my married life- episode 9

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Guys, Ragini is suffering with fever… so, I’m here to tell on behalf of her. Hey.., don’t worry it’s just onion fever…!!

Onion fever…??? I will tell about it later…

Swara is helping Ragini to wear saree.

“Swara…I don’t know how to cook..!!”


Ragini holding swara’s hands.. “plz help me swaraaaaaaaaaaa…!!” Ragini cries as small kid.

“Don’t worry Ragini. Me and pari bhabhi will cook and you can simply display them.. alright..!!”

“Thank you….!!” Ragini hugs her in excitement. Swara goes away.

‘Araarey nakku mukka nakku mukka nakku mukka……’

Ragini dances madly….

Laksh just enters and looks madly dancing Ragini. He amazes a bit and his eyes fell on her bare waist while dancing as saree went aside. He just gets struck looking like that..

Ragini turns around finds Laksh and shocks…
“When did he come..??” She thinks.

Laksh removes his eyes from her and comes inside. Ragini sets herself.

Laksh was taking his cloths from cup board,

“Btw, you dance so great..!!” He says.

Ragini beats her hair back and says in herself in attitude, “i know..!”

Then he turns and she bends her head as innocent kitten.

“I was just little excited..!!”
She was telling as if she has never spoke loudly.

“Hmm, for little excitement this much dance..!! So, for full excitement I wonder how you are gonna dance..!!”
Asks Laksh taking his towel.

“Haa.. I may break the top of the house..!!” Ragini tells proudly..!!
Then she bends her head suddenly realizing what she said. Laksh smiles a little and goes into wash room.

Ragini peeps into washroom till he closes door to see his bare top he turns to door and sees Ragini looking at him. He gives a confused look. She turns away her eyes.

Ragini comes down befikar expecting that swara and pari going to help her. But, they both are blocked by AP.

“Ragini, today is your first rasoi. All things are in kitchen. Go and start cooking. You have to do alone..!!” Ap says.

Pari and Swara looks at her helplessly. Ragini eyes Ap…

Rag imagination starts… @@@
Ap is growing up and up as demon laughing wickedly. Ragini stays as small ant before her.
@@@ imagination ends.

Ragini gulps.
“Go beta..” Ap shows her kitchen. Ragini smiles nervously and goes in.

Ragini takes a pan heats it and keeps throwing water on it. She calls to her home.

Sumi lifts the call.
“Maaaaaaaaaaaaa…!!!” Ragini shouts.

Sumi asks peacefully, “rasoi problem..?”

Ragini nods her head innocently.

“Dadi and Papa has come to bring items. Serve them..!!” Says sumi calmly reading newspaper.

“But if, Ap maa sees..??”

“Ragini, you know to go out from window during ur engagement…but, don’t you know how to cover this..??”

Ragini scratching her head, “that’s my talent mom..!! Wait a minute..!! How do you know that..??”

“Ladoo…” she hears her dadi voice from window. Ragini goes there.

“Here take this can and box. Me and sumi have prepared kheer, aloo curry and roti..” says Dadi giving boxes.

Ragini taking boxes, “dadi, didn’t you prepare kalakand..??”

Dadi glares at her…ragini smiles and sends them away. Shekar and Dadi goes away silently as they came.

Ragini setting all items in bowls… “my family is my crime partner..!!” She smirks.

Just then Ap comes… “Is it finished Ragini..??”

Ragini shocks as hell..

“Hey super man..bat man..he man…spider man…shakthi maann save me nowwww….!!!”
Ragini panics never as before..!!

Just then Laksh steps in just as her savior. “Maa, an important call for you on land line phone..!!” He tells.

Ap nods her head and leaves. Laksh gives a naughty smile at Ragini and he too leaves.

Ragini didn’t understand what he meant.

The breakfast completes as a public examination for Ragini. She never even feared to any examiner but, that day Ap maa has become her predator.

All praise Ragini for nice dishes. She takes her breath in relief.

Ragini thinks…

I thought I would make a big mess… I thought I would do diwali and holi in kitchen. But, maa… love you a lot…!! You saved me..!! From tomorrow however swara and pari will be with me… so… befikarrr befikarr…. all plan would have flopped if Laksh didn’t come in time… yes.. he is my super man….

Ragini looks at Laksh lovingly….
She sings in herself…

“Dil kho gaya..hogaya..kisi…”

What what…!! Just stop there. Arrogant stubborn brave notorious silliest Ragini here… she shouldn’t fall easily for Veera venkata satya siva prasada Lakshya maheswari..!!

She thinks again.

It’s night already now….


Sorry guys some disturbance is coming…<<>>>##%%%%¥¥£€>??

So…then…. ($&@@/!/?&@€~\¥_*^#%~€{}[]

Signal cut……============

Ragini online…!!! *green light blink* *blink* *blink*

Ragini session starts….





Mein aaagayaaaaaaa…!!!

Guys, did you miss me….????

Did astra just said story like…… “swaragini……swaragini……” serial..??

That’s why…!! I have hacked her signal and came here….!!!

Hahahahahahahahaha….. *enjoy my evil smile…*

So, did you hear my successful rasoi story..? now, shh…!!
Don’t tell to anyone…!!!

I’m putting an onion near me. If we put onion in our arm pit.. we will get fever you know…!!
Aaa… i never worked out with it. I’m trying it now…

Are you thinking why..???

To escape the yoga classes again and enjoy my beautiful sleep….!!!

*closing my eyes dreamily*

Ragini slept….
@^%#^$*^%*%(^(signal interruption…!!

Astra back….

Guys, you will never expect what has happened in morning.

Ragini wakes with a soft touch of a cold hand on her head. She opens her eyes to see Laksh.
What to tell Ragini’s feelings then..?? she just wanted to hug him like that only…
He gently touched her hand…
‘You have fever..!! this is bad..!!’ he said Softly.

Ragini acting sad.. ‘yaa… I can’t attend yoga today..’

‘Don’t worry today yoga is not there…!!’

Suddenly her eyes shine…just then Ap comes.

Ap: Laksh, Ragini are you ready..?? what happened to her..?

Laksh: maa, I’m ready. But..Ragini has fever…

Ap: oh no..! we have decided to start for trip now…

Ragini shocks: trip..???

Ap: it’s ok. She will stay home. Let’s go Laksh.
Laksh nods his head as innocent kid.

‘what the helllllllllllll……!!!!!!!!!!’ Ragini shouts in herself..

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  3. Asw

    Nice Ragini fever idea is flop ?keep going

    1. Astra

      thank you

  4. IQRA222

    awesome and ragoo congo u completed your rasoi
    but now u cant go to trip

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    Update littke big naa

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    hahaha ragini ur plan failed see u cheated na that is why ur plan failed ur punishment awesome update astra

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      haha..yes..thank you…

  7. Devihaa

    Hi Astra….
    This ragini na….she will never change….
    So much trick…haan….mommy…..her ma also helped her….
    Hey hi ragini….
    What u hacked Astra signal…??? ??….
    But ragu…if Astra doesn’t come means how we can see ur antics…
    And u ….dr….you put onions in ur armpit….. Ur ok na..??..ur not having high fever na…???
    And bechhara….u thought to escape from yoga class…but now they r going on a trip…
    See u in next update dr…
    Bye Astra….and ragu…

    1. Astra

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  15. Aasthu

    haha…Ragini is so naughty and cute…..Astra will keeping onion under your armpit bring fever??? Plzzz do confirm if is….I will try it….so I also can sleep in the morning and I needn’t go to class……

    1. Astra dear… it’s just a myth.. thanks dear

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    ya ragini I forget to tell yar…what a dance… nakku mukka nakku mukka…Amazing yar…. and laksh one small suggestions for u..plz don’t give u soo much happy and excitement to ragu dear…if u give means Thn ur home top vll destroy dear….and ragu u have a great mother…love ur family dear…astu u save laksh kitchen…if u and ragu family didn’t help means what happen to kitchen…omg i couldn’t imagine that…Thanks a lot astu for saving kitchen…waiting for laksh trip….tkcr dear….

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    I love this Cute & Crazy Ragini….

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    Pedda writer garu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Papam ragini???
    Meerenduku ila chesaru???
    Meeru em chestaav naaku teliyadu
    Ragini ni matram meeru trip ki pampinchali
    First rasoi adiripoindi
    Tondaraga next update ivvandi

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      thanks you chinni writer…

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      Hahah..ok dear…sure..

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