RagSan – Missing Way (Prologue)

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RagSan: Missing way…

Prologue :
She looked at the waves in the water hitting against each other as the tears in her eyes started drying up , she kept looking at the waves as some pictures came in front of her eyes.
“ I am sorry Swara….” She had said as pushed her down the water. Swara’s face revolved in front of her eyes , her eyes as she was falling down in the water just seemed to ask one question from her , “ Why Ragini? Why…?”
Ragini wiped her tears as she started walking forward leaving behind Swara , her memories , Her past , Her love for Swara and only remembering her love for Laksh…..Her Laksh.
“ I have crossed every limit of the world for you, I have taken every pain for you , I have learnt to hate…for you , to hate everyone who comes in my way to get you , even Swara . you are mine Laksh , only Mine…” Ragini said as tears seemed to cluster up her eyes again though she tried her best to resist them , she couldn’t.

“ Why don’t you understand Ragini , Love doesn’t say ‘You Are Mine’ It says ‘ I am Yours’” He thought as he sat on the bed.
“ Sanskar Chore , Why don’t you understand , Who did this magic on you , how you forgot your revenge……” Sujata said as she was walking in the room.
Sanskar looked at her and then walked up to her , “ Ma , someone made me realize that I can’t get anything by revenge , and someone else made me feel that maybe better than the way of revenge , it is the way of love…..” Sanskar tried hard to smile but couldn’t , his tears didn’t let him.
“ Love….You love Kavita , I am talking about Love only..” Sujata said wiping his tears.
“Ma…..I am talking about someone else…..Leave that , I need to stop Ragini , I don’t even know what she’ll do in her revenge now……” Sanskar said as he walked out of the room.
“ Arey Sanskar , Sujata , where he is going?” Annapurna asked as she looked at Sujata leaving the room as well.
“ Jiji…….” Sujata was saying stopping in the middle.
“ Dupatte wali Dost….Dupatte Wali Dost,………” Sanskar said jumping in excitement coming towards Annapurna.
“ Sanskar , you can’t go beta, today in the evening is wedding na , we’ll go then only.” Annapurna said smiling.
“ Duppate Wali Dost….Duppate Wali Dost….” Sanskar said making a sad face jumping again but this time in anger.
“ Sanskar………won’t you make me ready….??” Laksh asked coming out smiling holding Sanskar shoulder.
Sanskar looked at him , “ Now what should I do?” He thought tensed.
“ And yaa , your Duppate wali Dost also must be getting ready , you also need to look good na….for her…..”
Sanskar nodded and moved inside with Laksh tensed.

Ragini reached back home , “ Ragini…where is Swara??” Sharmishta asked as she looked at Ragini coming alone .
Ragini tried wiping her tears while Sharmishta got confused seeing her doing that.
“ Maa , she told she will come after getting ready in beauty parlour only , I told I’ll also come wtih her but she refused , she has changed a lot…..” Ragini said looking towards the floor.
Sharmishta looked at Ragini confused and then nodded.
“ I don’t know whats happening to her…don’t worry ,You don’t need to go to any beauty parlour , Your Maa will make you look like a princess…” Sharmishta said holding Ragini’s face smiling.
Ragini looked at her as tears again started coming in her eyes , “ Ragini…why are you crying? Don’t worry your Maa will search for a prince for her princess……” Ragini closed her eyes as Tears started escaping her eyelids.
Sharmishta looked at Ragini, “ Laksh….I know you love him , leaving your love is really difficult but I promise you , the one for you would be even better than Laksh……..one of a kind…..” Sharmishta hugged her tightly.
Ragini cried hard as she remembered her childhood , Swara , Her dream Prince , Her Laksh and from nowhere Sanskar.
“ Our tears can’t take our pain but they can decrease it Ragu….they can…” Sharmishta said as she too cried remembering her own life , it was quite similar to Ragini’s……the only difference was the one she didn’t knew.

The sun dimmed and the moon arouse looking through the clouds as the Barhi was decorated all around for the beautiful wedding of Swara and Laksh. Ragini looked towards the full moon as it was looking out of the clouds only to spread his light on her. She was dressed in a Golden-Orange Lehenga along with the similar jewellery looking like an angel.
“ My life is you Moon , I want to come out of the clouds but I can’t because I am destined or maybe I myself destined myself to let myself hide behind the clouds…..” She talked to herself.
“ Swara hasn’t come until now….” Sharmishta came to Ragini’s room saying it as the Baraat arrived.
Ragini turned in shock , for a second forgetting the sin she committed in the morning , suddenly she realized the truth.
“ Maa , I am really worried , Swara…” Ragini said trying her best to act as if she doesn’t know anything.
“ Today , You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours Swara….. forever…..” Laksh smiled as he was sitting on the horse smiling.
“ I hope you haven’t done something you shouldn’t had Ragini…..” Sanskar thought as he was sitting in the car that was just behind Laksh’s horse.
“ I’ll get you Laksh…….I’ll…” Ragini thought as she was facing Sharmishta.
Will Ragini Get Laksh? Will Laksh Get Swara? Will Sanskar be able to mend R agini Missing Way the same way as his was mended by Swara?
Here goes the Prologue……Hows it??? I need to know haan…..

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  1. Asw

    Nice as a my point of view please don’t make Ragini – ve character quite interesting prologue keep going

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  5. its ragsan ff write that means rag is lead

  6. Jazzy

    amazing yaar soooo good prologue waiting for next part

  7. A12345

    Plz don’t make ragini villain…. It’s awesome awefull

  8. Awesome update soon

  9. A.xx

    Amazing and plz dont make rags the villain and is it going to be ragsan and swalak xx

  10. Good one

  11. Asra

    awesome prologue dear…

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    awesome prologue, just loved it, update soon

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