Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Fake Asmita comes to the house

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita says I am Puchki I can prove. This girl is fooling you. Pathan baba knows. Let me call him. She calls but his number is off. Asmita says Shan.. Thaku ma says Shan you have to decide. Shan recalls their childhood. Fake Puchki says I made shan promise he wont come back. Asmita says this is a lie Shan. Thaku ma says Shan ask them questions., Asmita says okay ask us something that happened between us. Shan asks fake Puchki why did you come back if you promised to leave? SHe says I said that because of bari ma. Shan says who was our teacher in childhood? Fake one says there is no teacher because I wasn’t into studies. Asmita says I was about to say it. Moushmi says Asmita is a liar. She is Mrs. Ridoy. Asmita says what are you saying. Moushmi says so that Moni isn’t yur child? Bua says she can’t lie. Moushmi says she lied. She is a liar. Thaku ma says your Puchki would never marry Ridoy. Beauty comes and says someone ask me too. Shan says what are you doing after so many years in this house? Thaku ma says to Ravindra you are letting a fake Puchki live in your house? Real Puchki is this one. Beauty says that’s why I thought how could Puchki become a police officer. Fake puchki says you are Thaku ma’s siiner. I burned your hand I will do that again if you harm her. Asmita says why would I lie. Thaku ma says you are after money. You came here as a police officer and got to know Shan is the real wealthy person. And then you made him fall for you. Ravindra says this can’t happen. Shan says sir are you okay? Shan says sir isn’t well. Thaku ma you can live here.

Asmita looks at Shan. Beauty says to Neel why is your mom doing all this? Beauty says how did she come back? Thaku ma comes in and says you can’t change fate. How are you my daughter? Neel says I married your daughter. Thaku ma says she would ruin your life. Kick her out of this house and your life. Neel leaves. Thaku says where have you been daughter? You killed me. I will show you now how an injured mother takes revenge. See what is next. A mother is always a mother. I am your mom, but consider your dad is here to ruin your life.

Scene 2
Asmita cries. She says now I have to give my identity’s proof? I see doubt in my Shan’s eyes? Why? Why do you do this to me. This is all bothering Shan. What should I do. Bua comes and says how much do you trust your love? Asmita says more than my life. Asmita says how is thaku ma back? Who is that girl? Why is she calling herself Puchki? bua says calm down. Bua says you are a police officer. You can find out what is happening.

Fake Puchki says Shan touched me. It feels like a dream. Thaku ma says I will get you your shan. But it wont be easy. I know the biggest challenge is Puchki. I know how stubborn she is. She wont give up. She is an officer and it is about her love. She wont give up. Love is strong than friendship. SHan’s love can wake up anytime. You have to takeover his heart. I will help you. She says thank you ma. Thaku ma says when you my daughter left me to die, your parents gave me a new life. They kept me in their house. I know you love Shan from London. She says ever since then I fell in love with him. Fake Puchki says it wont have been possible if she didn’t come to our house that day.
Nevi came to them. Nevi said your daughter told us about your death but you are alive. Thaku ma said when your own family deceives you, you die even when you are alive. Nevi said what if life gave you a chance to take revenge. Fake Puchki says you have done amazing planning. Thaku says see how I make Shan and asmita suffer.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What a cartoon…of bullshit! Every goddamned serial on Zeetv brings back the dead from the grave or fire in this case. Wouldn’t be surprised if Chanda reappears in the near future.. Still nothing on Arindham, I wonder if writers realize that he has to take a dump every day and with him tied up…hmmm, not even a bath this prisoner is given… The only character who is without blemish is Bua, every other one has been decimated, no credibility at all…and Asmita has to be the most confused character ever, she has flip-flopped half a dozen times on what she really wants to do…that’s why she’s in this boat…say what, If these writers don’t write this kinda shit, they would have nothing to write about….nothing creative in their brains, same old same old.. Fake Puchki fake Thaku ma…whatever!! Same old shitty repetitive storyline…

  2. DannyComments

    One girl? Against so many villains?? And of course Thakur ma forgot how Pucki tried to take care of her in the past..they always forget! Every time! #sigh..I’m taking a break from this show for a while..I can’t keep getting headaches for fictional shows..nope!

    1. better luck next time if we see you next day it will meant that you don’t stand by your words

  3. Wow NYC show mai kfi interesting dikha raha hai I love this serial shan asmita jodi Super or unn dono Mai feeling v KFi achi hai

  4. Asmita is a police officer only for namesake. She can become her smart police officer if the writers want her to be. They only make her dance, fall on Shaan every now and then and fight infront of Durgama. If should would plan something to catch the real culprits the show would have been good.

    1. Amal

      Facts ???? she does fall on Shan and even looks at him for few hours ??


    The story plot would be better if sahn is acting

    1. SHANKI

      I wish shan is acting to not have memory loss!

  6. I would say that I have not missed any of one of these episodes. I have liked this serial so much that even if I could not watch one day, I see it on line. Now it is becoming rubbish. What about Asmita, say that she married Ridoy again because the death of Bari Ma but how can she declare that she is the mother of Muni even not loving Ridoy. Now I think that child will ruin her life as nobody can prove that she is some other woman child. Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish. Please Director don’t ruin Shan-Asmita. They are superb Jodi and even we would like it the serial ends in a good note now instead of being so annoyed these days. Please Please have pity on us it is because of us that your shows work.

  7. I would add where is the Police Officer, Asmita? Has she stopped enquiring on Nivi and Arindum? What about the accident of Shan and even the PLACE where the accident took place, any body would say how can Shan comes walking there, there must be someone who brought him there as where is his car? So So fake Please Director have mar

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