Karn Sangini 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Uruvi

Karn Sangini 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uruvi fights Purshottam’s puppets. Puppets snatch antidote from pallu lady and breaking pots say sunrise and Karn’s problem will not stop. Pallu lady asks what will they do now. Uruvi gets other pots from hiding and says these have real antidote. Karn continues suryanmaskar to stop sun from rising. Uruvi with Pallu lady reaches hospital and feeds antidote to patients. Pallu lady comments that is the use now, Karn’s effort failed and sun sill set soon. Radha gets tensed hearing that. Uruvi says Karn will let sunrise happen again. Karn tells Suryadev that he has to stop sunset going against him to save praja’s life. He picks arrow to reverse sun revolution. Suryadev emerges and asks what his ardent disciple wants. Karn says he has to raise again to save poisoned praja. Suryadev says he is helpless and cannot go against nature.

Purshottam walks into hospital asking where is Angraj, already sunset has happened, now Karn has to sacrifice his head to devimaa and calm her anger. Radha, Uruvi and praja stand tensed. Purshottam closes his eyes with sun rays. Karn enters and says Suryadev could not stop himself from setting going against nature, so he gave his rays to him, reminiscing incident. Uruiv and Radha serve antidote to patients who get well and praise Karn. Purshottam tries to leave fearing Karn’s anger. Uruvi throws stonne on Purshottam’s leg and he falls down. She signals pallu lady who goes and picks antidote near Purshottam and says he was hiding antidote to blame Karn. Karn confronts Purshottam and his 2 puppet pandits. Praja try to beat puppets, but Karn stops them saying he will not them do sin of brahmin murder, so he will oust Purshottam and his puppets from Ang desh and if they are seen again in Agn desh, they will be punished.

Karn’s praja chant his name and request him to revail royal amenities. Karn says this pallu lady saved them with antidote. Radha reminds lady to accept in front of Karn that she just acted on Uruvi’s order who made real antidote. Lady walks to Karn. Karn thanks her and asks how can he help her. Lady stands silently. Radha tells Uruvi that this lady is cunning and not accepting truth. Uruvi says lady is away from her husband since 10 years and is in pain. Radha asks who is lady’s husband. Lady shows sindhoor to Karn and requests to reunite her with her husband. Karn promises and asks who is her husband. Lady says her husband’s name is Karn. Karn stands shocked and looks at Uruvi. Lady sees chandelier falling on Karn, pushes him away and bears it on her head, colapsing. Karn holds lady. Radha rushes to her and is shocked seeing Kasturi tattoo on lady’s hand, is more shocked seeing her fame. Uruvi asks what happened to her. Senapati says she is Kasturi, Angraj Karn’s first wife.

Precap: Kasturi hugs Karn and apologizes him for going away from him, now nobody can separate them. Uruvi shatters seeing that.

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