Udaan 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Suraj to apologize to Bhaiya ji, he needs food to keep his body strong. He says I don’t want food, I will never bend down to his feet. She says if Bhaiya ji thinks he is winning, let him think so, it will be easy for us to hit him, you will win in long run. He says I will never beg to him. She asks why are you stubborn. She prays to Lord that Suraj agrees, or some me some way to feed him food, else he will die hungry.

Lawyer tells Vivaan that case is complicated, Pooja has proof and witness. Vivaan says its all lie, I did not do anything. Lawyer says you have no proof to justify, outside court settlement will be better. He goes. Imli asks Vivaan not to worry, we will find other lawyer, I m sure he will win. Ragini hears them and says Vivaan, I will lay such a trap that all doors get shut for you, you have to come to us then.

Chakor sees servants taking Suraj’s belongings and asks then to keep Suraj’s clothes back. The man asks her to ask Bhaiya ji. She asks Bhaiya ji why are things taken away. He asks her to lower tone, be thankful that I m not throwing you out of haveli, there is no place for bandhua here, what will his belongings do here then, I told you I will shatter Suraj, I will crush his self respect, I will show villagers his value. She asks value? He says yes, you will know it, come out in an hour, see it yourself. He laughs and asks Ragini to come. They leave.

Chakor thinks to stop Suraj from shattering. Ragini asks the men to keep things well, put that photo frame on the bed. Bhaiya ji asks did you inform villagers. She says yes. He asks men to get Suraj. Chakor comes there and sees Suraj’s belongings placed. Bhaiya ji laughs. Suraj is brought there. Bhaiya ji says tie him there. Suraj sees all the things.

Suraj asks what is my belongings doing here, what are you going to do. Bhaiya ji says we are going to sell this to villagers, who will come here and pick every thing, I will sell it off at one rupee cost. He kicks Suraj and says your value is such low. Suraj says you can’t do this, don’t dare to touch my belongings, Ragini says your good days are over, no use of these things, you can’t use this, better leave dreaming. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to see how they sell it. Suraj calls him out. Bhaiya ji says Chakor will not be here, she will spoil all fun.

Chakor goes to Suraj. She says Bhaiya ji wants to break your courage and self respect by doing this, its all ordinary things, once you get free, all this will come out. He says this is my identity, I got all these things by love, they are dear to me, I can’t let it get sold, Bhaiya ji wants me to realize I m turned into bandhua from a king, see that mirror, I used to feel that I love myself, selling that he wants to break my identity, my clothes, glasses, watches, shoes and jacket, you have distributed all jackets to save my life, I can’t let this jacket get sold, please save it, will you do it, I want that jacket, you have to save it for me, please promise me. She asks why do you want to just save that jacket, nothing else? He says yes, I love that jacket, you have to save it. She thinks if Suraj gets happy and if his self esteem will not break, then I will surely save it. She agrees to him.

Villagers come there. Ragini asks them to buy anything for one rupee. Tejaswini comes there and says I will buy his things, let me meet my son, I have money. Ragini makes goons kick out Tejaswini. He feels restless. Villagers buy few things. Kasturi and Bhuvan come there. Goon stops her. Kasturi says we have to buy bandhua Suraj’s things. Ragini says let them come, they called Suraj as son in law, Chakor would have got hurt hearing this.

Kasturi says no, she married unlucky man. Bhaiya ji laughs. Ragini asks why did you keep Tejaswini at your home. Bhuvan says for Chakor’s sake, we want Chakor to get free of them, we want to buy their things and punish them. Ragini asks them to buy what they like. Suraj thinks I did not know they hate me so much. Kasturi takes Suraj’s jacket. Suraj thinks where is Chakor, if she could not help me, she should have stopped her parents from coming here. Ragini asks Kasturi why did she take jacket. Kasturi says I want this jacket, this is Suraj’s fav jacket, Chakor told me, I thought to burn this jacket and get peace. Bhaiya ji laughs. Ragini says fine, take it. Bhuvan pays money. He says I have 10 rs and took 10 items. Ragini asks him to go.

Kasturi sees Suraj. Goon stops her. Ragini says let her go. Kasturi scolds Suraj infront of them. She says you have troubled us and Chakor a lot, Chakor got mad to help you, I will burn your things now. She drops things and picks it. She hides a juice packet there. Suraj gets thinking. He gets the packet. He thinks Chakor has sent her parents to save my jacket and sent juice too, just Chakor can understand my pain.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji will beat me, don’t think to fight back, till when will you use will power, you need physical power. Suraj says I will have food for your sake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Liked this episode because of only sukor can. Some send the link of vivaan’s accident

  2. Janani9789

    sad when suraj things got sold for one rupee!!!but chakor plan is amazing!!!presence of mind+heart…wah!!! she only did this only for suraj happiness!!! nothing more to her than suraj happiness for her!!!…
    i felt very sad for suraj!!!vj!!expression are good!!
    kn and ragini are getting on my nerves!! want to smash on their face…i want suraj to do that…
    finally..they kasturi and bhuvan buy suraj jacket!!!..foolish kn and ragini!!! i like the way fooled that kn and ragini!!!…
    only suraj can understand chakor pain and chakor can understand suraj pain…no one else…
    anybody knows new spoilers means share it yaar!!!!.

  3. Itna torturer suarj ni seh raha ni hona jitna ajkl hm sukorians sah re hai… Ager iss torturer cell nma track k bd sukor love story daikhne ko na milli na tu draaame ko aag lga deni hai… Aj wese b udaan fb Pages pe Imraj ko phir akhta dekhya gya hai phle getup mai new jhatka kh k.. Ager aisi koi bkwaas hoi na tu drame ki ty ty fish hu jni hai…

  4. What are all these new pictures and spolierz can some1 please explain all of them im getting very confused

  5. poor suraj I felt very sorry for him per BhuKa n chakor ko maan na padega kya master plan banaya B&B ( baap n beti ) ko fool banane ke liye

    I think today z someone’s bday. here
    Happy Happy Happy bday dear
    many happy return of d day
    jitne star maine diya hai utni good wishes such lena

    1. Hi sia, can’t u chk hw many votes vj has gt when you vote

  6. Loving the track as sukor are getting closer and also painful as suraj is getting more weak day by day.Hatts off to chakor as her masterplan.She send her mother to buy suraj’s jacket and also fullfilled his thirst.Vj expression was awe.Ur welcm aanya. and guys I will definitely vote for vj .

  7. Great Love between chakor and suraj.

  8. Episode – 711
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 01 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Chakor thanks Kasturi for saving Sooraj’s jacket. Meanwhile, Vivaan tries his best to meet lawyers. Sooraj is shocked when he learns that Chakor is suffering from an injury.
    Episode – 712
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 02 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Ragini offers Vivaan some money to save himself. Later, when Bhaiyaji goes to meet Sooraj, the latter touches his feet. Chakor sympathises with him and vows to take revenge against Bhaiyaji.
    Episode – 713
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 03 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bhaiyaji announces that Sooraj needs to finish repairing and painting three wells by evening. Meanwhile, Vivaan learns that he
    cannot father a child.

  9. Sukors expression n support fr each other was amazing specially vj is portraying the character very well, he deserve to be best actor. Guys plz vote fr him.

    1. Done dear

  10. Gys precap mai jo deka vo chkor ka suraj ko kana kane k liye mnane ka trika hai na.sad n good planful epi.n jitne tumne *dale utna thnku dear tapa sory 4 late rply hmare yaha festivl hai.

  11. I’m very late to comment tat demon kn n his wicked witch daughter ragini r getting on my nerves how tat demon kicked suraj . I liked kasturi how she fooled them n gave a juice polythene to suraj bt I think suraj won’t be able to drink tat juice

    guys aaj ye page dead q hai sab ke sab kaha kho gaye ho

  12. hey siya please tell how to vote for vj

  13. reply fast please

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