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what happens when history tries to repeat itself but shivaay dont want that to happen. what he will do when he will meet the situation.
its a story about 4 characters
Ansh aspires to become a singer and has a soulful voice and shivika are the proud and supportive parents of ansh.
here pinky is as sweet as sugar but is still obsessed with the idea that her own blood should be the heir of oberoi empire.
what will happen when the two ideas will clash against each other?

Part 1
Oberoi mansion
Shivika were sleeping when they heard a sweet voice from the room next to them. Shivaay being a light sleeper wakes up and annika being a kumbhkarann just stirred in her sleep.
Shivaay gets up and moves towards the room of his beloved son.
Ansh’s room
Ansh was doing his morning riyaaz and shivaay listens to him with a smile on his face.
Ansh upon seeing him.
A- hey dad good morning.
S- morning champ.
A- you here?
S- why? Can’t i come here.
A- no itz not like that.
S- so what are you practicing?
A- doing rehearsal for my annual programme.
S- okay best of luck.
A- dad i have to talk with you some thing serious.
S- ya tell me.
A- dad daadi is getting on my nerves nowadays.
S- what?
A- ya dad.
S- how, then tell me, i will talk to her.
A- she is just over pressurizing me to pursue business studies beside knowing that i love music and want this only as a carreer.
S- you dont worry about that me and your mom know that and i am too happy that i have a singer son. You just go ahead with your goal and don’t worry about daadi i will try to make her understand your wishes and desire.
S- anything else your dad can do?
A- nothing just your love and support.
S- always there for you.
They share a hug and shivaay leaves.

When shivaay came back to his room he didn’t find annika. He was about to go to washroom when she enters.
A- you came?
S- yess.
A- but where did you go?
S- to ansh room he was rehearsing so i thought i should go there to see how is he progressing.
A- i know my son he is the best singer of the world unlike you (taunt).
S- by the way he is my son too inheriting a lot of characteristics that are mine even the eyes you love dear (boasting).
A- ya ya i know i know dont list it to me (frustrated)
S- you always start that topic.
A- okay lets put an end to it and beside tell me if he told you why he is upset. I listen to him last night singing like he was really upset did he told you why so? He always tells you his problems.
S- ya he is upset over mom.
A- why?
S- mom is pressurizing ansh to pursue business.
A- but why?
S- i know he don’t need to do that i am there for OE and i will not anybody ruin my son’s dreams (angrily).
A- dont get angry just talk to mummy ji she will understand.
S- i will not let the history repeat itself.

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