Ragsan- RISTHA part 3

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The cool breeze started blowing..ishima tday am joing my dream clg..i will fulfil ur dream.i wl build up my career.
Ragu:bhai hw ws ur clg lyf??
Lucky:clg wow its realy another world dr..whr we can enjy our lyf,bunkng clsses,canteen,girlfrndz,hangouts etc
Lucky:ya renu,lissa,maria,janu…etc
Ragu:gud bhai wat abt ur status nw??
Lucky:now nop am single..that was tym pass ragu
Ragu nodes

I rhd clg…its realy beautiful place..bhai hugged me nd tld all the bst..i rhd office ndfilled my application forms ..hm nxt i have to find my clss..on my way there where siniors who were staring at me..ragu u r strong..aah someone bumped on me..i was abt to fall but i somehow managed
Girl(nervously):sry i i i..(stammering)
Ragu: i wot??yup its ok(nd i smiled)
Girl:am realy sry yaar..those boyz are behind me..to i run frm there nd hit u
Ragu:its ok..am ragini nd u??
Girl:am twinkle(she gaved a smile showing her 32teeths)
Ragu:so can we go to cls??am in bba, u??
Twinkle:grt so we r clssmates..hifi
We rhd clss nd sat in 2nd bench..suddenly someone asked twin to move little bit.
Girl:hi girlz am naira..can i join u too
We nodes ok
Twin:ragini whrs ur home??
Ragu:(shocked)my home thats in d(abt to say delhi but i tld)mumbai (nd gave a false smile? to them)
Twin:so u r staying at hom.wot abt u naira?
Naira:am frm mumbai nd am a dayschooler..my fmly is a join one..frm nani to chottuss…its soo nyc yaar
Ragu(in mind i miss u all my fmly)twin u frm??
Twin:meee..aah am frm amrithsar..ma home almost near gurudhwara…maa bhavuji.didi all are there..ragu i miss them,am missing my mamas aalu poori?
Ragu:so dnt worry twinkle now we are frndz ..me nd naira is there na

Our clss starts ..first clss is by miss gauri jhaa…she is a women full of attitude.nly intrested in boys..shouting character..she starts taking her cls..

Aftr hlf hour..a girl is at doorstep..she was trying hard to get gauri mams attension..but she failed.so she step into clss
Mam:how dare u step inside my clss without my permission?now jst get lost
Girl(in tears was trying to say somthing) but mam tld jst leave now..
Twin:girlz how will we adjust this chudhaiil??
Naira:starts laughting
Ragu:shut up yaar…
Gauri:wot u 3bhafoons are doing there(pointing us)
Naira nd twin was laughting silently.so nw the ball is in my court
Ragu:nting mam.
Gauri was in high temper nd abt to mutter somthing..but she was distracted by some boys shouting
Ragu(in mind thank god u saved us frm this chudhail)but who are those guyz
Boy1:mam y did u tld this girl to leave the clss.
(Nd there stands that girl whome gauri mam as scolded jst bfr)
Naira wispires:grt this girl have gunda gange alsoo..wow
Twin:but she is crying yaar
Ragu:she is innocent nd nt violent..gundy girl i think so
Mam:i dnt want this stupid girl in my clss??nd u 3its not ur clss nd whome is this girl??is she the owner of this clg
Boy 2:miss gauri plz mind ur words
Mam:how u can tlk to me lyk this.now i wont spare this girl in my clss afain..u all may leave now
Boy 3:no u havw to..its her mistake to come to clss in late.but u could ask her y?
Mam:yug .huff..this idiot girl step inside my clss without my permission..dont she have any manners to ask may i get in
Ragu:mam she tried to call u but u hadnt seen her.may be thats y she step inside our clss
Gauri:ooh so u were watchng her…nw u also get out
Boy2:miss gauri now u stop ur drama??wots ur prblm??this much ego??huff.

Gauri:u ..how…
Boy 2(cuts inbetween) nd tld:swara u go nd sit in your clss..
Swara nodes ok..nd she come nd sit besides me.nd give us a smile
Sanskaar:gauri jhaa dnt underestimate sanskaar’s words..
Gauri(in frustration)? i wont leave u all three..i wl complane abt u all
Sanskaar:sid nd yug had u heard na miss gauri jha wl complane abt us…am soo scared ..??..u r fighting with a mute girl..swara can’t tlk that’s y she try to gusters u but u have no eyes its nt her prblm
(Ragu pov:i was realy shocked after hearing swara is mute..i touches her hand..she gusters that am fyn)
Mam:wow this stupid girl is dump..grt so nw the clg is giving seats to all this idiots
Saskaar:u jst shut up
Bell rang..nd gauri jha angrly went out..sanskaar nd his frndz waved bye so swara nd leave..

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  1. hate that idiot mam love ragu

    1. Dhanz

      Aah …ofcourse in ma ff ragu is charming

  2. A.xx

    nice xx

    1. Dhanz

      Thanks yaar

  3. Dhanz

    Hws it???do comment.

    1. Dhanz

      Thanls ya

  4. Asra

    awesome dear…omg swara can’t speak…feeling bad for her….stupid mam hate her…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Dhanz

      Aah somethng spicey shld be there na

  5. A12345

    Awesome…post next part soon…and waiting for ragsan

    1. Dhanz

      Aah ya wl update soon

  6. Super awesome

  7. Ragz_teju

    interesting loved it so much

    1. Dhanz

      Thanks teju

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