Raja Beta 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi exposes Ramesh’s conspiracy to kill Vedant

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The Episode starts with Media coming to Vedant’s house to cover his birthday celebrations. Vedant looks at Purva who had just come. Electricity is gone. Pankhudi dances on the song Shaam hai jaam hai….Sanju also dances with her. Ramesh and Vedant also dance. Ramesh greets the guests and says it is the time to cut the cake. He asks someone to bring it and asks Vedant to cut the cake. Everyone smiles. Vedant comes forward and thanks the guests for coming. He tells that he has a good news to share with everyone. He says my Dada ji named everything on my name, and I am giving 25 percent each to Bua Gomti and Chacha Narendra Tripathi. He gives the papers to Gomti and Narendra. Gomti thinks Vedant gave them property truly. Ramesh claps and says wah…He says you showed that you are Raja Beta, now show your

true self. He moves the cloth from the cake. Everyone sees Khooni written on the cake. Sanju smirks.

Ramesh says this is your reality and gift. He says I will show you something else and plays Dadi’s accident clip, which Sanju stole from Purva’s mobile. Police comes there. Everyone watch the CCTV footage video in which Vedant gets out of the car, when the truck hits Dadi. Ramesh tells Vedant tried to murder my mother. He says your acting is over. Vedant says you called guests to show this tamasha. Ramesh says I will cut the cake. He cuts the cake and says happy birthday to you…and asks Vedant to have cake. He puts all piece in his mouth forcibly. Sanju smiles. Ramesh tells that his gudadi couldn’t be cleaned with Tripathi’s name. he says I came to know about your and Purva’s divorce drama.

Ramesh blames Vedant for trying to kill his Amma so that she don’t tell the truth about his father’s wealth. He says you wanted to give a small amount to the poor so that you can snatch it later on. Vedant asks what are you saying. Purva asks them to stop it. She asks Ramesh to stop accusing Vedant. Ramesh says this is pati’s love. Gomti asks why did you play this game and drops the papers on floor. Ramesh says you will still question him and says he staged this drama to separate us. He asks Inspector to take Vedant from here and says he is not part of our house and has no right on our wealth. The guest lady tells that an orphaned whom the family raised as own, betrayed them. Purva asks Vedant why is he silent and asks him to tell truth. Ramesh says you had only said that Vedant tried to kill Amma. He asks Inspector to arrest him. Dadi is shocked. Inspector handcuffs Vedant. Dadi asks Inspector to stop and stands up from her wheel chair surprising everyone.

Ramesh says Amma…you. Dadi says whom you have seen in the video is me and tells Inspector that after whatever you have seen and heard from my son is all wrong. Ramesh asks why are you saving Vedant. Dadi asks him to be quiet and tells that when she was going to Kuldevi temple, her car broke down on the way, Vedant saw me and gave me lift, when I asked him to bring water, he got down to get water. She says the truck hit the car from behind. She says the accident was planned for Vedant and says Vedant didn’t plan her accident, but Ramesh had planned Vedant’s accident. She says when you see the date on video then you will come to know the truth. Manjula is shocked. Dadi says truck driver told truth to DSP Soham and says Vedant doesn’t want his babu ji to go to jail, it was his kindness. She says I asked Purva to do divorce drama, and says I know that you got blinded in hatred and will not see the date. She says you and Gomti was fighting for the suitcase and says there was nothing like that. Ramesh says you lied. Dadi says I was in that car that day, and says until I am alive, I won’t let anything happen to Vedant.

Manjula and others are shocked. Dadi says if needed, I will fight with the God also. Vedant asks Dadi to stop, worrying about her death. Dadi asks Inspector to arrest her son and take him away from her sight. Inspector handcuffs Ramesh.

Precap: Dadi asks Ramesh to apologize to Vedant else I will kill you and myself right now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow this is awesome, Ramesh was exposed and Vedant was cleared. Dadi is a lady after my heart. Now its time to see what Ramesh will do next

  2. Aafiya

    Dadi was outstanding today!

  3. Yesss, well done dadi!!

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