Rang Rasiya 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mohini is tensed in her room, shtabdi comes there and ask why you called me? mohini says you father sent money yesterday, give me my money, shtabdi says I am not in mood to give you, mohini says your father promised me, shtabdi says 1st give me a gift, ok I will take it, she opens her cupboard and says wah you hided your jewelry before hand, mohini ask what?
paro ask Maithili that did you see shantanu? Maithili says no, rudra says don’t worry he will come, mohini comes and says my jewelry is missing, call bsd, rudra says calm down, paro thinks that sunehri is missing, shantanu is missing.. she as rudra to come, she takes him in room and tells him that shantanu and sunehri love each other, I saw them together, rudra ask when? paro says 2 days before, rudra says why you didn’t tell me then? paro says I tried but, rudra says but you had to tell me, it was important, I will not leave that bastard.
shantanu stops the car, sunehri ask why did you stop, he says because my work is done, she ask what? he ask do you love me? she nods, he says sorry but i have to do the work for what i came here.
paro tells about shantanu and sunehri to everyone, danveer says to paro that what, sunehri ran away with shantanu, Maithili says maybe they got married, rudra is stunned too., mohini says its a lie, my daughter cant do this, samrat says what are you saying paro, she didn’t leave a letter even, mohini fumes and says that this paro is trying to allege my daughter, my daughter cant do this, you must have told this to my daughter, she is innocent, you must have made her learn all this, rudra says calm down kakisa, sumer comes and says sunehri ran away, that’s why she was worried yesterday, mohini says that my daughter have 2 brothers and her father is alive but she cant be found, rudra says calm down, I am trying to trace them. samrat ask sumer to come with him and find sunehri.

Scene 2
shantanu comes back to ranawat villa, all are stunned to see him alone, shantanu says I am sorry to all of you, mohini says this much big cheat, sunehri comes there too, paro hugs her and says thank god you are fine, paro gives a tight slap to shantanu, she says I trusted you, you said that everything is finished between you and sunehri then why you did that? mohini hugs sunehri, samrat comes to shantanu, sumer and samrat beats him, danveer stops them, sumer says that he tried to make our sister run and you are stopping us, rudra says don’t stop them kaka, sumer is doing right thing for 1st time, sunehri says no, don’t beat him, its not his fault, I told him to run away, shantanu says that I came here to protect your family but don’t know when I started loving sunehri, I knew that your family will never accept me but I never got love, sunehri loved me a lot, I thought about my duty so thought to forget my love but sunehri came in room, sunehri says I told him to run away with me, shantanu says I am a junior lever officer, I came in your house and got a family love, sumer says ok now go from here, we will find another guard, leave from here. shantnau turns to leave and thinks that plan b is that sunehri will die in crave of her love, they will be hurt, danveer stops shantanu and ask him to see in his eyes and say that he love sunehri? shantanu nods in yes, he ask will you marry her and will you live with us post marriage, mohini says what are you doing, he doesn’t even have parents, danveer says that they didn’t love after thinking, he ask shantanu will he marry sunehri? shantanu says yes, danveer blesses him, they touch his feet, sunehri goes to paro and says sorry, forgive me, paro smiles but is tensed, danveer calls pundit ji, he tells everyone that pundit ji said we can do the engagement tomorrow and we will do the marriage on a near good day.

SCene 3
at night, paro is tensed, sumer and all are busy in preparations of engagement, paro stops rudra and says sorry for not informing about them to him, she says that shantanu, I don’t find him good.. rudra ask from which mud are you made, 1st you liked him and now.. shtabdi comes there with coffee, Maithili says I told you to make tea, nobody drinks coffee here,

the lady which said in function that she had seen shantanu in birpur calls paro, she says that I recognized shantanu, paro ask where, suddenly call drops. shtabdi si going and strikes with sumer, they fall on sofa, they share an eyelock, sumer touches and they feel something, Maithili disturbs them and ask what happened, they leave each other.

Scene 4
in morning, Maithili and paro are working in kitchen, Maithili goes from there, paro calls the birpur lady again, lady says I had seen him in your marriage in birpur, paro ask what> she says my grand son have photo too, I am sending you his photo, paro receives MMS of photo, as the MMS is opening, paro waits with bated breath but mobile switches off, paro is frustrated, she puts mobile on charge and checks the photo, she is shocked as hell, she recalls her marriage with varun and how mala said to shantanu that she ahs seen him earlier, she recalls how lady from birpur recognized him and how shantanu stopped her from seeing a pic, she says this shantanu with varun? this means he is not a bsd officer and he came here to take revenge of his companion’s(varun) death.

PRECAP- shantanu is caught by bsd officers in engagement ceremony, shantanu has a gun, he frees himself and fires at paro, rudra shouts paro.. paro is shot.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. After a long time.. rangrasiya bak ti action… fantastic episode… this all we needed… eventhough they didnt romance.. the episode was revolving around both of them…good one. And our angry major saab too was present throughout the day …

  2. Nooooooooooooo…. Paro cannot die. I will not watch this if she dies

  3. is that true paro will die?

  4. No she wont dont worry

  5. ah paro will die and rudra will go in depression and the show will take a leap of five years.and the paro look like will enter the show where paro will be from london and in modern outfit.and our hero major saheb will think that is his paro.these r all read form tellyreviews. and today it was good.

  6. I think its total crap…its nice 2 c both of them as parud..if they make paro to die surely the trp will drop.100% sure…I think its bad idea..pls think something positive and move the story..

  7. I heard dat she vl b pregnant. .. but howz ds possible…. i mean Tuesday only dey completed dere marriage n by end of ds month she vl get d news…. its a vry short tym yaar…… cvs plz think on it n dont go d usual way of leap lyk othr shows…. ds show is different….. so plz keep it dat way only….. its d best love story….wid d best edgy characters

  8. Paro myght be preggie cuz wen mohini plan fails n sumer married da 30yr old mohni says to paro u dnt hve a child i wanna be a grandma

  9. Ps don’t do da paro dyin n da five year gap ur a unique drama wiv neva seen ideas dnt use old dramas idea

  10. why all these hindi serials are keen to take leap – this spoils the show totally – its fine as it is we all know in real life death happens its not necessary to kill off a lead character -is this copy of pyar ka dard where lead actress comes back in new avatar. please leave it as it is. not the way to gain TRP’s . but when have the programme makers or writers ever listened to viewers point of view!!!!! i will not be watching if it takes a leap thats for sure – like EBI
    we are all in agreement – leave the show as it is no leaps – whats the rush for showing paro is pregnant- show maitlle expecting baby- hindi serials always show evil and the bad winning – is this the norm out there

  11. Omg paros gunna be a mova awww bless n rudras reaction lol

  12. enapa nadakuthu inga i cant bear this Paro va savadhikatheeeeeega

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