Jhansi Ki Rani 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ross asks Gangadhar to set enquiry and trial on Rani Lakshmi Bai

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The Episode starts with Gangadhar telling Manu that he wanted a life partner and not a cannon or weapon. He says I got married to her to fulfill Rama’s last wish, and says I have forgiven you many times and gave many chances. He says he wanted a wife who will give him heir, but she ended their story before it start. He says what do you think that british will keep quiet, no. Manu asks what will happen now. Gangadhar asks her not to do anything now and says sometimes doing nothing is better than doing some foolishness. Manu looks on. Gangadhar closes the door. Laccho Bai tells Janki and Saku Bai that Gangadhar closed the door on Maharani’s face. Janki says one arrow and two aims. She says Maharani is in trouble and Maharaj’s Singhasan will fly by the wind. Saku Bai says british will ruined Maharaj and Maharani, we have to just see tamasha in the morning.

Robb asks Ross to confront Maharani. Ross says he is a good player and gave time to himself and not Maharaj, and asks him to see what he do. He asks him to support him. In the morning, Ross comes to Palace to meet Gangadhar. Manu thinks this britisher came again to trouble Maharaj. Ross asks Gangadhar if he came to know about tunnel. Gangadhar says I told you that I will enquire and needs time. Ross says I have brought two surprises for you and says we have found that tunnel was made by Maharani Lakshmi Bai. Gangadhar asks him not to forget that he is accusing Jhansi’s maharani. Ross says not only this and says she is the betrayal of this country. Gangadhar shouts and asks how dare you to talk like this for my wife. Ross says I can understand your love and protection for your wife, but that doesn’t mean that nobody will doubt on her. He tells that God Ram sent his wife to jungle and did his dharma, and says if he don’t trust him then least he can do is enquiry in commissary. He says I have solid proofs also against the queen which I will present in court, so that nobody can tell that we, britishers are partial. Gangadhar says he will set up the enquiry in his court. Ross asks him to keep maharani at confined place so that she don’t interfere in enquiry and if the crime is proved that Maharani’s position will be snatched from her. He gives agreement paper asking him to sign. Gangadhar puts the stamp and gives paper back to Ross. Ross smiles and walks out from there. Manu hears everything.

Gangadhar is going angrily. Manu holds his hand with tears in her eyes and asks him to listen once. Gangadhar asks her to stop it and says Jhansi saw this bad day because of you, and thanks her. He pushes the vase angrily. Tatya guru thinks I have to help Manu, I was the one who provoked her to walk on this path. Manjiri tells other widows that they shall support Manu and not let any injustice happen with her. Moropant thinks what is in her destiny. The sadhu baba pray to God to help Man and bestowed her blessings on her. Ross and Robb are watching the dancer dancing. Ross tells that he can’t wait to see the Queen humiliating in court. He asks Servant to eat chicken. The Servant’s hand starts shaking. Ross asks him to eat. The man eats it with much difficulty. Ross asks Robb to imagine how much happy is he?

Janki asks Laccho why she is making so many pans. Laccho bai says she is happy and thought to serve affu pan for everyone. Saku bai asks what affu? Laccho bai says afeem/cocaine and asks Janki to put a chair. She asks them to play musical chair game with her. They refuse, but she insists. Janki gets the pan first, then Saku bai gets. Janki and Saku bai feel heavy head, sit down. Laccho Bai sees them drowsy and sits on the chair. She thinks she will only sit on the singhasan.

Manu prays to God to help her and overcome all the hurdles in her enquiry. Gangadhar gets ready and asks God why is he taking his test. Kashi comes to Manu crying. Manu asks what happened, are you hiding something from me. Kashi says no. Gangadhar feels the turban is looking burden for him today. Manu is taken to the court by the Dasis and Sainiks.

Manu tells Gangadhar that she wants to go to temple and do devi maa’s darshan. Ross says Queen is under trial and she can’t go until she is proved innocent. Gangadhar says she is Maharani and the crime is not proved, she has the right to go to temple. He asks soldiers to take her to temple. Manu thanks him. She comes to the temple and prays to Mata Rani and says she will walk on the truthful way. Sadhu baba comes and says then you will lose. She says she never lied in her life. Sadhu baba tells that dharm keep changing according to time, place and people. He asks who is forcing her to tell the truth and who will benefit from the truth. He tells her a story, and says a goat went from outside the temple. The butcher comes and asks where his goat go? Sadhu baba tells him the wrong path. Manu says you did wrong. Sadhu baba says if something good is happening with our lie then it is not adharm, and says if you can protect yourself then only you can save the people. He says I am your Guru and guiding you, it is upto you to decide.

Manu returns to Palace. Gangadhar says I had announced Maharani Darshan for our praja, so that they can see you, but before the darshan enquiry came on Maharani. He says I don’t know what is the reason today, love for you or less love for british. He says I will keep quiet today and will not tell anything. He says I don’t want to lose Maharani again and can support you by keeping silence. He says it is not easy to go against british and have to do enquiry unwillingly. He says he is helpless and says since I became Maharaj, I can’t away from my responsibility and wants you to win today. Manu looks on.

Precap: Ross brings Kashi and Janki Bai as the witness. He asks Gangadhar to give her promise and asks her to tell truth. Manu accepts that it was her idea to make tunnel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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