Raglak TS VIVAH BANDHAN (Part-3) part b

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Hi friends I’m back with last shot of this vivah bandhan thank you so much for supporting this story till now it was short nd simple so i don’t want to drag it more else it will loose its essence hope u will enjoy this last shot too I’m giving it as a gift to raglak on their marriage in my best friend Astra’s story My married life so astra here is ur surprise nd here is the last shot…….


Present :

Ragya ( shaking ragini with her tiny hands ) : mumma…mumma…

Ragini comes out of her thoughts by the her daughter’s voice nd smiles at Ragya nd asks

Ragini : what happened Ragya ????
Ragya : mumma…I want to see my photos …I’m not there in this album

Ragini laughed at her daughter’s remark that she wasn’t there in her parents wedding album

Ragini : ok then wait …let me bring your album

By saying this ragini makes Ragya to sit properly on bed nd opens their cupboard nd bring the album of her pregnancy nd early days of her delivery with Ragya nd gives it to her nd again sits on bed nd sees Ragya how interestingly she is seeing the album of her pictures nd giggling to herself by seeing this ragini remembers her engagement,marriage nd moreover the wedding night the passion of that night could still sent shivers through ragini’s body even after 5 years of there wedding it was passionate,fierce yet gentle and unforgettable she still remembers her early married days,how she disclosed her pregnancy to laksh,her carvings,her delivery,their moment’s with Ragya nd now her second pregnancy

Flashback :

One day :
It was after 8 months of raglak marriage nd laksh is going for undercover operation but this time it’s for 3 months he was packing his bag nd ragini is sitting on bed nd seeing him packing

Laksh ( annoyingly ) : ragini where is my white coloured shirt??u know na it’s my favourite shirt
Ragini ( stammeringly ) : I…I don’t… know

By listening to Ragini’s stammered answer Laksh looks at her suspiciously nd again asks

Laksh ( with frowning ) : what is wrong ragini???
Ragini ( again stammeringly with fake smile ) : n..no… nothing…

Now laksh understoods that his shirt is with ragini but he wants to know y it is with her so goes to her nd sits beside her takes her hand in his hand nd smiles at her

Laksh : Ragini…what will you do with my shirt???will u wear it???as far as I know u even left wearing ur salwar suits after our marriage so what are you gonna do with my shirt??
Ragini ( shockingly ) : how do u know that I had ur shirt??
Laksh ( with smiling tucks her hair behind her hair ) : r u doubting ur ACP hubby’s observation skills??? for becoming an ACP we have to undergo so many tough trainings dear we can’t become an ACP so simply do you understand….

To this ragini cutely nodes her head like an obedient student by seeing this Laksh smiles

Laksh : now say …y have u taken my shirt???
Ragini ( shyly ) : woh…woh..in that white shirt…u will be more handsome
Laksh ( while rising his one eyebrow ) : so???
Ragini ( bending her head down ) : if any girl sees u in that fell for u??? then what will happen???Nd also u r going for an undercover operation na so u can’t even reveal that u r married so I don’t want anyone to have heartbreak
Laksh ( amusingly ) : so u r keeping my shirt with u???
Ragini : haa…not only that I have another reason too
Laksh ( while laughing ) : and what is that madam ???
Ragini : u r not staying here na so I want to keep it as ur remembrance as it was my favourite shirt of yours too
Laksh ( with lovingly ) : ok

By saying this he kisses her forehead nd hugs her for some time nd he gets up from there nd again continues to do his packing nd when he is done with packing he checks his gun nd bullets nd engrosses in checking

Ragini : suniyeh
Laksh ( still checking ) : haa ragini…say I’m listening
Ragini ( with hesitantly ) : u remember na after 3 months uttara’s engagement is there nd swara di’s due date will be then close to engagement date so Sanskar jiju won’t be able to manage this all alone himself so if possible try to come before engagement nd swara di’s delivery
I know for u ur duty comes first but as a brother uttara needs u nd our niece too wants his/her chachu to be there when he/she comes in this world

By listening this laksh stop’s his checking nd just sees her

Laksh ( point of view ) : u r so lucky to have her as ur wife lucky she always thinks about ur family as her own family she won’t even shows an slight difference between her own parents nd ur parents she just wants u to be part of ur family’s happiness and she wants everyone’s happiness I’m so blessed to have u in my life ragini I love you I really really love u so much

By seeing laksh in his own’s thought Ragini feels that her words hurt him nd feels bad

Ragini : suniyeh…

By saying this ragini gets up from bed nd reaches near him nd shakes his shoulder nd brings him back to world nd says

Ragini : I’m sorry…I know I shouldn’t have said that……

Her words were cut by Laksh’s hug she stands there confusingly but hugs him back

Laksh : thank you so much for coming in my life ragini…I will surely come back before bhabhi’s feeling uttara’s engagement from now i will give not only importance to my duty but to my family too
From now i will give both my duty nd family same importance.

Suddenly Laksh’s phone rings nd he attends it after attending his call he turns to ragini nd says

Laksh : ok ragini now I will go now take care nd love you …..

By saying this he hugs her one more time nd kisses her forehead

Ragini : u too take care of yourself nd be safe love you too

Later Laksh takes his luggage nd goes down informs to all about his departure nd goes from there

After 3 months As expected, the large living hall of there
mansion was totally filled with guests its rare that Maheshwari’s hold a party and whenever they do, its surely a success Dp,Ap nd Ram,sujata greeted the guests while uttara was busy with getting ready as she is the centre of the attraction that night swara is seated on a chair on ragsan instruction to not to take any stress and ragsan were busy with instructing the caterers and making sure, everything is perfect but nothing could stop Ragini to look at the entrance of the home from time to time….. as Laksh informed her morning that he was gonna attend the party directly as soon as he completes all the submission of his undercover operation as he said till now he should reach home but he is still not here……

she was feeling restless now her hands were curling into eachother as she silently prayed for his well being every pore of her body was wishing and hoping for his safe arrival and as if she was having a connection with the Above one, he appeared his warm smile was gracing his lips…… and that was the only thing that could provide sooth to her restless heart she said a silent thank you to God and turn her gaze back at him who was himself looking at her from afar her heart did a little dance….. feeling his gaze as he flashed a side looped smiled at her and she blushed but a frown took place on his forehead as he narrowed his eyes at her it’s something unusual in her appearance may be because as she wore an red coloured salwar suit ….. but she was looking cute in that salwar suit as it was with golden work nd her dupatta is neatly placed on her elegant shoulder before he could proceed to her, he was called by his father who was truly elated seeing his son back on correct time he shared warm hug with Dp,Ap,swasan and uttara

Laksh : maa, papa…i will just be
back after a quick change…

to which his parents
nodded as he approached Ragini who was busy talking to some guests he politely says “excuse me” to the ladies who wished him hi and went away perfectly knowing that he need to talk to ragini by seeing this ragini says

Ragini : your clothes are on the bed

she made an attempt to keep him away but as he was stubborn he says

Laksh : come with me

as if he didn’t listen, he entwined there fingers together and pulled her with himself towards there room ragini get in the room with a sigh as he closed the door behind themselves Laksh immediately asks her

Laksh : Why are you wearing salwar suit???as far as I know u quit wearing salwar suits na ??? Then in function how are you wearing the salwar suit??? nd what is d reason behind your glowing face??I know it’s definitely not by seeing me…I missed you so much Ragini

By saying this he quickly pulls her in an hug but immediately pulls aback frowning nd asks her

Laksh : Ragini y are looking chubby chubby???awww….in the meantime of missing me have u eat more???
Ragini ( irritatingly ) : suniyeh….first of all it’s my wish to wear salwar suit or sarees now I was in a mood to wear salwar suit so I wore it nd coming to second question what are you trying to say??? R u calling me fat???
Laksh ( confusingly ) : no… I’m just saying that u r looking cute
Ragini : I have to attend the guests…Your suit is right there on the bed…come out soon

she left the room
without giving him a glance He got out soon to see his wife receiving and serving the guests she truly hold the Maheshwari’s charms with herself ……..He thought with proud but he observed with time that she was on purpose staying away from him he wondered soon They both were pulled towards the stage for the ring ceremony soon they exchanged rings later……… Dp,Ap,swasan nd raglak gave their respective gifts to uttara nd her fiancée It was indeed a fun party for all of them than engagement ceremony as soon as all of the guests nd groom’s family left, Laksh slumped down on the sofa as there housekeepers clean the hall ragini was instructing them Dp,Ap,swasan nd uttara had already retired to there rooms.

Laksh : Ragini, lets go…I am so tired now

Laksh whined seeing Ragini still going around the hall,checking on everything.

Ragini : Why don’t you go and
take a shower first…I will be coming shortly

Ragini suggested and Laksh agreed the shower was surly a great idea as it refill his energy…….He was feeling so relaxed and strainfree after the warm bath and came out to see ragini standing infront of the mirror, taking out her bindi and attaching that to the mirror his life,his house even his room changed alot after there marriage now along with his, her things also need to be there on dinning, a chair of her was fixed
beside him in his room, her pillows are settled beside her her dresses are hanged beside his suits in the wardrobe her heels and sandals are
placed in shoe rack beside his shoes her scrub and cleanser is placed beside his shaving kit in bathroom her shampoo is placed beside his and God………. he loved the flowery intoxicated smell Ragini was unpinning her duppata when his hands came around her waist, making her gasp he nuzzled her neck slowly, tracing her long neck
with the tip of his nose, making her sigh in pleasure he missed her so
much in these last three months everynight,sleeping without her, not feeling her kisses in the morning, he missed all that so much he turns her around nd bends his head and is about to kiss her……

suddenly Ragini pushes him nd lays on bed showing her back to him Laksh was so confused about her behaviour nd he too comes nd lays on his side of the bed facing her by seeing him she turns her back facing him nd lays

Laksh : Ragini ……what happened??? Y r u not letting me to come close to u
Ragini : suniyeh i don’t want to talk with you
Laksh ( confusingly ) : but what had I done????

By saying this he keeps his hand around her waist nd pulls her closer so that her back is pressed against his broad chest he slowly roams his hands around her waist but suddenly he stops doing that nd turns her to face him nd asks

Laksh : Ragini why your belly is swelling???? Is everything ok…you checked with the doctor???

Ragini doesn’t understand what to answer as she was angry with him as he called her fat but she can’t even stay like this nd make him more worried for her seeing her not answer is question Laksh got more worried nd again asked

Laksh : will you say something now?

Ragini saw his worried face she felt so happy having such
a caring husband her eyes get teary she moved her hands up to trace his face Laksh got more tensed with her actions and moreover her
tears he again says

Laksh ( with worried ) : you are scaring me now

he said with a bated heart that make her concern she need
to say it now before he get more panicked still cupping his face, she brought him closer to her
face and whispered, looking deep into his eyes.

Ragini ( with a clear voice ) : suniyeh…we are gonna have a baby

Laksh heart stop for a
moment, before it worked in its normal condition a pool of warmth, love, affection and care run through his body he looked in her eyes
for confirmation and she nodded
his hand moved down to her belly and caressed it softly as Ragini caressed his hairs tears formed in his eyes and he slipped down to her waist he put his ear with her tummy as if to hear something.

Laksh ( with requesting ) : say it again ragini…with my name in it now
Ragini : we are having a baby Laksh…your baby, my
baby…our going to be first born

Laksh looked up at her with a wide smile she rarely call him
by his name Laksh always have to force her but in these moments of them, he felt so good when
she take his names he kissed her tummy before he moved up to kiss her insanely his lips met hers again and again this feeling that she
is his and this baby is a proof of there togetherness give him a new kind of happiness

Laksh : i love you Ragini…i love you so much

he said after breaking the kiss and looking at her intently.

Ragini : i love you too

Ragini said as Laksh slumped beside her, pulling her close to himself while hugging nd both goes to sleep with an satisfied smile

After 3 months :

One night in raglak bedroom :

Ragini : Suniyeh ……..

Ragini poked her husband in the shoulder…… but no response

Ragini ( again ) : suniyeh…

She tried again…but no response

Ragini ( whining ) : Laksh…..

Ragini’s voice woke him from his peaceful slumber….he opened his eyes slowly still trying to understand exactly what was happening the room was all dark…the curtains shut nd a single lamp on the bedside illuminated the place poorly….. thanks to that lamp…he was unable to see the reason to his wake up…. Ragini was at his side…. shaking him…. brushing her hand away he sank deeper into the covers enjoying the warmth of the fluffy quilt…..

Ragini : please get up….

Ragini still shaking him

Laksh : what Ragini ???…

Laksh still mumbled in his half sleep…

Ragini : I’m hungry……
Laksh : then eat something na …why are u waking me up???…

By saying this he again buried his face into the soft pillow… Ragini pouted….she knew he was tired nd just slept before 1 or 2 hours ago nd busy in handling an serious case so that he can take off during her delivery but a pregnant woman’s carvings were a hell lot more important than one man’s rest

Ragini : suniyeh…..wake up…wake up…wake up…

She said again shaking him Laksh Instantly sat on the bed as finally the words registered him which were asking him to wake up…Nd he grabbed her hands in part to make her stop shaking him nd partially to calm her down…he looked at d watch near their bed… it was nearly 3am

Laksh ( while rubbing his eyes ) : what happened ragini…y r u waking me up????…r u alright???… anything wrong with baby???…

Laksh asked Ragini worriedly…. Ragini touched her belly instinctively but nodded in disagreement before Laksh panicks without reason….

 Ragini ( with pouting ) : baby is alright…no need to worry….but I’m hungry…
Laksh : then say what do u want to eat ????…I will bring it from kitchen
Ragini ( with pouting nd caressing her belly ) : no… u can’t bring it from kitchen
Laksh ( confusingly ) : y???
Ragini ( casually leaning back to the headboard while adjusting the pillows ): because it’s not their in kitchen
Laksh ( irritatingly ) : what is not there in kitchen ????..
Ragini ( by counting her fingers ) : Mc’donalds chicken nuggets,some chilli cheese fries nd a cool strawberry milkshake….

She finishes saying her list making his eyes widened in surprise…….

Laksh ( in surprise ) : so madam what do u want me to do???

Ragini looked towards d door… Laksh sighed…this was not something that he was not looking forward about Ragini’s pregnancy he shakes his head in denial by seeing him denying Ragini shakes her head indicating door with puppy eyes… Laksh scratches his head in confusion he is highly tired in solving in big case which resulted him now a days so less sleep nd even today he just slept before 1 or 2 hours ago nd ragini is giving him such a sad face it was impossible for him to say no to her nd like in the cherry on top of cake ragini says

Ragini : Laksh…plz….

She said again nd now this time with his name now it was highly impossible for him to say no to her

Laksh ( unwillingly ) : ok..ok…I’m going

he said making her smile in happiness he got out of d bed… dragging his feet across the floor towards the cupboard trying his best to stay awake…he is still in his best nd track pants he quickly slipped his T-shirt over his head…. letting out an sigh as he closed their bedroom door behind him ensuring that he had his wallet,cell phone,gun nd his keys….he made his way downstairs towards the front door Ragini is sitting in the hall waiting for laksh….he was gone for more than an hour now nd Ragini was getting anxious due to waiting….

Ragini ( caressing her belly ) : where is ur papa ?..

As if to answer her Laksh enterd the house.. Ragini getting up rushed to him hugging him fiercely

Ragini ( with tears in her eyes ) : y did u take this much time to come????…do u know how much I had worried for u???

Laksh smiled shaking his head by seeing her emotional state…damn her hormones

Laksh ( by hugging her back ) : hey…. relax Ragini….I’m fine…see what had I bring for u

By saying this he entangles from her nd kisses her forehead
Ragini’s eyes sparkled when she saw what her husband was holding….she didn’t waste a second to grab the bag..she took the nuggets box out of the bag nd opened…her mouth watered just by seeing it Laksh made her to sit on dining table nd he walked towards sofa nd sits he watches her eating with smile..

Ragini : suniyeh..u r the best…I love you….

She said happily filling her mouth with fries….by listening this laksh laughs whole heartedly nd comes to her nd sits besides her

Laksh : anything for u nd my little world

By saying this Laksh places his hand on ragini’s stomach nd kisses her head lightly…

After 2 months :

It was morning :

In hall Dp nd Rp was reading paper nd beside him swasan were sitting with their baby nd playing Ap nd sujata were arranging plates for breakfast nd Laksh comes down in his uniform nd is about to go but Ap stops him

Ap : Laksh…eat ur breakfast nd go beta
Laksh : no maa…I should go early today I’m having an important meeting regarding some criminals as from next week I’m taking off I should reach soon
Ap : ok…but eat later nd where is ragini ???
Laksh ( while smiling ) : she is sleeping maa… yesterday night she was awake for so long by seeing her favourite hero Aaditya Rai Kapoor movie so she is still sleeping
Ap ( with smile ) : it’s ok…let her take rest…it is impo……

Before she complete her sentence everyone hear an loud noise like something broken…… from upstairs nd without wasting a second all rushed upstairs nd Laksh reaches their room nd sees Ragini moaning in pain nd at the edge of the bed….. Laksh immediately rushes to her nd picks up her in his arms nd sanskar brings car nd Laksh place’s her in car all reaches in hospital nd ragini is taken inside….

After 5 hours :

Laksh marches in the corridor of OT nd all are sitting there nd listening to Ragini’s cries by listening to her each cry Laksh feels like an stab in his heart …..Atlast they all hears ragini’s last cry nd a baby’s cry nd all gets happy nd sanskar hugs Laksh nd congratulates him…doctor comes out nd gives a baby neatly wrapped in an white cloth to Laksh nd congratulates him saying that it’s a baby girl……. all sees the baby nd laksh asks about Ragini …
Doctor informs that after sometime they will change her to special ward… after sometime all leaves the new born with parents to give them privacy Ragini is still under medicinal effect nd she is unconscious…..Laksh carried their baby by sitting on a chair near ragini’s bed nd seeing his daughter nd wife simultaneously …. After sometime ragini gains her conscious nd sees the beautiful sight which she has never seen in her life till now …….Laksh holding their daughter in his hands she just captures that wonderful sight in her heart……. by seeing her fingers moment’s Laksh sees her awake nd makes baby lay on cradle nd comes to her nd helps her to sit nd brings their daughter to her…. by seeing their daughter tears form in ragini’s eyes nd she slowly caresses their daughter’s face with motherly love nd looks nd laksh

Ragini ( with teary eyes ) : suniyeh…our baby….she is so cute …love you so much
Laksh ( with smile ) : love you too..Nd thanq so much for this wonderful gift

Laksh says by caressing their daughter’s head nd wraps an arm around Ragini nd secures both angels in his arms…

After one month :

Laksh opened his sleepy eyes when he heard the muffled cry of his baby…he got up quietly nd went near the cradle there she was pushing not so comfortable blanket off her & when she failed she cried to crab the attention of her parents….he gently made her come out of that blanket nd pulled her up in his arms she smiled nd cuddled close to her papa he kissed her small forehead nd whisperd

Laksh : shhhh…shhh…be a gud girl ur mamma just slept 1 hour back….

his daughter is so understanding she stopped crying immediately nd looked at her pap with her tiny eyes she grasped his finger in her tiny palm nd Laksh couldn’t take his finger out of her tiny yet confident grip…..confident of d fact that now her Papa won’t go away from her Laksh took her with him to their bed he lie on his back nd pulled her on him she curled his shirt in her tiny gist nd fell asleep he kissed her forehead nd patted her back…….she is completely an papa’s girl nd that is how Ragini finds both the father nd daughter duo in early morning as Ragya cuddling to Laksh

After 2 months :

Now Ragya is of 3 months he was working in his station when ragini messaged him to be on Skype he smiled knowing d reason….as expected his daughter was sitting in her mother’s arm pouting… accusing him with her tiny eyes for leaving her like that Laksh was in awe of his baby girl….

Laksh : r u angry with papa Ragya???but what can I do ur mom pushed me to go…….

Laksh pouted and his daughter instantly looked up at her mom showing anger Ragini sighed nd kisses her cheek but she turned her face away

Ragini ( with chuckling ) : Papa ki chachu…..

Laksh proudly pulled his collars up after some chitchat he turned offline he smiled when he saw their photo on his desk it’s his daughter nd wife’s photo he picked it up nd caressed ragini’s face he still don’t know what he has done to get her in his life

After 3 Years :

Ragya started to go to play school now it was an Sunday nd Ragya is running in hall ragini is running behind her holding milk glass nd now Ragya goes to raglak room nd hides herself on the back of Laksh’s legs who is standing there nd checking his file when he sees Ragya he immediately picks her up in his arms nd asks her

Laksh ( with smile ) : what happened Ragya???

Suddenly he hears ragini’s shouting

Ragini : Ragya where r u come nd drink ur milk

Now Laksh understands y his naughty daughter is making his wife angry it was because of milk even he too hates milk his daughter is same copy of him with habits,nature,intelligent nd got beauty of her mother ragini comes there nd sees Ragya in laksh’s arms

Ragini ( with anger ) : suniyeh now u don’t take her side nd make her drink this milk

Ragini told to Laksh nd gave him don’t act smart look nd sits on bed by seeing his angry wife’s mood not well Laksh thinks to obey his wife’s words so he drops ragya down nd sits besides Ragini nd makes Ragya to sit on his lap

Laksh : Ragya ….my princess please drink milk
Ragya ( with naughty smile ) : no Papa
Laksh : Ragya do u want to become strong like ur papa or not ???
Ragya : I want
Laksh : u want na so drink this milk nd don’t make mumma angry princess

Listening to laksh’s words Ragya immediately obeys her papa’s words nd drinks the milk by seeing this Laksh feels happy nd sees at Ragini who is having tears in his eyes nd he gets confuse nd asks ragya to go nd play ns turns towards ragini worriedly

Laksh : what happened Ragini???y r u crying???..
Ragini ( with tears ) : I remembered my papa if he is alive even he treats me like this but I’m so unlucky papa died when sumi maa is pregnant with me I never got my papa’s love

By listening to this Laksh immediately wraps her in his arms nd consoled her after when he is alright he entangles from ragini nd asks her

Laksh ( confusingly ) : Ragini a moment ago u r so angry now u r so emotional y is ur mood swinging for a moment I thought u r pregnant
Ragini ( furiously ) : what do u mean by doubt??don’t u have faith on ur ability???

Ragini furiously gets up from bed nd starts to go but Laksh immediately caught her wrist nd stops her

Laksh ( confusingly ) : what do u mean by that???
Ragini ( sarcastically ) : y??what’s wrong I say???u r an ACP don’t u understand anything??if u work like this how can u society from criminals???
Laksh ( with little anger ) : hey don’t say anything about my duty
Ragini ( with fake smile ) : then what should I say???
Laksh ( with annoyingly ) : ragini seriously…u r acting as an interrogation officer
Ragini ( with smirking ) : I’m wife of ACP Laksh Maheshwari na something I should learn na
Laksh ( irritatingly ) : Ragini..don’take me more confused nd say clearly r u pregnant???
Ragini ( with smile ) : i’m saying it from ages but u r not understanding then what can I say???
Laksh ( with wide smile ) : r u serious???
Ragini ( with blushing ) : yes I’m pregnant of 1 nd half month

Ragini hugs Laksh by saying this nd he too happily hugs her back nd kisses her hair

Present :

Laksh stands at door nd observes his both angels nd he comes to them by seeing his Ragya immediately tried herself in laksh’s arm nd ragini just gives him an smile

Laksh ( with smile ) : what happened Mrs.Maheshwari what r u thinking????
Ragini ( with small smile ) : nothing just remembering our beautiful journey thank you so much for coming in my life I love you Laksh…..
Laksh : I love you too
Ragya : mumma papa even I love u both
Raglak ( with smile ) : we love u too
Ragini ( suddenly ) : ouch….
Laksh ( with smirking ) : so someone is feeling jealousy
Ragini ( while caressing her tummy ) : stop it we love u too baby
Ragya ( by keeping her tiny hands on ragini’s tummy ) : even I love u baby
Laksh ( by hugging them both ) : even I love u baby infact we all love u baby
Ragya ( with enthusiasm ) : papa its selfie time
Raglak ( with smile ) : s…

Laksh makes Ragya sits on his lap nd hugs ragini by side while ragini keeps her one hand on her tummy nd one hand on Ragya like this raglak,ragya nd new one takes an selfie

So here is the end of this TS VIVAH BANDHAN…how is it??did u like this??? please do comment saying how did u feel about this TS nd give rating for 10…I will be eagerly waiting to see ur response hope u enjoyed this story …
If any one missed the previous shots here is the link : https://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Raglak+ff+vivah+bandhan

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