeeper asks them to hurry as it will get late..! Bindiya insists but Paro says not to force..! They turn to leave and Paro notices a team of BSD there and she is in pain …! She recollects her parents murder by the BSD..! The BSD officer asks the shopkeeper if there is any information? He says no ..! They ask about where Paro is from and what she was carrying ?? The shopkeeper fools saying Jet and then changes to Birpur..! The BSD folks start for Jetpur while shopkeeper informs his men to keep an eye on Paro and if anything goes wrong to kill them…!

Part 2

Bindiya is tired carrying the shopping bag and Paro says hurry up we are getting late..! She says cant walk..! Paro says lemme carry the bag..! Rudra passes by them on his bike and his bikes mirror reflects the light in Paros eyes. .they both try to look at each other but Paro covers her eyes with her hand ..while Rudra is too far for Paro to notice..! Bindiya asks for lift towards Birpur from a passing auto-type-vehicle (chagda)..! They spot the shopping bag with Bindiya and offers them lift.. and even recognizes them..! Paro is not sure of their intent ..but Bindiya insists..! They get on the chagda.. which takes a turn for Birpur..! Rudras bike has broken down so he is shown fixing it..! As the Chagda passes by… the light from the bag of Paro reflects in Rudras eye and he tries to look but cant see..!

The other occupants of the chagda asks Paro-Bindiya to give their bags to them and Paro is scared.. ! She recollects forgetting her rudraksh bracelet at home..! The occupants.. keep pulling and pushing the girls and Bindiya falls on the road..! The chagda keeps going forward..! The occupants/goons check the bag and say its perfect..! They then start gawking at Paro.. n close in on her..! She begs to be let free but they keep manhandling her! Right then Rudra is shown passing by the chagda.. on his bike..! Paro keeps begging for help from Rudra but he does not react..! He simply drives by the chagda…! The goons start molesting Paro again..! Paro keeps screaming for help ..!

Part 3

Rudra spins his bike around and stops then stops it..! He gets off his bike..! He throws the driver from the chagda.. ..! He beats up one after another.. all the goons ..n says.. ladki ko chor..(Leave the girl)! One of the goon tries to strangle him from behind and he throws him to the ground..! Paro runs and Rudra holds her by her hand and turns her and makes her stand behind him ..! BG – Rang rasiya..! Paro is in tears…and is surprised by their closeness..! The goon points a gun at Rudra..! Rudra turns Paro around and they roll on the ground..! Eyelocks..! The goons in the meantime.. try to flee but Rudra runs after them. .n kills one of them! The other one ..shoots at Rudra.. he gets hurt..! He then blows up .. Rudras bike..! Paro is shocked…and seeing all the fire remembers her dream./ nightmare..! She is terrified..! Rudra is shown running towards Paro and jumps over the fire..!

Precap —- Paro looks at Rudra..who is sitting in the jeep ..! Bindiya is already in the jeep! They both look at each other..! Later.. Bindiya tells Tejawat about how BSD helped them and he shouts on them!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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