“TRUST” a TS on THAHAAN (Part-1)

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Hey friends ?
This is Vinni with another TS ?
Actually this is the result of missing u all…? so I’m here to irritate u ?
Ok ..here we go ?
It was a windy day, lightening clouds was enough to scare anyone.

After the passage of one month of the fake marriage….when shraddha entered to dhruv’s life even when thapki and bihaan didn’t wanted it to be!!

Dhruv was shattered as thapki didn’t stopped his marriage from shraddha. He was walking motivelessly on road while bihaan was running n shouting from behind. “Dhruvvv….. Listen….plzz come with me…let’s go home….” He shouted worriedly. “Shut up bihaan….I hate u….do u know meaning of hatred??? U….u bihaan pandey….” Dhruv replied shouting on him.

Both the brothers were shattered n was in front of each other.

Dhruv, who was crying for his love

Bihaan, who was crying for his loved ones.

Suddenly he hears a voice.

A car, in full speed, suddenly, hits dhruv from the right side.

At the very moment, bihaan, whose face was red because of the blood splashed on him, rushes to dhruv asking him “I’ll not let u happen anything”. “What more will u do now!!” Dhruv replied with a smile n closed his eyes.

Everything was still now.

Bihaan widens his eyes with tears. “No….n..no….” His heart wasn’t accepting it. He caressed his cheeks, even patted his cheeks. But no response.

His only friend, brother, supporter… was no more now. He was guilty.

At home. Everyone was worried about dhruv. Specially his maa…of course!!

When thapki saw a “devastated” bihaan entering in home, while everyone saw bihaan entering “without” dhruv.

“Why r u here?? Where is he??” Maa asked shaking him holding his arms.

Everyone was staring him in order get a satisfactory reply. But he was silent.

“I’m…I’m…sor….sorry….maa…” He said slowly with his head bent down, glaring at floor.

Some men enters with dhruv’s body.

Vasu, who was looking confused at bihaan took a step back after seeing the body.

“What had u done to him!!!!” She shouted glaring at bihaan holding his collar.

“I didn’t did it….maa…” He tried to make everyone understand. “Don’t even dare to call me maa” her words were piercing his heart badly.

Thapki, who was equally shattered, not seeing bihaan’s condition but after seeing dhruv.

“U…wa-s when unable to …..st-op him from marriage… U kill-ed him!!” She said slowly between everyone’s snivels glaring at body.

“No…trust me…. I….didn’t …” He said in a broken voice, unable to accept that she too thinks same like others!!

“I knew u can do anything for ur sake….as u did with me!!!” She said staring in his eyes holding his collar.

“Trust me…plzz….” His heart shouted while his mouth was shut, in shock, shattered seeing even his thapki wasn’t trusting him. “Why would she even trust u?? She’s ur fake wife” his heart reminded him. “U r a criminal” a sound interrupted between him n his heart. “I can’t live with u anymore…” She yelled.
He opened his eyes n found himself resting his head on dancing chair, holding bear bottle in his right hand. “Gajab!!” He said with a painful smirk glaring at his bottle.

He stood himself with his waggling legs, walked towards the door, opens it n carries himself to analys the situation.

He saw maa giving aarti to everyone with a smiling face, he sees this n smiles.

“Shraddha beta…u go to market with preeti bahu” she said smiling n caressing her hairs.

“Ji mummy ji” shraddha replied.

“Today is our important contract …..bless us badi maa” Sanjay n Ashwin said touching vasu maa’s feet.

“My blessings r always with u my sons” vasu replied.

Bihaan was silently enjoying all this looking all this from upstairs.

“Vasu beta, where is my locket??” Dadi asked

“I’ll search it maa” she replied.

“Vasundhara ji…. Can u plzz bring the files which I gave u to keep yesterday??” Bauji asked

“OK baba…wait…I’ll be back with all ur stuffs” vasu said replying everyone with a smile.

A sound grabbed everyone’s attention. Bihaan’s bottle was lying broken, all broken. Bihaan looked worriedly, once at bottle n suddenly everyone, glaring n fuming at him.

Suddenly everyone’s facial expression changed from happiness to fuming.

“I’m….sor…. Sorry…..” He said anyhow.

“How many times will u say sorry??” Suman bhabhi yelled.

“Leave it…..we don’t need to talk to any stranger” vasu maa said angrily n leaves glaring at him.

Everyone, then leaves him, ignoring his pain.

He tightens his eyes to release all his tears out.
A girl opens her eyes, filled with tears.
“R u ready now??” A man asked from another room wearing his blazer n, then,wearing his watch

“Ye-es kabir” she replied wiping her tears. She comes to him shivering.

“What happened my love??” He asked searching for something.

“No-othing” she replied pretending to smile.

“Where is my handkerchief??” He asked coming closer to her with his evil smile, which gave her goosebumps.

“I do-don’t know” she replied feared

He holds her hand n twists it badly, “can’t u keep my things properly??” He said softly near her ears.

“No-oo….its not like that” she said anyhow, moaning in pain.

“Leave it” he said freeing her hands from his grip. “Be ready for today’s office party, I’ll come n pick u.” He said slowly caressing her saree’s pallu. He was so close that she could even feel his breath. She shivered more.

“R u scared of me??” He asked.

“No-no…” She answered pretending to smile.

“Come baby” he holds her hands n makes her stand towards the mirror.

“See….how beautiful u r….with these wounds” he said caressing his hands on her wounds, lying on her cheeks.

She moaned a bit n closed her eyes to release all her tears.

“Do ur make-up n hide these wounds anyhow….. Otherwise….”

“O-ok…I’ll…do-oo as u wi-ll say” replied she to get free of him.

“That’s like my wifey” he said holding her waist from back n keeps his head on her shoulder in order to kiss her neck.

His phone rings which irritates him a lot.


“Hey….how’s my jiju doing”

“Hey Aditi!! Its u!!”

“Yes yes….don’t get super excited jiju….I know its ur office time…but I wanted to talk to my Di…. I’m missing her like hell.”

“Oh my God!! That’s an issue to my dear adi!!! No worry….she’s here only, come vani” kabir says smilingly.

She comes near him,slowly, n takes phone from his hand,hesitatingly, n was about to talk when kabir gestures to give his phone back, she does as he says.

He keeps his phone on loudspeaker.

She gets tears seeing this.

“Hello dida….I’m missing u so much today….how r u??” Aditi said joyfully.

“Why don’t u keep a cellphone with u!!…see I’m disturbing jiju at his work time!!” Aditi complained

“Not at all adi…I’m ok with this…” Kabir said.

“N-ow leave al-ll this adi…how r u?? N how’s ur studies going??” Thapki said wrapping everything hurriedly.

“R u weeping Di??” Aditi asked confused.

Kabir widens his eyes n gives an angry look to her, her hands shivers in fear.

“Haha…n-o adi…I wa-s not feel-ing well tod-ay” thapki replied laughingly.

“Ohh…why?? Dida…I said u to take care na!! Jiju is not taking care of u or what??” She asked childishly.

“Ahhh….he lo-ves me a lot adi….he cares for me s-oo mu-ch” she said looking fearfully at him.

“Ok dida I’ll talk later….my warden will shout on me!! I’m getting late for my classes”

“Ok ok…bye adi take care”

Kabir leaves for office leaving her alone.

Thapki goes to washroom, opens shower n stands under it, crying. She rubs her body wildly, in order get rid of all his touch n sits under the shower,crying.

“Wh-at would I say to u Aditi…that ur so called ji-ju never trusts me!! He never gave me a cellphone, he thinks I’ll betray him….he never gave me freedom!!! I’m not even free to even breath without his permission.” She says gnashing her teeth n crying harder.

Precap – ” is this bihaan??”
” yes who’s there??”
” I lu-uv u”
” What!!!! Who’s there!!!!????”
The call cuts..

Thanks for reading guyz ?
Hope u like it!!
Btw I don’t know why I’m writing stories on thahaan marriage every time?
But I’m liking it!! ? hope u too like it ?
Do comment
Luv u all ?
Take care ❤

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  1. Vinni, very interesting plot.
    Poor Bihaan is forsaken by all.. Feel sad.
    Keep it going.

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u mala ?
      Yeah poor bihaan n thapki… The story is about how they’ll meet ?
      Stay tuned ?

  2. gajab too good thahan forever sapola died gajaab and kauwa beats thapki excited to read the next part

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks anu ?
      N yes “sapola” dies n “kauwa” beats thapki ?
      Will update soon ? ?

  3. kishor lembhe

    nice interesting waiting for next episode

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u for commenting dear ?
      n also for liking it ?
      I’ll update soon

  4. Torturing…like always…
    You know we love bihu so much, but you always make him so poor victimized…in a great way…so heart touching…
    And even now jigu is victimized also…
    But I like the way you portray it…
    Awesome…keep going
    Thank you and tc

    1. Vinni7

      Hey thanks dea?
      Sorry for the torture btw ?
      I don’t know why my lead characters r always poor victimized!! ?
      But they’ll meet at end ..for sure!! ?
      Tc ❤

  5. Hi vinni wow it’s very interesting feeling bad for bihaan waiting for next part

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks kiran ?
      Will update soon ❤

  6. Vinolin.d

    hai dear Vinni… its heart touching episode.I love it.your writing skill was superb.keep writing dear.tc

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u vinolin ?
      Stay tuned for next n tc ?❤

  7. Shibil

    Nice …so emotional …waiting for next episode …

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u dear ? ?

  8. Oh poor bihaan. It seems interesting.

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u Garima ? ?

  9. Manish ki deewani

    first of all vinni a big wala hello …..hw r u …..this is so heart touching .poor thahaan both r suffering ….u portray the feelings really well .this ts seems so interesting ..love u alot …..tc

    1. Vinni7

      Hloooooo darlo ❤❤❤
      I’m super good ? n what abt u bae ?
      Thank u so much for liking it…? luv u ❤

  10. Sulbi

    Superb darling…

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks sulbi ? ?

  11. Juveria.ghalib

    Hey amazing..very excited for the nxt episode..u always rock dear keep it up

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u juveria ❤ that’s a big compliment to me “u always rock” ? ?? luv u ?

  12. Lovely nd intrstng dat kabeer uff poor bihaan btw nice epi.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks simi ? poor thahaan will be united soon !! ❤

  13. Interesting….

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u arooj ?

  14. oh….bihan always suffer a lot…this time thapki too….intresting track….waiting for nxt..

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u sadia ?
      Will update soon ❤

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