Raglak~Tere Mere Sapne Sabhi (shot 5 of 20)

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Swara and Ragini came running inside the house happily and hugged Sharmishtha. ‘Mom, we won, today once again di proved that she’s no less than anyone else in this world,’ Swara said prasing Ragini. ‘Aray wah, I knew my shona and Ragini will win, come give me a hug,’ Sharmishtha said and the duo hugged her. ‘Is baba at home?’ Swara asked. ‘No beta he’s at his shop, you both go take rest, I will make something for you,’ she said and went and Swara too went taking Ragini from there along with her to their room. They sat together.

‘Did Mukti or Aaliya give you their trophy?’ Ragini asked. ‘Yes, its here, feel it,’ Swara said and she felt by her hands and smiled. ‘Swara, I think we should end our stupid enmity with them and become friends,’ Ragini said. ‘Di, the ones who insult you can never become friends with me, I love you the most, what did Mukti say? Take care of your blind sister? Idiot, I won’t ever befriend her,’ Swara said and pouted. ‘OK OK now don’t blow your face,’ Ragini said laughingly. ‘You can’t see then how you knew?’ Swara asked. ‘I can feel you idiot, now let’s change our clothes.’

Aalia was walking to her home when she stopped when a bike stopped by her side. She turned to see who’s it and smiled seeing the guy on the bike. ‘Dhruv, you?’ she said and hugged him. ‘Yes, actually I saw you going alone so I thought to take you with me,’ he said and she sat behind him. He was about to ride off from there but stopped hearing a voice. It called Aaliya’s name. She turned and saw another guy running to her. ‘Sameer?’ she said. ‘You said we’re going to walk back home together.’

‘Next time soon,’ she said and they rode off from there. ‘Aalia,’ Dhruv said on the way and she hmmed. ‘We both are members of fab5 and so we all never keep secrets from each other, right?’ he asked. ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘So tell what’s going on between you and Sameer? You both are getting so attached day by day,’ he said. ‘Dhruv when the hell did we vow not to make any other friends beside fab5?’ she asked. ‘You felt bad? Sorry,’ he said and rest of the ride was quiet as they didn’t talk. They reached Aalia’s house and stepped down.

‘Listen Aalia?’ he called out and she turned with a questioning look on her face. ‘Why did you give your trophy to Swara?’ he asked. ‘Uffo, we had a bet in between. Poor Ragini is blind but so talented, I was happy to see her sing, I feel happy by helping her. The sisters are so sweet, Mukti is so rude to them, anyways bye, everyone might be waiting for me,’ she said and went bidding him bye. He rode off from there. Sanskaar comes at Swara’s house with his mother Sujata.

Swara gets happy seeing him and takes him to her room. ‘Sankiiiii, I am so so happy that you came,’ she said and hugged him. He hugged her back.
‘I m also happy but not so much as I have a desire to view your beautiful face, I want to make a sketch of you, there’s a competition actually, the one who wins gets 2 lacs, in that much money I will get back my eyes,’ he told her. ‘Really? Happy for you but,’ she said, her voice trailed off.

‘But what Swara?’ he asked. ‘How will you make a sketch?’ she asked. He held her hand between her palms. ‘I fully trust you and I know you can help me Swara, I want to see this world, I want to be independent, you will help me na Swara?’ he asked and she kept her hand over his hand. ‘Of course Sanskaar, since when did started being formal to me? We both love each other and you can ask anything from me,’ she said and hugged him, he hugged her back. ‘Thanks Swara, lucky to have you in my life, I love you Swara, I love you,’ he said in the hug.

‘I love you too my mastermind Sankiii,’ she said breaking the hug and pulled his cheeks kissing them. Aalia entered her house and was welcomed with warm hugs. ‘You came? I wanted to tell that Sanjana is coming back today, oh, and Harshad and Piyush were waiting for you,’ her mother Simar told her and she smiled and went to her brothers’ room. ‘Bhai, Piyush,’ she said and hugged both of them one by one. ‘Missed me?’ she asked and they pulled her cheeks. ‘Whenever you aren’t at home, its as if the walls are crying and calling out for you,’ Harshad said faking to cry and Aalia laughed.

‘Yes Aalia, its as if you have went marrying someone, when you’ll marry, we’ll also come with you,’ Piyush said and she laughed again. ‘OK OK you can come, you love me so much, love you too,’ she said and hugged both of them again. Later Swara tells Ragini about the competition. ‘If it is so then don’t you think I should also take part,’ Ragini asked excitedly. ‘Of course, why not? But how will you..?’ Swara was cut in between. ‘I can and I will, just take me to Laksh.’

Swara took her to her office to make her meet Laksh. As she saw him, they walked to him. ‘Ragini di, he’s here in front,’ she told her and she hugged him tightly. ‘Laksh, I have a very good news by which I can get back my eyes, look God made a way for me,’ she told him. ‘Really? Then my brother Sanskaar should also take part, he also can’t see like you,’ he said. ‘Sanskaar? I know him, he told me, I got to know by him only, we love each other,’ Swara told him. ‘And you’re the same girl he loves? What a coincidence, then I pray to God to give both of you your eyes back,’ he smiled.

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