Raja Beta 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant teases pulse reading to Pankhudi

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The Episode starts with Purva worrying about seeing Rahul. Vedant asks her to tell what is bothering her. Purva asks what? Vedant asks what happened. Purva tells her that she wanted to buy gift for him, but couldn’t buy. Vedant asks her to take someone else. Pankhudi rejoices telling Rahul that Purva was shocked when seeing him. Rahul says Purva loves you so much and asks what is your enmity with her. Pankhudi says he can ask questions about Vedant only and asks him to go. Rahul says if you want me to stay here then I can stay. Pankhudi calls him cheap to flirt with her and asks him to leave. Ramesh comes to room singing song and talks to Manjula. Manjula asks what happened? Ramesh sings song that the time of happiness came. She asks what is the matter? Ramesh says astrologer met today and he said that

he is going to be Raja and she is going to be Rani and talked good about Sanju. Manjula asks if he asked about Vedant’s son or daughter. Ramesh says I asked about him also, his destiny is being written.

Vedant comes to the room and sees Purva sleeping. He takes her pic. Purva wakes up hearing the camera sound and asks who takes pic when sleeping. Vedant tells that she was looking so beautiful and says he wants to stop this moment for now. Purva asks him to show the pic. Vedant shows the pic. Purva says I am looking ordinary and nose will look strange. Vedant says yes. Purva says she will get fat, her color might get dull and there will be a lot of changes in her body. Vedant says I am your doctor and knows everything. Purva says I am asking my husband if he will like me with the changes. Vedant says he looks at her beautiful heart. Purva smiles. Vedant hugs her. Sab tera song plays….

Vedant comes to his cabin in the hospital. Pankhudi says good morning and says she came to ask for gift which he promised yesterday. Vedant asks her to tell what happened? Pankhudi gets up and closes the door. She says I love you since I don’t know you and when I know you, I have a crush on you. Vedant says why she is talking about this. She says when there was a distance between you and Purva, then I thought I have a chance. Vedant says you said that you have moved on. Pankhudi says I want you like before, my Guru and says I want you to teach me pulse reading from you. Vedant says it is not that easy, my dada ji taught me since childhood. Pankhudi says she will study and asks him to teach her. He says ok and draws palm on the hand. He says three channels used to know about pulse reading. She says you even catches lie. He says just because pulse rate increases when we lie. She asks what he don’t know. Vedant says cancer can also be diagnosed on the first stage. Pankhudi looks on.

Dadi asks Sumiti, Gomti and Purva to do yoga. Purva asks Manjula to come and do yoga with them. She says baby will feel good if she takes out time for her. Dadi teaches Yoga to them. Gomti and Sumiti get tired soon and lie down.

Pankhudi is drinking coffee. Sanju comes there. Pankhudi’s coffee falls on the paper and she scolds him. She asks him to knock on the door before coming. He says you are my wife and I don’t need your permission. Pankhudi tells would be wife. Sanju tells that they will go out. Sumiti thinks she shall do something. She asks Purva not to work in kitchen. Purva tells Manjula that she will make bindi for Vedant. Manjula looks at her. Purva says she knows a bit of cooking and will take for Vedant. Sumiti says I will also come. Pankhudi gives bhindi to Vedant. Just then Purva and Sumiti come there. He asks them to sit. Purva says she brought food for him. Vedant tastes the bhindi/ladies finger made by Purva and says masala bhindi, the way I liked it. He gets happy. Pankhudi gets upset as Vedant doesn’t eat her bhindi. Sumiti asks what did you bring? Pankhudi shows the food. Sumiti says masala bhindi. Purva says Pankhudi makes tasty food. Sumiti tastes and says Purva bhindi is good. Vedant asks her to teach Pankhudi. He makes Purva have bhindi. Pankhudi gets upset and jealous.

Precap: Purva and Vedant look at each other romantically. Pankhudi says she is ready to defeat him in his own art (pulse reading).

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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