Rang Rasiya 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 13th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro is emotional at her bidai and remember how bindi use to tease her, she has flashback of bindi saying that to spend time with her as nobody know when we will get time again. Paro does the ritual of throwing rice behind. She meets her mami, thakurain and then thakur who blesses her, paro is crying and sits in palanquin while keep looking. Barat goes away. Thakur consoles thakurain.

Scene 2
at border, the security is tight, barat reaches the checkpoint of bsd at border . They are stopped by a man on camel. He throws away his shawl and jumps. Its aman. Otherside thakur says to someone on phone that i have done my work, the barat has leaved from here and now nobody can stop it from crossing the border. Next scene we see rudra riding the bike, he stops at where barat is standing. All looks at him, paro sees him and is shocked and remember how he saved her and how thakur said that bsd took bindi away. She is tensed. Kaka comes forward and ask varun to stay back, he ask rudra what happened. Rudra ask soldiers to search their luggage, kaka says its barat, we are going away with girl of your village. Rudra says we will see with what you have come here and what are you taking back. Soldier searches and says there is nothing in their luggage, kaka says see i told you there is nothing. Kaka shows him their visa. aman is about to open the palanquin but man stops him saying bride is inside. You cant see in. Rudra looks palanquin with intense eyes, kaka pleads him saying its a bad omen to see new bride, its highly disrespectful to see her. Please let us go, our family women are waiting, rudra doesnt listen and start walking towards palanquin, varun comes outside and pleads rudra to not see her, he stops rudra saying we are common people, you can search us but dont insult my wife by seeing her. Rudra doesnt listen, aman says to varun you come here with guns and take money back. Varun pleads to search him, rudra doesnt listen and moves forward but doesnt see in palanquin and ask soldier to open bride’s box. Soldier is trying to open box’s lock, kaka points to his men. They take their position with guns, when box is opened, the man fires the bsd officer, rudra takes out his gun and start firing, soon battle start, everybody has gun and are firing continuously, rudra is blindly firing, aman is shot by one man, rudra is fighting and comes face to face with paro, pointing gun at her, he remembers his last encounter with her, how he took her in his arms(rr song plays), paro then remembers her bad dreams of bsd, how her parents were killed by bsd, people’s words about bsd, she becomes hyper and falls on ground unconscious.

Precap-someone attacks from rudra from behind with dagger, he is injured and falls unconscious, the baratis surround him and one man says our shoes has got dirt with mud of this country but today we will clean them by killing him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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