RagSan- My Love Is My Life…(Chapter 1)

Chapter 1:- The Bold Ragini

Ragini’s Point Of View:
I was walking in the crowded corridor of the most prestigious collage of Mumbai, that feeling in my heart; I can’t explain it in mere words. I was having a huge smile on my face while I was still confused as to where I am gonna go now with this flow of life, still I carried on walking holding my files in my hand having excitement deep inside me filled with that hidden fear.
Suddenly while walking , “ Bhoooooo….” I heard the sound from someone who came in front , I was shocked as I dropped my files down and was myself about to fall down but I saved myself in the nick of time. I eyed the person in front of me angrily almost in a mood to punch him badly.
“ How dare you Mr….????” I spoke up getting hold of his T-shirt.
“ Who will you vote Ms. Desi…???” He asked me freeing himself eyeing my dressing with an evil smile.

I stared at him totally confused while a sound came from back , “ He’s standing in election and you will vote for him….” One of his pet dogs told me.
As soon as I got this , I stared at him , “ If I don’t do then……………….”
He grasped my wrist and pulled me towards himself, an unknown fear , pain surrounded my face. Though I tried my best to not to show him that but yet I ended up doing it as he stared deep into my eyes , I lowered my eyes , yes , maybe I was afraid of him.
“ UV , please leave her….” I heard another of his pet say from back.
“ You’ll have to vote for me….” He said leaving my wrist but this time I got hold of his wrist overcoming my fear , afterall I didn’t really wished to become one in the collage to be trifled with..

I twirled it and then left him. He stared at me with his fiery eyes and then pushed me badly , I almost fell down when two hands got hold of my waist.
I turned back to find a girl standing behind me.
“ Are you fine , Newbie….??” She asked making me stand while I nodded.
“ How dare you Yuvraj….???” The girl stared at him and said angrily.
“ Its UV for you and please don’t come in between , You don’t need to….” He roared back coming towards me while she tried to protect me.
I kept my hand on her shoulder as she was about to speak up something , I came forward and smiled , “ What can you do Mr. UV…???”

“ You don’t even have the slightest Idea desi…” He said snatching my handbag from my arm .
He opened the zip shamelessly and took out my family photo , the photo had me in a beautiful lehanga with my mother ; The best person in my life, she was smiling , the smile which she always brought on my face and my dad; he was hugging me , the feeling that I was totally safe but today it was just me to fight with this world…..HOW WOULD I?
I still came out of my emotion’s ride and stared at Yuvraj angrily . How could he??? At the top of it he again smiled and then threw the photo upwards. I was in utmost shock , too shocked to respond as well , still I ran to save it but the glass hit some window chamber on the first floor and crashed there. The picture of my family crashed in front of me , glass pieces were scattered on the floor , I couldn’t even reach it .
I went up to him and pushed him badly on floor and started uttering as many as words that I could mutter up the spirit to say , “ You…..How dare you….It was my family photo , what do you think of yourself , you must not be having your family, right , thats why you are even sad when others are happy , If you don’t have family , at least let others live , These are the type of people who are heartless……Heartless……”
I turned to go as I said these words ignoring his reaction but something stopped me. I felt cold breeze on my face , a fresh breeze, I was still for some time.

Writer’s Point Of View:

A boy is seen in the other end of the corridor putting some pamphlets on the wall. A girl runs to him and hugs him , “ yippe , I was sooo happy today , Yippe……”
“ Aradhya , You scared me yaar….” Aryan said smiling as he realized that it was Aradhya hugging him rather than a live bomb jacket the tightness of which must have been a little lesser then Aradhya’s hug.
Suddenly he remembered something and turned his face towards the wall. To his shocked the pamphlet was fully covered in the coloured glue that he was using.
“ What you did , Aryan…??? you spoiled Sanskar’s face….” Aradhya asked staring at the poster and then him with her mischievous eyes.
“ Aradhya……leave it , lets remove it or you know Sanskar na….” Aryan said opening his mouth in a big “o” shape at Aradhya’s naughty reaction.

Aradhya nodded with a smile while a voice came from back , “ Why will I get angry….????”
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Episode 1

Guys , this was the prologue , a turning point in my ff which will arrive later and not the start of my ff , sorry for the confusion though….Hope you Like it………….

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