Nimki Mukhiya 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu asks Nimki to forgive him

Nimki Mukhiya 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone asks Tune what is going on. Nimki says Ramla color your hair and get ready. Ramla says don’t tell anyone.
Nimki says to everyone you are all here to name the baby. You will be naming Tettar’s grandson. Nimki ask the rickshaw guy to announce in front of haveli too. Tune says this is your baby. You would ask public to name him? Nimki says this is just a game. Nimki asks people names.
Ganesh says Roshan. Nimki says no. A guy says Mono. Nimki laughs. She says yes. Nimki says write your name on a chit and put in this cradle. Whoever has the best name wins a prize.

Sweeti says you all called me. Annaro says we wanted to talk. Sweeti says want to talk about your SIL? Annaro says he is your husband. Sweeti says no he is my husband because you want to keep

him as SIL. Annaro says to try to understand. This happens in your all marriages. You can’t leave him because of all this. Tettar says your mom is right. In childhood you would keep dry roses in your books. Ritu is like. Sweeti says I would protect it. I thought flowers in gardens are fresh. But I realized flowers can wither in the garden too. Tettar says please understand. You will be vidhayak’s daughter in a few days. That can’t stop. Nimki says will be ever my father? Tettar says he can’t leave this house. Sweeti says what a hopeless vidhayak you are. You can’t even stop a man raping your daughter. Even Ram was better than you. He at least killed himself. Tettar slaps her. Ritu comes in and says I came on wrong time? Tettar says we were talking about you. Ritu says oh. Ritu says we have to go to the party office. Get Babbu ready. Ritu says he isn’t home.

Annaro hears the announcement. The man says Nimki’s child and Tettar’s grandchild is being named. Come and give your suggestions. Nimki reads the name. She says what are all these filmy names? Tune says what are you doing. Ramla says this isn’t only Tettar’s grandchild. It is your child and Ram’s grandchild too. Nimki asks everyone to leave.

Scene 2
Babbu comes there. Nimki is dazed. Mauha says I asked you not to create this drama. Ramla says I will cut his hands if he tries harming Nimki. Nimki says yes, Babbu’s name should be this name. Nimbu. From Nimki and Babbu. How is it Babbu? Do you wanna name too? Write a name here. If it’s a guy we will name him tettar if girl then Annaro. Why are you all dazed? small tettar would run around ghat tola. Babbu gets out of his car.

Tune says don’t you dare. Mauha says I will kill you if you touch my sister. Nimki says smile husband jee. I am respecting your parents. I would shout at Annaro and Tettarwa. Everyone laughs. Babbu says I want to talk. Nimki says want to tell the name in preson? Ramla says go from here. Mauha says you have no right on this baby. Babu says this is my child. I am the father. I am not here to fight. Nimki I want to talk. Nimki says say it here. He says I don’t know what to say. I only know what happened with Nimki was wrong. He recalls what Sweeti said. Babbu says I did wrong to you. I forced you.. I didn’t know what was right and wrong but now I understand. I know. I did a sin. Everyone is shocked. Babbu says forgive me please.

Mauha says what new drama is this. He is an animal. Babbu says forgive me. tune says stop this drama and leave. Babbu says Nimki forgive me. Nimki says who apologizes like this? Hold your ears. Nimki says kneel down. Nimki says this man is doing drama on his father’s suggestion. How would he kneels down. Babbu kneels down. Nimki is shocked. He holds his hands and says forgive me Nimki. Ganesh says is he really apologizing? Mauha says he is doing drama. Hit him with a shoe. Everyone says Nimki we are all with you. Babbu says hit me, but please forgive me. Everyone asks Nimki to hit him. Nimki recalls Babbu slapping her. She recalls him raping her. Nimki takes the shoe from Mauha and walks towards Babu. Nimki is about to hit but she stops. Nimki says I want to kill you but then I thought you would die but how would your thoughts? I think your thoughts died today. Go, I forgave you. Everyone is shocked. Nimki goes to her house.

Tettar says he had to go to party office wit me. Where is he? ritu says I can’t locate him. Diamond is looking for him. Ritu gets a call from diamond. He says okay you come back. Ritu says he is nowhere. Annnaro says is he fine. tettar says he must be drunk somewhere. Annaro says aren’t you seeing his condition? Tettar says what should I do? Send him to the asylum? Ritu says he must be around. Tettar says he does drama all the time. He must be drunk somewhere. I better not had any kids. That nimki is announcing the name of this child. Annaro says why don’t you do something. He says we shouldn’t. The guy announces, people came up with many names but Nimki decided if it’s a guy it would be Tettar and if it’s a girl Nimki would name her Annaro. Tettar throws slipper and him and says go from here.

Scene 3
Abhi says he came and your forgave him? Mauha says what’s going on in your mind. Nimki says his respect is gone already. His asked for forgiveness It’s same thing. Nimki says it isn’t same thing. Why didn’t you hit him. Nimki says he keeled down. Was that less? Abhi says yes it was. Nimki says you weren’t there. He asked for forgiveness. I saw in his eyes. Abhi says you’re not getting it. this is all Tettar’s election campaign. Tune says yes I get it now. Mauha says he can harm you latter. Mono says I wont let anyone harm you. Nimki says so he can never change? Ramla says no. Abi says you made him succeed in his plan. Nimki says in heart no I have a plan. She recalls everything Babu did to her. Tune says how can you forgive him. Abhi says you forgot he raped you? Nimki says forgiven not forgotten. I remember every pain he gave me. I know what am I doin. Abhi says you’re helping them. It’s useless to talk. He leaves. Tune says I didn’t like it. Nimki says in a larger scheme of things you would understand.

Tettar is angry. He says she would name her child Tettar? Rekha says stop all this otherwise your names would be ruined forever. Tettar says call Babbu. Ritu says call from Sweeti’s phone. Rekha says she is upstairs. Tettar says call her here. Ritu says she wont come. Tettar says I will send sweeti to your room right in front of Babbu.

Babbu comes home. tettar says where were you? Drinking again? Do you even know what Nimki is naming her kids? Ritu says your dad is asking something. Babbu says only Tettar wants you here or I would have kicked you out. Tettar says this is my house. where is sweeti. Ritu says let it be. Sweeti comes downstairs. Tettar says go to your room. Babbu says yeah that’s right. Sweeti go to your room. And ritu you get your stuff and get out of that room. Tettar says this is my house and I decide what happens here. Go Ritu. Take sweeti to her room. Babu says Ritu wont go to Sweeti’s room.
Precap-Ritu says keep this man in your house but not in Sweeti’s room. Tettar puts gun on Babbu. Babbu puts gun on Ritu. He says shoot me but this man wont go to Sweeti’s room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Great Nimki, i agree when someone asks forgiveness from heart, we should forgive because it will reduce the bitterness of our heart and also help that person to change. I also agree that Nimki can never forget whatever happened but her action is changing Babbu and also helpin him to the right things which we can see in today’s precap.

  2. This is total proof that nimki the biggest and dumbest woman in ghat tola! This character is the only reason that this is the most stupid sshow! She IS the biggest hore! STOP THIS GARBAGE asap.

  3. This is total proof that nimki the biggest and dumbest woman in ghat tola! This character is the only reason that this is the most stupid sshow! She IS the biggest hore! STOP THIS GARBAGE asap.

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