Raja Beta 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant organizes Purva’s wedding

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The Episode starts with Ramesh calling Manjula. Manjula brings tea. Ramesh scolds her. Manjula and she was making Sanju and Radhika’s breakfast. Sanju comes there. Ramesh asks about his exams. Sanju says he don’t know how much marks, he will get. Ramesh asks him to become Doctor like his Dada ji to handle their hospital. Radhika says Vedant handles the hospital. Ramesh says until when outsiders will handle our hospital. Vedant comes and says all the best to Sanju for his exam. Ramesh tells that people are giving Advertisement for test. Sanju says they shall give the Ad too. Vedant says their hospital is not for business. Ramesh scolds him and says I will decide. Sanju says he will take hospital to new heights after becoming hospital. Urmi Dadi comes and tells that you couldn’t become a doctor and only Vedant is following your father’s values and disciple unlike others. Ramesh says he is paying as we gave him our name. Vedant goes out. Urmi comes out following him. He cheers her up. Urmi Dadi asks him to help Shanti. He imagines purva. Purva tells Shanti that she don’t want Vedant to help them. Shanti cries and tells that she is making fun of them by marrying with her choice. Urmi sends Shanti’s address. Purva thinks let that Doctor come. Vedant comes and rings the bell again and again.

Purva doesn’t open the door and makes him wait. She then opens the door. Vedant tells Purva that his Dadi sent him to organize the wedding. Purva asks if he started this business. Shanti nani comes. Vedant greets her as Nani. He asks what is the work? Purva tells that someone take their order, but not picking the call now. She taunts him indirectly. Vedant asks her to come with him to see that guy. They come out. Pankhudi comes to meet Vedant, but he is already done. Vedant gets a call and gets busy. He sees Purva puncturing a car. He tells her that he came on bike. Purva asks if his hospital is in loss. She takes her scooty. They come to the tailor’s shop. Purva scolds him for cancelling her order. The decorator guy identifies Vedant and takes up the order. Purva scolds him and goes. Vedant tries to talk to her. Her boyfriend comes and hits Vedant. Vedant is about to hit him when Purva tells that he is Rahul, her fiance. Rahul and Vedant greet each other. Vedant thinks Rahul is taking trouble on himself.

Purva and Rahul leave. Vedant asks the decorator to do everything legally and take wiring from the house, but they take from the electric pole. Everyone appreciate Vedant for the nice decoration. Purva and Rahul dance on the song Pallu latke….Pankhudi dances with Vedant. Vedant starts dancing and kisses Urmi Dadi’s hand. He dances with Dadi. The electricity wire have a short circuit. Everyone run out of the house. Purva is still stuck inside and cries. She shouts for help. Vedant hears her crying and runs inside to help her. He takes her out. He tells Shanti nani that they have to change all wiring and it will take 2-3 days. Shanti Nani says how Purva’s marriage will happen. Urmi Dadi tells Vedant that both families respect are in his hand. Vedant looks at Purva. He talks to Kumar and check if there is any banquet hall vacant. Kumar says nothing is vacant. Vedant thinks whom to call now. Dada ji’s soul comes there and asks why did you promise that you will do. Vedant says Dadi promised on his behalf. Dada ji says place shall be in heart and I made a big house for you. He then disappears. Vedant thinks of his words and imagines Purva’s marriage at his house and thinks but Babu ji.

Ramesh tells Urmi Dadi that Vedant promised him that he will never marry. Urmi Dadi is shocked. Purva asks Vedant if his family loves him a lot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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