Rakhi Sawant’s hillarious banter with reporter over wearing a mask

Rakhi Sawant continues to be the synonym for entertainment even post Bigg Boss. Rakhi is currently papp’s favorite and is usually spotted by them. Recently she asked a reporter to wear a mask but in her own style.

While talking to the paparazzi, she noticed the reporter not wearing any mask and told him to wear one. She further asked him, “Tera chacha hai Corona, mama, kaka hai, padosi hai…jo tujhe nahi hoga?”

Actress Rubina Bajwa praised Rakhi on this and she reposted the story and wrote, “Rakhi Sawant…you tell them. No mask, no coming near.”


Rakhi is often spotted in the city by the reporters and she never let them go without a bite or chatter. Recently he was spotted outside a studio, where she complained about everything being shut down. She said, “Our life has become a mess. Where do we go? I will start dance practice at home.”
She added, “I will do Kathak and ballet and shake the entire building. Corona will leave the building. I am not the kind of person to sit at home.”


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