Raja Beta 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva confronts Pankhudi for her feelings for Vedant

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The Episode starts with Pankhudi bringing coffee for Vedant and asks him to stop behaving as if everything is fine, he is fine and that there is no problems in his life. She asks him not to try to become God. Vedant says I am just trying to find the solution. Pankhudi says I love you very much and says Di doesn’t deserve your goodness, when Maa was alive even then di was selfish and tells that Nani has done so much for them. She says Purva is a very selfish. Nurse comes and asks Purva’s BP is fine and asks shall I get the discharge Papers ready. Vedant says no and tells that he will check her. He goes. Pankhudi thinks today you don’t want to listen, but very soon you will hear and will understand too. She says you will hate Di soon. Manjula asks Gomti if she is taking food to hospital. Gomti says

why shall I get myself insulted twice. Sumiti tells that you hear someone scolding. Manjula says Sanju is not at home and tells that she will call Vedant. She calls Vedant. Vedant says he will send someone to send the food. Manjula tells the same thing to them.

Vedant comes to Purva. Purva asks him why nurse give her medicine and for what? She says I am asking this as a patient. Vedant says it was sleeping pills, she gave to make you sleep. Purva tells that truth will not change and her pregnancy will be visible to everyone in some days. Vedant asks her to shout more and says they will make an announcement soon. Purva says truth will not change and asks him to do her abortion. Vedant tells that he can’t do mistake to hide her mistake. Purva says it is my body, my baby etc. Vedant says I have done so much for you and tells that if he is not in Sanjeevani Sadan then they will kick her out.

He then softens up and tells her difficult situation comes in everyone’s life once and tells that such situations is faced by doctors daily. He says the decision which he has taken for her is right and asks her to believe him. Sanju comes to the Nurse and asks her to show Purva’s report and says I am assisting him in the case. Nurse says Dr. Vedant asked us not to give this to everyone and says he gave us instructions. Sanju says this is my Dada ji’s hospital and asks her to either give the report or leave from the hospital. Vedant calls Sanju and asks him to come to his cabin. Pankhudi is in his cabin and asks him to change his past decisions into right decision and change the wrong choice with right one. Sanju comes there. Pankhudi goes there. Sanju tells him that Pankhudi is double crossing them, one side she is saying I love you to me but she is running away from me and other side she is talking sweetly with you. She is marrying me and giving shoulder to you, don’t know why? Vedant asks what he was talking to Nurse? Sanju says I was asking Nurse about Bhabhi’s file as I am worried for her. Sanju says if you have told me if I had asked. Vedant says no and says it is called double crossing. He says I will discuss Purva’s case when I want. He thinks why I am hearing everyone’s nonsense.

Sumiti tells Manjula that you must have kept achaar in the tiffin. Manjula says Vedant will tell when he wants. Gomti says Vedant doesn’t know anything. Sumiti tells that she is pregnant, but not letting us now. Gomti says they will spy and asks Sumiti to come outside Vedant’s room. Manjula brings water for Dadi. Sanju asks Manjula to make roti for her. Dadi asks him to let her rest. Sanju says what wrong did I say? Ramesh scolds Sanju for his talks. Sanju says you didn’t teach me good things. Ramesh asks him to show what he will become. Sanju says I will show you what I will become. Ramesh goes upset. Manjula asks Sanju to have food. Sanju says my hunger is dead now.

Pankhudi comes to Purva and says she brought her favorite flowers. She says you don’t need to stay here for more days, reports are fine and you don’t have to stay here, you are almost fine. Purva says you won’t let me become completely fine. She asks her to make her fine. Pankhudi asks her not to talk about this again. Purva says you are doing this intentionally, if this baby comes in this world then everyone will know that this is not his baby and then everyone will kick me out of the house. And you will become Vedant’s life. Pankhudi asks her not to talk like that. Purva says if you don’t help me then I will think that you are doing this intentionally. Ward boy comes and calls Pankhudi to check a patient. Pankhudi goes.

Manjula asks Ramesh not to be strict with Sanju. Ramesh says if Purva is pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy, then Vedant will name all the property to his son and Sanju will have nothing in his hand. Manjula says Vedant will not do anything wrong. Ramesh says but his wife might want her son to get all the property. Manjula says Pankhudi will be married to Sanju and tells that Purva and Pankhudi will solve the property issues. Ramesh laughs and tells that the sisters fought so much that elder sister’s BP increased and she was rushed to hospital. He says everything will be fine if Sanju handles the hospital before Vedant and Purva’s baby is born.

Pankhudi comes to Purva and asks what she wants to say? Purva says I had said what I want? She says I have seen a new face. Pankhudi says you have cooked up your own story. Purva says I didn’t make a story and tells that I heard whatever you had told to Vedant in the kitchen. She says you had said that if it was in your hands then you wouldn’t have let us marry. She says neither you nor Vedant had told me about me and says you want to separate me from Vedant behind my back.

Precap: Vedant checks Purva. Purva asks can I ask something from my husband and asks do you love me?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vedant is seeing the double crossers and traitors on board. So he better admit his feelings to Purva and be big about the pregnancy and claim the child as his. He needs to set the record straight with the family to stop their gossipping

    1. Leisa s morris

      Exactly. Pankhudi is calling her sister selfish when shes being nice to her face but conspiring behind her back to steal her husband. Hope vedant is seeing just what kind of person she is. Shes bad mouthing her sister to get her.husband DAT is soooo not cool. Purva may have her ways but she is always honest and upfront with everyone. She doesnt pretend to care and want to help but turn wrong and do d opposite of what she says she would do. Pankhudi has tried several times in several ways to discredit and have her sister thrown out of d house then yurn round and act lije a loving sister. Who needs enemies when u got family like dat

  2. Raja Beta is Indeed a milestone for T.V medium in 6.30 pm time slot……
    Subject of this show is very contemporary and bold which is very much interesting.
    No matter what I used to watch this show called Raja Beta ,not missed any single episode.

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