Nimki Mukhiya 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mauha on Tettar’s side

Nimki Mukhiya 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nehar says go from here. Tettar says I am exposing you. WHy would nimki leave her family. Mono says she came to meet me. Tettar says she and Babbu were doing drama. Tettar says Mauha I want to tell you Babu’s reality. Nehar says don’t do this drama. Tettar says I will expose you. Ritu says let us talk. Mauha says say here what you want to. Tettar says I came here with nimki’s proposal. I started a relationship with this village. Ram was such a good man but his daughter is greedy. she used you all. She wants to power through Babbu. Ritu says why else would she help her rapist? Tettar says you lost the respect of this village, Ram died because of her. And she shook hands with her rapist? Ritu says this is a very dirty game. Tettar says Babbu also kidnapped Abhi’s

daughter. still Nimki forgave him. Tettar says now that Babu is lord for nimki? Just because of power. Tettar says she is fooling everyone. Tune says she isn’t like that. Ismail says but why is she with Babbu. Nehar says look at you. You did dirty things because of power too. Tettar says yes but I didn’t lie like Nimki. Tettar says did she even call you people? Tune says get lost. Tettar says I am speaking to Mauha. Nehar says we are all with nimki. Everyone chants we are with nimki. Mauha recalls what Nimki did. Mauha says I am not with Nimki. Everyone is shocked. Tune says what are you saying. Mauha says she is selfish. she left her for that rapist. For power only. tune says Mauha stop it. Tettar says thank you for opening eyes. I am there for you always. He leaves.

Mauha says I am right. Nimki is selfish, she isn’t yours. She is with rapist Babbu.

Scene 2
Jharya places Babbu’s posters. ANnaro says how dare you. He says Babbu said he would kill me. Annaro says I would kill you too. Rekha says stop nimki not him. Tettar should do something. She took your family from you.
Nimki and Babbu come in. Rekha says see he is already walking like MLA. Nimki says parbatya make me tea.
Annaro says Jharya is tettar’s servant. Not yours. Nimki says jaharya you tell us whose posters would you have. Jhariya says I have to go. He runs. Rekha says where are you coming from? Babu says Abhi’s house. Nimki says he with us as well. Tettar would lose for sure. It would be great insult. Annaro says shut up. Babu says this is power. I learned this from my dad. Rekha says what was sweeti doing there. Sweeti says he is making my divorce papers. That’s why I went. Sweti says Tettar can have Ritu but not me. She leaves.

Nimki receives tettar and Ritu’s video. She is dazed. Babbu says see what your husband is doing. He called me rapist.. Nimki says if he can stoop this low, why can’t we. Nimki hears Mauha saying they are right. Nimki is shocked.. Nimki says so tettar is fooling my sister. I have to do something.

Precap-Nimki makes a video that tettar is trying to defame her husband.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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