Raglak ff: She is my wife (part 16)

After the function, at night, in Raglak’s room,
Ragini had changed into her simple saree with floral blouse. She was standing infront if the mirror and applying her cream. At that time, suddenly the power was cut. So the room is covered by darkness. Ragini feared looking at the darkness. At that time she heard the opening sound of bathroom door. Laksh comes out and finds that current failure also Ragini’s fear of darkness. He smirked and took his mobile and switched on the torch. He moved towards a drawer and took a candle and matchbox. He lightened the candle while singing
Veesum Velichathilae Thugalai Naan Varuvaen
Paesum Vennilavae Unakae Olitharuvaen
(I will come
as a tiny particle in light
Hey talking moon,
I’ll give you the brightness) He slowly walks towards the dressing table while looking at Ragini through mirror who was staring with amazed expression.
Ada Adadadada Ooho

Her expression made him smirk.
Ada Adadadada Ooho
He kept the candle on the dressing table and raised his eyebrows in ‘what’. Ragini quickly looked away and continued applying the cream. Laksh admires it.
Nun Silai Seithidum Pon Silayae
Pen Silai Seevidum Pen Silayae
En Nilai Kojam Nee Paarpaya
(you’re golden statue carving perfect statue
you’re a women statue sharpening pencil
Can you see my condition a little?)
Laksh keeps his chin on his hand and shows a puppy face to her. Ragini glares at him.
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Laksh immediately gave her his best smile while singing. Ada Adadadada Ooho
Ragini moves from there and stands near balcony door looking at the sky showing that she was not interested in his song but deep inside her heart, she was enjoying.
Orumurai Paarpaya Iruthaya Paechai Kaetpaya
Marumurai Paarpaya Vizhigalil Kaathal Solvaya
(Will you see once
Will you listen my hearts speech
Will you see once again
Will you tell love in eyes)
Laksh tries to see her face but Ragini does not show him and walks towards the bed while Laksh was looking at her with longing eyes.
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Ragini saw him through her corner of the eyes but Laksh found it and gave her a big smile.
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Ragini immediately turns away and arranged the bed, while Laksh was circling the bed jumping like a monkey. Ragini was trying to control her laugh. He stands on his side of the bed and continues to sing…
Un Bhootha Kanadi Thaevai Illai

En Kaathal Nee Paarka Kan Pothumae
Muthangal Thazhuvalagal Thaevai Illai
Nee Paarkum Nimidangal Athu Pothumae
(Your spectacles is not needed
Your eye is enough to see my love
Touching n kissing not required
Moments you see is enough)
He was asking her to see him once through his hand movements. But Ragini ignored it.
Koabam Aekam Kaamam Vetkam Aedho Ondril Paaradi

(Angry, longing, lust, shyness
See me in any one way)
He jumped on the bed and sat on his knees with folded hands asking Ragini to see him with any of those expressions. But Ragini gave him an expressionless face and turned to other side.
Orumurai Paarpaya Iruthaya Paechai Kaetpaya
Marumurai Paarpaya Vizhigalil Kaathal Solvaya
(Will you see once
Will you listen my hearts speech
Will you see once again
Will you tell love in eyes)
Laksh looked at Ragini with all his love for her, but she simply ignored him and slept on her side of bed.
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Laksh still looked at her without changing his position.
Ada Adadadada Ooho
He slowly moved towards his side and closed his eyes capturing the full image of Ragini in his brain and slept.
Next morning,
Laksh opened his eyes and found his ladylove cuddling and sleeping on him. He felt very happy because after many days he found her sleeping very peacefully also hugging him. So he doesn’t want to ruin the moment also because Laksh Maheshwari doesn’t miss any opportunities to romance with his wife. He hugged her by her waist and pulled her into his complete embrace. He lazily ran his fingers in her hair while patting slowly on her shoulder with closed eyes enjoying this moment. But it didn’t last for much long time because his angry bird had woke up and found her position of sleeping. She immediately gets out of his embrace and glared at him. In turn Laksh gave her an intense gaze which made Ragini little bit blush and uncomfortable. She masked it by her angry face.
Ragini (in a rude tone): What r u doing?
Laksh (sat in half lying position with a smirk on his face): Cuddling and patting my sweet heart. Is there any problem for u? I mean r u jealous my angry bird??
Saying this he pulled her nose with a sweet smile. Ragini looked at him as though he was an alien from mars! She immediately pushed his hand.

Ragini (in a dangerous tone): Don’t dare to touch me again.
But it didn’t work on Laksh. He give a naughty smile and asked: What if I touch?
Ragini (getting irritated): I will bite u.
Laksh’s eyes were like the globe. He didn’t expect this answer. Seeing his reaction Ragini gave a victory smile and rushed to bathroom.
After a while, Laksh was standing before the mirror and combing his hair. He found Ragini entering the room with coffee for him. He smirked thinking something. Ragini was about to keep it on night stand but Laksh asked her give it to him. She glared at him and went near him while murmuring something inside her mouth. She forwarded the cup. Laksh held her wrist with his right hand and took the cup with his left hand leaving a shocked and surprised Ragini. Ragini was about to yell but Laksh come forward.
Laksh (in a husky voice): What did u say?
Ragini (little nervous due to the closeness and his husky tone, tried to be unaffected but at result her voice came as a whisper): What did I say?
Laksh (smirked hearing her whisper): When u ran before bathroom?
Ragini (get to know what he meant but acted like she doesn’t know): Mmmm…I don’t know. What did I said?
Laksh (giving an ‘I know u baby’ look): U will bite me!! (He raised his eyebrow which made Ragini gulp and tried to escape from him but his hold on her wrist was stronger than her strength. He leaned towards her ear and in his husky voice) U can bite me wherever u wants, like me on u.
Ragini’s cheek became red in embarrassment. She immediately pushed Laksh with all her energy and ran out from the room leaving a loudly laughing Laksh looking at the state of Ragini.
At dining table,
Everyone were having their breakfast, Ragini was making Mishka ready for school and also silently looking at Laksh at the corner of her eyes, while Laksh was busy in stealing glances of Ragini. He liked to have a cute fight with her. So he intentionally called Ragini and asked her to pass a curry to him. She glared at him and asked Swara to pass it but Swara who was noticing them from morning understood Laksh…no Lucky’s plan. So she gave a lame excuse and asked Ragini to give it to Laksh. Ragini twisted her lips and stamped her foot on floor and made her way to Laksh who was already admiring her actions and had a smirk on his face. She put it on his plate and was about to move but Laksh held her wrist. Ragini became irritated and turned to look at Laksh who was having his mouth wide open and signaling her to feel him. Ragini was trying to be cool because she doesn’t want to make others feel bad at morning itself by shouting or fighting with Laksh. So she took a piece of his chapatti and curry and fed him. She smirked at him when she found him grinding it. Laksh gave a confused look seeing Ragini’s smirk later his face turned pink and eyes teary and mouth slowed down the process of grinding (His curry is spicy). He was about to take water but Ragini stopped.

Ragini (in an extra sweet voice): U should not drink water in middle of food, Laksh. Be a good boy and complete it then drink water.
Laksh looked at her with shocked face (in mind): Jungli billi!!
Ragini getting his thoughts (in mind): Tit for tat jaan!!
He looked at others and found that all were enjoying the curry and they all had a normal face but with so much admiration on that curry. Laksh get that only his curry is spicy.
Laksh with a pouted face (in mind): This is too much angry bird!!
Ragini smirked looking at his reaction (in mind): Everything is fair in love and war!!
She showed him her tongue without anyone’s notice, in turn Laksh gave an ‘I will deal this later’ look.

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