Mahabharata ff part 29

The epi starts with duryodhan throwing the things of the room here n there. He shouts while doing so. Shakuni comes there. What’re you doing my child?? Duryodhan doesn’t pay any heed n throws the clothes. Dusshasan n karna come there. What’s happening?? Shakuni asks duryodhan what he’s doing. Duryodhan says mamashri….. I went to Indraprastha to insult those pandavas and that Krishna bt.. Bt they insulted us only. N that too twice. Shakuni sys who dare insult you? Duryodhan says that cunning Draupadi. She thinks that she had become empress so she do anything.. Noooo .. That’s absolutely unfair. I want Indraprastha… I want Indraprastha at any cost. Defeat the pandavas. Shakuni smirks ?. I’ve something fr this purpose. Give me some time. He goes out to meet Dhitrashtra. Something has infuriated your son, n u r sitting here lyk this. Dhitrashtra asks him what happened. Shakuni tells him everything. He tells Dhitrashtra that if Duryodhan didn’t get the empire of indraprastha he ll get mad. Dhitrashtra asks him a way out. Shakuni tells him somethin. Dhitrashtra says don’t worry, I’ll manage it. He goes to d sabha n asks vidur to take a note to Indraprastha..

Vidur reaches Indraprastha. Yudhishtira welcomes him n asks him the reason fr coming. Vidur says he has gt a note from Hastinapur. Yudi reads it… ?? Vidur says Duryodhan has apologized for all that happened in the sabha the previous day. He has organised a ceremony in order to apologise to u, n has invited you to Hastinapur. There’re many kinds of games n fun organised with the dinner. A gambling is also organised. A younger brother is apologizing to an elder brother. Pls come in the function.

Draupadi sys it’s surely another plotting against us. Vidur says she’s right, Duryodhan maybe planning to,…. Yudishtira sys no.. I’ll surely goo. It’s been long time since we have been to Hastinapura.. We’ll also get to meet the elders. And who knows, maybe Duryodhan is apologizing wid a true heart. Arjun asks Vidura if they should go. Vidura shakes his head indicating a noooo..

Shakuni shows Duryodhan a pair of dice ? n asks him to throw them. Duryodhan throws them n gets two sixes.. He laughs ?. Shakuni sys however u throw them, you’ll get… Sixes n sixes.. Duryodhan says revenge is there… You’ll remember this apology throughout Yudhishtira….

Draupadi is sure Duryodhan Is planning something big. She gets ready to go to Hastinapur. The pandavas and Draupadi leave fr Hastinapur. Dhitrashtra welcomes them. They go inside the palace.

Precap -Duryodhan asks Yudhishtira to gamble away his kingdom. Bhishm asks him not to do so. Yudi loses his empire. Duryodhan laughs…

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow dearie it is awesome. . Loved it u r doing a great job..

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot dearest Padma dii.. Love u ?

  2. wow vanshu it is do u write ffs so well??

    1. Vanshika

      Hmmm… I think I write ffs so well by d kripa of Lakshmi Narayan.. Thnx alot dearie sweetheart love you ?

    2. love u tooooo!!! vanshu

  3. great job vanshu dearie . update next episode soon , but i think next is a sad epi , yudi will loose all his things

    1. Jayani

      Including his family varshu akka

    2. Vanshika

      Yup… It’s d saddest part of the Mb dear..

    3. Vanshika

      Thnx alot varshu akka.. Yup nxt one vry sad ? bt ill update soon ?

  4. Jayani

    I’m waiting for monday. I wish v can just forward all d saturdays n sundays of r life coz there is no skr. Willmmiss is sooo much… No words 2 xplain my feeling. I want tuesday 2 cum ASAP coz my xams n Preethi di’s xams will get over on tuesday.

    Jai Siya Ram

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