Raglak she is my wife [shot 1]

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Thank u guys for ur support. I wish I would not break anyone’s feelings. Here is ur first short…

At Baadi,
Ragini was getting ready for an interview in her old hair style and in an anarkali, with a file. She came out and was locking the door just then she noticed that her maa was watching. She just gives a smile to her and went outside to get a rickshaw. She was waiting for quite a long time but no symptoms of rickshaw. So she decided to walk and just then Swara and Sanskar came in their car.
Swara: Ragini! How are u? We are meeting after a long break. Saying this she hugged her and Sanskar stood behind her with a smile.
Ragini: Haan Swara. It has taken a long break for our meeting. Then how is my chotu? Is he fine? What he is telling about his maasi? Ragini asked while seeing Swara’s belly.
Swara: He wants his maasi to be always happy. (just then) What is this file? Are u going to attend any interview?
Ragini: Haan Swara. I don’t want to sit silently at the house. The silence makes me to remember my moments with Laksh. So to have change I am trying for jobs.
Sanskar: Then Ragini, U can work in our company and u are not in need to work in other’s company.
Swara: Haan Ragini, u can work in our company. Then I can also meet u daily.
Ragini: No Swara. I am not going work in any companies. I am just going to join in a school as a teacher. U know naa Swara, I love to be children. I think so this job would suit me.
Swara and Sanskar: U r right Ragini. Let us drop u.
Ragini: No, I will go myself.

Swara: Don’t argue. Please do it for ur di. Please. Saying she showed her puppy face.
Ragini: Ok. I will come. Don’t show that face. Saying this she smiled at her. And all the three went away in the car.
Their conversation were listened by a man and he said to himself ‘I miss u Ragini’. He was in his casual suits and went to his house. He rang the door bell and a lady came and opened the door ‘Abhi, come inside’. Saying this got in and Abhi to followed her. Then he asked ‘Mansi, where is Mishka?’ Just then a small cute girl came to him calling ‘papa’. He turned to her and called ‘Mishu’ then he hugged and kissed her.
Abhi: Go and get ready. Or else u will be late to school.
Mishka: Ok daddy, will u drop me in the school today?
Abhi: Why? What had happened to ur school bus?
Mishka: Papa, I don’t like to go in that bus. All of them were having friends and not me. I don’t like simply sitting silently. So please drop me today.
Abhi: Ok. If I drop u today then next day u has to go in the school bus naa.
Mishka: No papa, tomorrow also u drop me.

Mansi: Mishka! Enough u should to go by school bus only. Papa is having more work in office, so needs to go on time. Ok?
Abhi: No Mansi, I will drop her. (then turning to Mishka), Mishu I will drop u and pick u today but tomorrow u have to go by school bus ok?
Mishka: Tomorrow’s stories are tomorrow. So now I am going to get ready happily. Saying this she jumped and went from there. Abhi smiled at her and went to his room. Mansi smirked at him.
Then Abhi was about to take the car but Mishka ask him to drop her in bike. Abhi also said ok and took his bike and wore helmet. Mishka loved to go with her papa and too in bike. So she smilingly goes inside the school. Abhi waves bye to her wearing the helmet and he moved backwards looking at Mishka. Just then he dashed with someone and that girl was about to fall, he turned and catch by her waist. She closed her eyes in fear and her hand held his collar. Abhi’s eyes were full of happiness and his heart was jumping happily. They both were standing in a romantic position. Just then that girl opened her eyes and saw him. Her heart easily recognized him as ‘Laksh’ but her mind doesn’t believe it and said ‘sorry sir’. Saying this she took her which has fallen down and someone came calling her ‘Ragini’

Sanskar: Ragini. What happened? R u selected?
Ragini: Yes Sanskar. They selected me as a ‘maths’ teacher for 4th standard students. I am very happy that I am going to start my class from today itself.
Abhi who was standing there heard her conversation and became happy as Mishka was also 4th standard. Just then Sanskar asked him ‘who he was’ and Ragini looked at him and her heart says ‘it is Laksh’ but she told him about the ‘dash’ incident.
Abhi introduced himself as ‘Abhimanyu Khanna’ (without removing his helmet) and he said to Ragini that ‘my daughter Mishka was also 4th standard. She was good in all subjects except maths. So please take care of her and forgive her if she does mistakes’ (He told this in just a modulated voice and his helmet also helped him). Then he said that ‘I am having some work so meet u later’. Saying this he went away in his bike.
Ragini said ‘ok Sanskar u go and Swara will be waiting for u’ and bid bye to him. She then went inside the school and Sanskar went to Swara.

How was today’s shot? I think so it was little boring. But please say ur opinion and post ur comments. Thank u.

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