Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 33: SURPRISE OR SHOCK?

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Hello KV2711, Glad to know you liked it and hope you like too🤞. To be honest, I at first to keep the parents fake but then it would be too much drama so they are real, don’t worry🤩

Hello Rianshfan, Glad to know you liked it, let me know about this too🙈

Hello Shivangi, You are good at predicting, I really enjoy when you do so only to think, I could write it that way but we are hardly on the same page😲. Let me know about this episode too😁

Hello TSA, You understood everything quite well. I don’t need to explain. Impressive! 💯

Hello Riaa, Luckily, you agreed on my views to give this track otherwise I hope you remember the alternative for this track 🤦. Let me know about this episode too🤞

Hello G_SQUAD, Glad to know you enjoyed the episode 🙈. Thank you for the appreciation and wishes 💛

Hello Diha, I really think stupid, I know that 😜. Nope, Riddhima didn’t meet anyone except Pranati so the answers were given by the Father himself. And the rest of the answers you may get in the episode. But glad to know that you liked the episode 🙈

Hello XyZ, Let’s see, maybe or maybe not! But do let me know about the episode 🙈

Hello SUMISHA, Glad to know that you liked the episode 😊. I guess the episode will clear the confusion 🙂

Hello Darshika, Since most of them introduced Riddhima’s parents, I too didn’t want her to be an orphan so even I thought of taking the initiative 🤭. READ THE DISCLAIMER! Let’s find out. Do let me know about the episode 🙈. And sorry since I couldn’t update yesterday 😢 but your comment made me happy that you were waiting for the episode 🤩

Hello Astha, Glad to know you enjoyed the episode 🙈. I have to come up with those things so that y’all get entertained 💕

Hello Khushi, Glad to know you liked the episode 🙈. Do let me know about this episode too!

Hello M, Glad to know you enjoyed and felt it! Do let me know about this episode too 😁

Hello Riansh Lover, Let’s see if you are right 🤔. Do let me know about this episode too🤞 and TBH, I wanted to add robbery but again too much drama so I gave up!

Hello Jasmin, I hope you enjoy this episode 🤞. Do let me know!🙈

Hello Naira U Singh, Glad to know you enjoyed the episode 🙈 please let me know about this one too!💕.

Disclaimer: If y’all have any intentions to surprise someone by going to their house, please make sure y’all go when that person is busy because if the person is free and does not have anything to do then there are chances of that person to go out. So the surprise you planned for the other person will return as a shock for you!

This disclaimer is based on real life incidents..🤭

The episode starts as……

At 06:00pm in Riddhima’s house,

Shaurya and Saanvi are sitting in the living room. They are admiring their daughter’s house. Their eyes sparkle when they see their daughter being successful and achieving her dreams and goals without their support.

Shaurya: There are so many things I missed to do with her and for her. I wish I could rewind time, then I would go back to 19 years and not let her get separated.

Saanvi: I can understand your pain. But we have got our daughter after so long and we shouldn’t think about those bitter days and ruin our present and future.

Shaurya: I agree with you. And I am sure that my daughter didn’t have to face any hardship alone.

Saanvi: How?

Shaurya: Aryan would have always been there by her side. The way he interrogated me a while ago as if I am a criminal and he is a CBI agent.

Saanvi: I agree with you. Aryan is like our son now. Moreover, he’s kind hearted.

Riddhima and Aryan who arrived a long time back, heard all their conversations.

Aryan(out of the blue): *smiles* Ab mein itna bhi khaas nahi hu! (I am not so special)

Shaurya: Arrey beta, tum he toh khaas ho! (Son, you are the only one special!)

Riddhima: And what about me?

Saanvi: You are the apple of our eye!

Shaurya: Aryan, Have you ever seen Riddhima’s childhood pictures?

Aryan: No! I haven’t!

Shaurya: Wait, I’ll show you!

Riddhima: Show me also! Even I want to see!

Aryan: *laughs* Didn’t you see yourself in childhood?

Riddhima: *smiles* I did! But as you know I like to adore myself. So……..

Saanvi: We’ll all see the pictures together in the farmhouse.

Riddhima: Okay! But wait….. I told that phones aren’t allowed so……

Shaurya: Baccha, we have an album.

Riddhima: Y’all seriously are carrying an album?

Shaurya: Yes! And we’ll see your childhood photos together.

Aryan walks towards the kitchen to drink water but on the way he mistakenly drops a vase which was one of Riddhima’s favourites. Riddhima gets angry and throws her pillow on Aryan. Aryan comes closer to the sofa and throws another pillow at Riddhima. Now Riddhima and Aryan both started enjoying this fight and are really wanting to continue it. So Riddhima throws another pillow over Aryan but he bends down and another photo frame falls down.

Riddhima: Because of you one more item of mine is broken

Aryan(smiles): You don’t know how to target and it’s your fault. And now it’s my turn.

Aryan throws a pillow but this time Riddhima moves aside and a painting on the wall falls. This process goes on till the two destroy the living room completely but have no guilt for it. They instead start laughing and sit besides each other. This nature of their makes Shaurya and Saanvi amused, as all this while the two thought that the kids are matured enough but this incident brought them to their senses that how wrong they were.

Shaurya: I thought the two of you have grown up but I was wrong.

Riddhima: It’s okay Dad! You haven’t seen us completely.

Saanvi: What do you mean?

Aryan: There’s alot more to explore in your daughter. Y’all will get fed up, the way I am. *Scratches his head with a smile*.

Riddhima: If y’all are done talking then call we leave? It’s 06:30pm.

Shaurya: Yes sure!

Aryan: Uncle, Aunty y’all move ahead and settle in the car, we’ll get the luggage and be back.

Aryan and Riddhima after five minutes get all the luggage, load it in the car and drive away. It is clearly understood that Riddhima in the happiness of finding her parents forgot to inform Vansh and Aryan who was completely lost in spending humorous moments with them forgot to talk to Ishani. The four drove to the farmhouse with loud music being played in the car, signifying that the elders have become adults again on finding their child.

At 07:30pm,

Kabir, Vansh, Ishani, Sia and Sejal are standing outside the house and continuously ringing the doorbell but to their surprise no one opens the door. They doubt if the duo went to sleep early. Suddenly Sejal realises that she too has the keys of the house so she took them out and opened the door and as soon as she opened the door everyone was surprised to find the house completely messed up. Moreover, nothing was at its original position as planned by Sejal and Riddhima. They entered inside the house and had a home tour only to search Riddhima and Aryan but to their disappointment nobody was present. Vansh was worried for Riddhima and so he tried to call her up but instead heard the ringtone from a phone kept on the centre table, later realising that it belongs to Riddhima. Ishani too found Aryan’s phone besides Riddhima’s phone.

Sejal(worrying): I guess robbery took place.

Kabir: Only in the living room? Because all other rooms are tidy enough with not even a slight change in the placement of the furniture. Moreover, How much gold have you and Riddhima hid in the living room that someone will come and steal?

Sia: But how is the living room so messed up? We can all see, everything is either misplaced or broken. Hardly one or two items are kept properly.

Kabir: Think sensibly. We left Riddhima and Aryan at home. Do y’all think that they are grown up?

Vansh and Ishani: Nahh!!!

Kabir: Exactly! They like to pull each other’s leg for every small thing until it becomes a big issue. And then….

Vansh(interrupting but continuing the sentence): And then pretend as if nothing took place and everything is in its limits. We are only overthinking.

Sejal: Even I feel y’all are right. As this is not the first time such an incident took place. But usually the two ruin their respective rooms and not the living room.

Sia: So maybe they thought since no one’s there at home except for them and there’s no one about to arrive, why not just have some immature fun? Isn’t it?

Vansh: You are right! I don’t think that the two will grow up so soon. But where did they end up? Without their phones?

Ishani: Maybe must have gone for dinner or long drive or walk. They always end up on these options.

At 10:00pm in Riddhima’s house,

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the Aryan and Riddhima to come back home but the two do not return.

Vansh(frustrated): Who’s stupid idea was this to surprise the two?

Ishani: It was Kabir’s idea! And I must say I regret accepting the idea.

Kabir: I didn’t force y’all. Moreover, it’s not my fault if the two didn’t even bother to take their phones and go.

Sejal: I must say, the two are really stupid. Who the hell forgets the phone in 2020? People can forget everything else but their phone? Seriously?

Sia: How can y’all say that they forgot it?

Vansh: What do you mean to say?

Sia: I mean, maybe they just didn’t bother to take phones.

Ishani(laughing): Ahhh! Aryan and without phone? Impossible! He’ll choose not to go if he isn’t allowed to take his phone.

Sejal: Ishani, did you forget who he’s gone with? RIDDHIMA!!!

Kabir: I agree! She would have tortured him until he ends up agreeing to her wish.

Vansh(with an angry look): KABIR!!

Kabir(smiling): Sorry yaar! I was just…….. now forget.

Sia: Guys, I guess we should sleep. They may come later.

Kabir: I agree with you.

Everyone heads towards their rooms feeling tired and sleepy.

Vansh(thinking): Today I realised, I would not plan to surprise her when she’s free, she may escape anytime and my surprise will come back to me but, in a shocking manner. She works so much everyday. One day she got leave, can’t she just rest? No! Madam has to go out and return tired. I wonder what will happen?

Vansh too sleeps there recalling Riddhima.

At 11:00pm in the farmhouse,

Shaurya, Saanvi, Riddhima and Aryan reach the farmhouse. Aryan unloads all the luggage and they carry it to the rooms allotted to them. They go to their rooms and freshen up. They already had dinner on their way to the farmhouse in a restaurant. They had decided to gather outside after being freshed. And so at 11:30 pm they meet again and sit together outside on the chairs. Riddhima is sitting between Shaurya and Aryan and opposite Saanvi. Riddhima and Aryan notice two albums kept on the circular wooden table. They both grab either of them in excitement. Shaurya notices the childishness in their eyes.

Shaurya: Ohh God!! Y’all started again? When are y’all not childish?

Riddhima: When he attends his business meeting and I attend my clients.

Aryan: Uncle, My Dad said that we should be very serious in life but we can prefer to be childish when we are around our known one’s.

Riddhima: Even I followed Uncle’s command, but now if Dad you want, I won’t act childish but instead be mature *innocent puppy eyes*

Aryan: I will help you in that. I will not provoke you to be childish but will help you to be mature.

Saanvi: Shut up the two of you! (Looking at Shaurya) We got her after so long and you want her to be mature. Well, (looking at Riddhima) I love your childishness because I will get a chance to shout at you.

Riddhima (tearful): (holding Saavi’s hand): Mom, I would love when you shout at me. I was longing to hear you no matter even if you shout.

Shaurya(trying to cover up the emotional scene): Oh God! Y’all again? I wonder how can y’all be emotional all the time? (Holding Aryan’s hand) My son and I are much better. Hai na Aryan?

Aryan: Ofcourse Uncle! ( To Saanvi and Riddhima) Y’all should learn to be jolly and cheerful like us.

Shaurya: Uncle? Call me Dad. You are like my son.

Aryan: If you say so, I would love to say.

Shaurya: And I would love to hear so!

Saanvi: Now again Riddhima and I will start crying if y’all don’t stop being emotional.

Riddhima: Exactly! By the way, I want to watch my childhood pics! So can we start.

Aryan: Riddhu, Actually I am really tired. So y’all continue, I’ll mark my leave to bed.

Saanvi: Aryan stop! (To Riddhima) Why don’t we do a fresh start tomorrow morning? Sunrise, morning walk so basically an amazing day to be remembered. Because even I am tired.

Riddhima: To be honest, I am also tired. So let’s just sleep.

Shaurya(yawning): All of you hit old age. Feeling sleepy so early.

Saanvi: Look, who’s talking?

Shaurya: *faking shock* You hit old age so hard that you can’t remember your husband.

Riddhima and Aryan burst into laughter.

Saanvi: YOU!!!

Shaurya(stood up and came behind Saanvi): (wrapping his arms around her neck) Sorry Love! It was just a small joke.

Saanvi: Ahhh! Let’s sleep!

Aryan and Riddhima couldn’t control their laughter looking at Shaurya trying to convince Saanvi.

Riddhima: Dad, let it be for now. Start convincing from tomorrow morning.

Shaurya: Even I would have not convinced her now, but if I don’t, then she’ll throw me out of the room.

Saanvi: So are you convincing me only because you don’t want to be out of the room.

Shaurya: What else did you think?

Saanvi got up and left from there. Shaurya got worried while Aryan and Riddhima openly started laughing. Shaurya glared at them and left behind Saanvi while the two headed towards their rooms.

Precap: Police comes at Shaurya and Saanvi’s house. 

I know this had to be in the start but then I thought how many things will one read before the episode? So that’s why, I am sorry for not being able to post yesterday and posting late today since I was out and couldn’t complete the episode.

Loads of love from me to y’all 💞💞

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