TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff: Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (9~Nor Do I Want Him, Nor You)

Hey guys, eid Mubarak, first of all sorry for my rude behavior yesterday, but because of that disappointing FF, don’t ditch this one.. I promise this one won’t disappoint you, but should I restart the FF yearbook? Or discontinue it? N sorry Kirti.. sorry everyone ?

“What the hell did you do? You made him sleep, but why?” Kunj asked Twinkle. “I just made him sleep but he broke my legs, he made my memory fade, he did such a black magic on you that your body is an alive dead body and your soul is separated from your body, I can’t take this Kunj, how can someone do like this?” She asked while crying. He cupped her face. “He was obsessed with you, he wanted to use your body, he wanted you that’s why he separated us, you had a memory loss and he told you that he’s your husband,” he told her.

“That is why he punished me on the day I came here all by myself, he didn’t want me to find out the secret, but even then I met you, and you helped me being a good and true lover,” she said with teary eyes. “Hmm, everyone can snatch from your hands, but no one can snatch from your fate,” Kunj said. “After some days, the full moon night will come, how will I live like this without you for so many days?” She asked cryingly. “It’s just some more days, then my body and my soul would be one,” he said.

“But you said, it’s only possible if Yuvi dies a few minutes before the full moon,” she said. “And it’s impossible if he makes you his a few minutes before the full moon, you just have to stop him from coming closer to you, and if he does, you will throw something on him by which he dies, that would be a death called as self defense, and also an accidental death,” he said and they shook hands. “I m with you Kunj, soon you will get your body,” she promised cupping his cheeks lovingly. He smiled.


At afternoon, doorbell rung and Yuvi answered the door. He smiled seeing his family. “Mom,dad, please come inside,” he said smilingly. Twinkle froze on her spot seeing them.

What’s his parents fault in this? They don’t know anything. Twinkle thought.

She watched as they blessed Yuvi, she too went forward and took their blessings, they blessed her too and she smiled at them and found them good people. Yuvi showed them to their rooms and then took Twinkle to their room. “What is it Yuvraaj, more as Yamraaj?” She asked a little rudely. “Don’t misbehave with my parents like you do with me,” he warned. “Same to you,” she said and he sighed.


Sometime later, Twinkle was laying in her room on her tummy when she felt tickles on her feet. She laughed laying on her back and saw that it was Kunj. He smiled and came near her and tickled her on her tummy, she laughed even more. “Kunj stay away, don’t do,” she said while laughing when suddenly Anita(Yuvi’s mother) called her downstairs. “Sharanya! Come here!” She heard and stood up by the crutches, still she had to pretend as if she was physically challenged.

“Don’t go Twinkle,” he said. “Let me see what’s the problem,” she said and went outside and stood by the railing. “What happen mom?” She asked and saw Surjeet(Yuvi’s dad) by her side. “Who do you keep talking with the whole day?” She asked. “No one mom, I was talking to my sister,” Twinkle lied. “Yeah, I saw that, come downstairs else I will drag you downstairs,” she said and Kunj looked on. “But mom what happen?” She asked. “You’ve gone mad, you need a psychiatrist,” she said and began to come upstairs and when she did, she fell from the stairs rolling down and landed on the tiled floor. “Aahh, Yuvraaj! Yuvraaj!” She called out for Yuvi in pain. “Mom what happen?” Twinkle asked worriedly but she didn’t answer. “Yuvraaj!” Anita called out for Yuvi and then he came out and got shocked seeing her bleed from her forehead. “Oh God, I will bring first aid,” he said and then went and came within seconds and started to clean the wound. “Aahh,” she moaned. “Anita, it will pain a little,” Surjeet said and she held her forehead. “But how did this happen mom?” Yuvi asked. “I fell from the stairs, I felt as if someone pushed me,” she said and Yuvi glared at Twinkle upstairs.

“You’ve become very illmannered,” he said and cared for Anita. “But I didn’t do anything Yuvraaj,” she said but he didn’t answer. “Let’s go to my room, Yuvraaj I will do it, leave it,” Surjeet said and took Anita. Yuvi looked up at her giving her a death glare. “Come downstairs,” he said and she began to come slowly. “But I didn’t do anything Yuvi,” she opposed. “Come faster!” He shouted and she came a little faster, he pulled her down holding her by her arms. “Why did you hit my mom?” He asked angrily making her scared.

“But Yuvi I didn’t do anything,” she repeated. “You will lie to me?” He asked shaking her by her arms. “But I already said, I didn’t do anything Yuvi,” she said and he became more angry. “I will slap you very tightly!” He said raising his hand and she moved back shielding her face before he could slap her. He lowered her hand and she too lowered her hands and looked at him cryingly and ran outside the house sitting on the swing attached to the tree and began to cry vulnerably. Kunj came and hugged her from behind.

“Kunj please, stay away from me,” she said making him leave. He held her again and she again made him leave. “Stay. Away,” she said and wiped her tears. “You know I wasn’t at mistake today, then also he was about to hit me,” she said and sobbed. “Sorry it happened because of me, I hit her and you got trapped, I can’t hear anyone saying ill about you,” he said and she glared at him. “You know how he is, can’t you control on yourself? Nor do I want Yuvraj, and nor do I want you,” she said and cried more, Kunj looked on sadly. “Don’t worry my Tweety, I will send them back from here,” he said and went inside, she looked on.

  1. Oh no.Yuvraj and his family,pure evil
    Poor Twinj. This was amazing.I hope Twinj will get a proper closure.
    No worries dear.I am sorry too, that really triggered me if possible make Twinj happen again or change the track or bring Aditi and Kunj closer to make Twinkle feel the same way as Kunj felt it
    Post your stories soon. i like them.

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing dear…
    Twinj ko jaldi Mila do plzz…
    Feeling sad for them…
    I hate this uv…
    Post soon

  3. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing dear…
    Twinj ko jaldi Mila do plzz…
    Feeling sad for them…
    I hate this uv…
    Post soon
    And eid Mubarak to you too dear..

  4. amazing epi
    post next sooooon

  5. Amazing episode dear post soon

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  7. Awesome episode
    Wish twinj get back together soon
    Feeling sad for twinkle specially
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    Amazing episode dear post soon

  9. Amazing episode dear post soon

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