Raja Beta 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi plans to make Purva mad with Rahul’s help

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The Episode starts with Sanju stealing Dada ji’s book from Vedant’s room and tells that he came to talk to Purva. He tells Purva that Pankhudi kept condition before him and refused to marry him if he fails in the exam. Purva says Pankhudi is right and asks him to concentrate on his exams. She tells him that she will get him marry Pankhudi only if he proves suitable for her. Sanju goes. He comes to Pankhudi’s house and gives a book to her. Pankhudi tells Sanju that she is very impressed with him for the first time and asks him to take a photo copy and keep it back on its place. Sanju says he will not go again. Pankhudi tells that she will keep it and says she has won Vedant’s trust and he will praise her. She says she will break their trust after winning it, it is really fun. Ramesh says you are

most worst than a dayan who leaves two homes beside her house. He asks what you will do with us. Pankhudi says if you come in my way then I will not take a minute to destroy you. She asks him not to come in her way. Ramesh tells Sanju and Rahul that the girl is very dangerous and is doing which he couldn’t do since many years. Vedant calls Purva and asks her to get ready and wear the saree which he kept in the cupboard. Purva takes it out. She says how can you be so good? Vedant asks her to get ready and tells that they will go out. He ends the call. Purva smiles looking at the saree.

Dadi asks Manjula what is Ramesh doing these days? Manjula syas he is busy in his new business. Dadi prays for his business to prosper. Purva comes get ready. Dadi says you are looking very good. Purva tells that she is going with Vedant. Gomti says when I will marry? Dadi asks her to catch the chance when it comes again. Pankhudi comes there and tells Purva that she needs to use her washroom. Dadi asks her to use her washroom. Pankhudi says she wants face wash and Purva’s face wash suits her. She comes to Purva’s room and keeps the book back. Vedant calls Purva and tells that he will come late as he is busy in an emergency. Purva says plan canceled. Pankhudi takes the call and says she will take Purva out, and asks him to join them. She messages Ramesh, Sanju and Rahul. They smirk. Ramesh says she is a clever fox. Pankhudi brings Purva to a park. They talk about their childhood. Vedant calls Purva and says he will come. Pankhudi says you don’t need to get bored. Purva sees Rahul just then and tells Pankhudi that he will take my baby away. Pankhudi turns and sees Rahul, smirks and says he is not here. She asks her to come home and pretends to call her patient and asks her to come tomorrow. Rahul is on call and smirks asking her to handle Purva.

Pankhudi brings Purva home and gave her medicine to sleep. Vedant reaches park and calls Purva. Pankhudi keeps the phone on silent mode. He calls Pankhudi. She smiles and picks his call. He says I am in the garden. Pankhudi says I forgot to tell you and says di was unwell so she brought her home. She says I will be with her and asks her to come soon. He thanks her. She calls him jiju and asks him not to thank her. Pankhudi thinks stupid innocent people are handing over the arrow in her hand.

Ramesh tells that Pankhudi is very clever. Rahul laughs. Sanju says they will handle the hospital and says if he don’t pass then? Purva wakes up. Pankhudi asks her not to tell vedant about imagining Rahul and says he will feel bad. Purva thinks of Vedant’s words that don’t call the baby as of Rahul. She says I have fear regarding Rahul. Pankhudi says if Vedant comes to know then he will feel bad. Purva says so he didn’t come back. Vedant comes and asks whom? Pankhudi says baby and tells that Purva is stressed. Vedant hugs Purva. He says Pankhudi. She asks for the gift rather than thank you. She tells Purva that she will go now and asks her to call her when needed.

Precap: Pankhudi tells Vedant that he wants her to be like before and closes the door. Vedant is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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