Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kinkshuk tells about accident to Irfan and Patang

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Scene 1
Koyal says if you wanted to wear saree at least you should have matched with my brother. Dulari says he looks so handsome. Who said there’s no matching? I have something that matches your dress. She this handkerchief, completely like your dress. Kinkshuk smiles. Ram comes there and laughs. Kinkshuk says Dulari gave me this. It’s special to me. Let’s go Dulari. He gives her a rose. Koyal takes the rose and says Ram ji, this is for you from my side. For our first date. Ram sneezes and says I am allergic to roses.

They all sit on one table. Ram says let’s take another table for privacy. Koyal says no this is a family date, we will sit together. Kinkshuk lights candles. Ram says, bro? What is it that you can’t see without candles? He says happiness. He says Dulari I always wanted to go on candle light date. And my dream came true. Ram sneezes and says it’s rose flavored.

Ram says to Koyal let’s sit at another table. She says we can sit on the table next to them. Koyal gets up and collides with a couple. It’s Patang disguised as sardar. He says you fell in my wife’s lap. Patang says sit on a table in the corner. Ram says we will sit in the corner it’s okay. Ram sits in the corener. Koyal finds a table closer to Dulari’s. Irfan comes there. He says you can’t sit here this is our table.

Scene 2
Koyal says to Kinkshuk get lost in my eyes. He looks in her eyes. Dulari says a life partner is the one you share all your secrets with. Tell me. What secret is it? Menaka comes there. She enters the restaurant. PAtang runs out. Dulari says do you want bhabi or wife? Are you telling me or not. Patang dances in front of Menaka and says Gurpret? I wanted to talk to you. Menaka says I am not Gurpreet. She goes in. Kinkshuk says the secret is that accident.. That accident.. Menaka comes and says Kinkshuk.

Koyal says Menaka you? She says this guy is running after me. He’s teasting. Patang says my eyesight is weak. I thought she’s Gurpreet. Ram says Menaka you can’t disturb there date. She says I am here to end the date. Tao ji has called everyone home. Dulari says how can we leave our date incomplete. It just started. Koyal says it’s a date, you can complete it later. Let’s go.

They come outside. Kinkshuk says you ruined my dated. I won’t have told them any secret. Koyal says you should have. The man who can wear this in Dulari’s love, he can do anytihng. Menaka says you’re a donkey. HE says then I am not in your team. He leaves. Menaka says stop. He leaves. Dulari says Ram, this is a good chance. Ram says I have a plan.

Scene 3
Irfan and Patang drink with Kinkshuk. Ram records their video. Patang says I am also the youngest. My family also considers me a donkey. There’s a minor differnce between us, I have long hai. Kinkshuk cries. Irfan says don’t cry. He says when I am upset, I do things someone asked me not to do or say. Patang says saying what’s in your heart makes it light. It feels like there’s something in your heart you want to say. Is it? Any accident? Any bruise? Any family member? Kinkshuk cries and says that night.. Irfan says what? He says accident.. Kinkshuk tells everything. Ram is shocked to hear.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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