Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update : Tiwari and Vibhuti patch up.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari calls Hariya and asks what are you doing,hariya says cleaning an old picture this is you but who is he, tiwari remembers his good times with vibhu.Vibhu says Tilu tell her she cooks good food,lilly says sir i heard you liked angoori bhabhis cooked food too,vibhu gets emotional. tiwari says he was my friend now biggest enemy, Hariya says whats his name, Tiwari says Vibhu Mishra,hariya says so its you two whoes friendship stories we keep hearing. lilly asks does angooru bhabhi cook better food then me,vibhu says the best, vibhu narrates her stories.Hariya says in my town its sais you are the most lovable of the two, Tiwari says thats true.

Hariya says then sir why you wanna separate the love birds Harry and Lilly. tiwari sees harrys mustach coming off and pulls it off and yells at

him. Angoori and teeka rush out and shocked to see him. Tiwari asks teeka to hit harry hard. Vibhu recognises lilly and scolds her and asks Tilu to throw her out, Lilly says i was here to just patch the things, Vibhu says get out. vibhu sees harry at Tiwari’s and lilly at Mishras.

Uncles walk to them and scold them and ask them how could they forget about nariyal panchmi, and asks them to do it tomorrow. Gulfamkali goes to Hapu and complaints about vibhu and tiwari messing the whole bar, and starts crying, Hapu says don’t cry. commissioner walks in and says right away go take action.

Early morning in the temple tiwari and Vibhu reach for nariyal panchmi and starts fighting for who shall break the coconut first, vibhu and tiwrai decide to make Tilu teeka fight whoever wins shall get the opportunity,teeka tilu get into fight. Angoori thinks because of these two poor teeka and tilu are fighting and shouts stop it, and scolds tiwari and vibhu and says i shall break the coconut and breaks it on her head.

Angoori in hospital, tiwari and vibhu realise their hatred got Angoori here. Doctor informs she has internal injury nothing can be said,i fear she doesn’t collapse in coma.

Vibhu goes to temple,tiwari arrives their too, both pray for Angoori. vibhu says punish me not her, tiwari says no punish me,i always underestimated her, insulted her.tilu teeka and saxena arrive their with news Angoori has gained consious, Vibhu and Tiwari patch up.

Tiwari and Vibhu greet each other next day singing their tag song. Tilu walks to tiwrai with his belongings say me and my friend’s have lost house and you haven’t given me salary,so give me place to stay.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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