Raja Beta 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi gets Purva’s pregnancy test

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The Episode starts with Pankhudi coming to Purva and giving her food. She asks her to have food and then she will give her medicine. Purva says Vedant’s call is not connecting. Pankhudi says he is in hospital for the emergency case and asks her to have food. Purva tries to eat and tells her that she can’t eat and asks her to give tablets for vomiting. Pankhudi thinks this might be food poisoning also. Vedant goes to his hospital cabin and cries badly. He keeps the clay baby doll and says welcome to this world. He thinks his wife doesn’t think to tell him about her pregnancy. He thinks why she acts concerned for him and didn’t think once what will happen when he comes to know. Manjula comes to kitchen and asks Sumiti to tell what is going on? Sumiti asks didn’t you see the changes and tells Purva was having acchaar yesterday and was making faces seeing icecream. Manjula says she might be not liking it. Sumiti tells her that she is going to be Dadi and asks her not to tell anyone. Manjula gets happy. Pankhudi comes there. Manjula asks her to give Acchar to Purva with the food. Pankhudi thinks even Chachi and Maa ji are thinking the same. She goes to Purva’s room and hears her voice coming from the bathroom. Purva vomits. Pankhudi goes to her and takes her out. Purva eats achaar. Pankhudi looks on tensed. she gives her water to drink. She says I will take your blood sample and will get it tested to know what happened to you. Purva says food poisoning. Pankhudi says even jaundice has same symptoms. Ramesh looks at the marble and thinks Vedant is troubling him a lot. Manjula comes and gives him tea. Ramesh asks why she is happy? Manjula says may be we are going to be Dada and Dadi. Ramesh asks if she has gone mad? Manjula says Purva is unwell so she thought and asks him not to tell anybody as she might be wrong also.

Pankhudi gives blood sample to the lab technician and asks him to give the report fast. He asks her to take the report in the evening. Pankhudi says she is a doctor and Vedant’s Saali also. He says I will give report in 10 mins. Pankhudi thinks of Vedant and Purva’s intimacy. Lab technician Mohan comes and gives her report. She checks and sees the pregnancy test positive. Pankhudi comes to her cabin and gets angry. She says I kept you away from Vedant every night, but you did this. She says if Vedant can’t see her love. Purva’s call comes on her mobile. Pankhudi says Purva has ruined her life. She says I always do the work and you get the importance. She lies down on the floor and says why nobody could see Pankhudi, I was always number 2 for everyone. She says when I asked you, you said that you don’t love Vedant so you can start the family. She says Rahul left you and you have grabbed my Vedant. Nurse knocks on the door. Pankhudi asks her to come in. Nurse tells her that a patient is needed to be attended. Sumiti gets upset with Manjula for telling Ramesh about Purva. She asks her not to tell others else she will be blamed. Dadi comes and asks her to ask her opinion about her. Manjula sneezes. Sumiti asks her to be careful.

Pankhudi attends a patient and tells that everyone is under control and normal. Such things happens in pregnancy. The pregnant lady tells about her symptoms. Pankhudi writes prescription for vomiting and other symptoms. Patient and her mother go. She thinks the baby might not be of Dr. Vedant as morning sickness starts after 4 months. Ramesh thinks I won’t let this happen. Vedant comes home. Ramesh tells him that he will not let him do what he wants. Vedant says I didn’t sleep all night, operated and saved both mother and baby. He says he has no strength left for drama and goes to his room. Ramesh is furious. Vedant comes home. Purva says you have come, I called you so many times. Vedant asks if there is something important. Purva says everything is important with you. Vedant says I thought you have to tell something important. Purva says you are married, someone waits for you when you are not at home. She hugs him and asks him to freshen up, have food and rest. Vedant takes off her hand from his chest and turns towards her. She asks are you fine? He asks if there is something to worry. Purva says I was asking about the emergency operation. Vedant says both daughter and mother are fine. Pankhudi calls Purva and asks how is she? Purva asks if report came? Pankhudi says no and tells that she can be pregnant. Purva says there is nothing between Vedant and her till now. Pankhudi gets happy and thinks this baby is not of Vedant, she kisses Vedant’s pic.

Precap: Vedant asks Purva to tell if she wants to tell her something. Purva says no. Pankhudi informs Purva that she is pregnancy. Purva is shocked and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now we will see drama courtesy Ramesh and Pankhudi about Purva pregnancy. Hope that Vedant hears Purva side first before he hurts her to please Ramesh and Pankhudi.

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