Raja Beta 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant disagrees with Purva’s decision to abort baby

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Raja Beta 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Vedant about Purva. Vedant says she is having food poisoning. Dadi says I trust you more than the reports. He gets a call and goes to hospital. Patient’s husband asks her to save his wife. Vedant asks him to relax. Dr. Rashmi briefs Vedant about the patient and says other doctor advised her for abortion, she didn’t opt for it. Patient reminds Vedant of his words that he said that every child has the right to come in this world. Vedant asks her to relax and says your baby will come in this world. Vedant operates on the patient, baby boy is born. He comes out and tells Patient’s husband that both his wife and fighter son are fine. Dr. Rashmi and Pankhudi come out of OT. Dr. Rashmi appreciates Vedant and calls him super hero. Gomti and sumiti bet about Purva’s pregnancy. Gomti says if Vedant couldn’t find out about her pregnancy when he held her hand. Sanju comes and asks them to find out. Dadi comes and asks them not to make their mind horses run. Pankhudi is in the bathroom and thinks Purva will be in shock and Vedant will be left with no option than to come to her. She says destiny, time and circumstances are in her favour and she will take advantage of all the situation. Vedant thinks of Purva’s lipstick and thinks how can abortion be the solution for this. Pankhudi comes there and tells that she knows the truth that this baby is not yours. Vedant gets up shockingly. Pankhudi says the symptoms which she is having don’t happen in the early stages and she told me that you both have any relation and before you she had…Vedant asks her to stop it. He asks her not to tell anyone. Pankhudi thinks how you will bear Purva who is carrying someone else baby, I won’t let you forget this.

Purva is in the room. Vedant comes there and is going to change his clothes. Purva asks did you think about what I said, will you support me, if we will save our marriage. Vedant says since when we have become selfish that we are thinking about ourselves. Purva says she is thinking about them. Vedant says I am a gynaec and walks on Dada ji’s Siddhant. He says why she is asking him to kill the innocent baby. Purva asks him to think if they can bear the baby who is someone’s mistake. Vedant says you have done mistake and not this baby. He asks her not to talk about abortion infront of him and asks why you want to kill this baby. Purva says she did a mistake and trusted a wrong guy. She says she got married to him by her heart and 7 rounds were remaining. Vedant says I don’t want to listen, I just know that God has decided to bring this baby in this world and nobody has the right to kill him. He goes angrily. Purva says my decision is different from yours, I don’t want to do another mistake in my life. She says she will abort the baby.

Later, Vedant comes to room and goes to bathroom. Purva thinks why did he turn his face from me and thinks how to make him understand. He comes out and goes. Purva thinks to come out of this situation even if she has to hurt him for sometime. Ramesh comes to Pankhudi’s room. Pankhudi says so Sanju learnt this from you. Ramesh asks if your sister is pregnant. Pankhudi asks she doesn’t know. Ramesh blackmails her showing her video to her in which she is confessing her love to Vedant. Pankhudi tells him that Purva is pregnant. Ramesh says I will kill the baby. Pankhudi says I am silent and that means game is still in our court and asks her to wait until she finds out. Ramesh signs ok. Sumiti tells Gomti that she heard Purva vomiting all night. Gomti asks why she don’t say? Pankhudi thinks take hint from me and pretends to talk to a patient. She says these symptoms are 4 months pregnancy. Sumiti asks her if she doesn’t know about Purva’s pregnancy. Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant came. She goes with him. Purva comes and asks Sumiti about Pankhudi. Sumiti says she went with Vedant. Manjula asks her to sit and have food. Purva sits to have upma, but gets vomiting sensation. She tells Manjula that she can’t have ghee smell food.

Vedant is driving the car and is about to hit the car. Pankhudi shouts. He stops the car. She asks him to share his pain. Vedant says Purva and I fell in love with each other, but now the family members laugh at them first. He says I was always stranger for them and after this child, I will go 4 steps far from them.

Precap: Vedant tells that he can’t do wrong with the baby. Pankhudi says I am with you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Ooh brother!!!!!!!! stueps eh

    1. Leisa s morris

      Pankhudi is such a shameless hussy. On one hand she would side with vedant and on d other she will encourage purva to get an abortion knowing it will drive dem apart stueps

      1. Pankhudi is playing evil games since she feels that she has rights over Vedant. That is one shameless lousy sister who will sleep with the devil ( Ramesh) so they both will achieve their goals.

  2. What ‘s next

  3. Supper vedant I agree not to kill innocence baby. He proved that he is Raja beta. Pankhudi shame on you . I will give vedant best bati who agree. I didn’t see still like vedant except Jamaica Raja(sid khurana. )

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