Nimki Mukhiya 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki comes to meet Abhi

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
BAbbu says you all have to own nimki. She will have the place annaro has in this house. Annaro slaps him and says you will give her this place? Nimki says you didn’t do right. We take our deal back. Tettar says please don’t do that. Withdraw your name Babbu. Party office is calling again. Tettar says you are such a liar. You are a traitor. Sweeti says you lost. Your ritu is with Babbu. Annaro says she is lying. Ritu is with us. Tell them. Tettar says shut up. Babu says so nimki was right. You fooled me. Ritu was never kicked out it was all a drama. Tettar says no you contest in elections. I was being father till now. But now this is between me and nimki. You are fighting on her behalf. I will now show you your worth. I will end everything. I will kill you Babu. He leaves in


Abhi says to MAusi I will come late. Abhi recalls what nimki said. Abhi says Nimki has controlled Babbu entirely. Someone is on the door. Abhi opens the door. It is Nimki. She smiles. Abhi says you.. She says yes my husband Babu is here too. Babbu and sweeti come in as well. Nimki says welcome us. Abhi says come in.

Tettar says this Babbu has ruined my game. Ritu says he is backstabbing you. Tettr says only you are on my side. Ritu says I wont let your head down. Tettar says I will kick them out. Ritu says no people will say that you got scared. this is more complicated. Tettar says we have to do something then. Ritu says there is one idea. Babbu is standing against you. He is your son. He is your own. Nimki did that. We have to do the same. We need someone from ghat tola on our side. Like Mauha, tune or anyone. She left her family for Babu. What if we tell people that she left ghat tola for power. Annaro says would they believe? Ritu says we have to create a story like that.

Scene 2
Nimki says ABhi Babbu wanted a help from you. Abhi says I am supporting you in elections. Nimki says no it’s a personal help. BAbbu says I have to get Sweeti divorced from Ritu. Abhi says what did he do? Babbu says he has ruined sweeti’s life. Abhi says forgive him he might change one day like babbu. Nimki says he is a disgusting human. Abhi says so was Babbu. sweeti says if I were pregnant I would also put up with Riitu. I know what you are saying. Okay I will put up with Ritu. Abhi says no girl should suffer. You shouldn’t accept ritu at any cost and no girl should.
Babu says I know I did a sin. Forgive me please. I have changed with all my heart. Tettar says whatever you do, your father will win. babbu says I will not disappoint you and Nimki. Abhi says what would happen to Tettar?

Nehar says Babbu has all my support. Ganesh says how? Nehar says nimki asked for it. Ramla says what is nimki doing. Ganesh says they are the same people. Tettar comes and says you are right. He is my son. Nehar says you came here for vote? We are all with nimki always. Tettar says Babbu and nehar are using Nimki. Nimki has been part of this power game. She left her house for power. I want to do for people here. Tune says get lost from here. Don’t do this drama here. Ritu says you are so innocent. Neher and Babbu are using Nimki like a puppet. Look at this innocent Mono. Mauha you remember how nimki treated you? She said no to meet you. Tettar says all of that is for money and power. Ritu says we regret Babbu separated a sister from her family. Nehar says get lost. No one would trust you here.
Precap-Ritu says open your eyes and see the reality. Tettar says the same Babbu is now Nimki’s lord? She is fooling you all for power. Mauha says we are not with Nimki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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