Love ka hai intazaar twinj shots by kiya 5 episode

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Episode 5

Hello everyone howz all ..
I m posting this episode for all u and
Specially my for My(Raj)?????sameera…

Episode start continue..,,,
Twinj room
They both looked at little boy…he went to the twinkle and hugged her legs..
B: mamma
Twinkle sat down and hugged him
T: Ansh mera bacha…..kesha hai …
An: gud mamma… mamma aap keshe ho
T: mamma bhi gud…aap kab aaye mamma ko inform bhi nhi kiya
An: offo mamma sorry ?
She smiled and it’s ok my baby u know mamma miss u so much…Ansh said me too mamma….
(Ansh kunj sarna son of Twinj and 3year old) pic!!0-item_pic.jpg&
Kunj was still standing here and went toward Ansh took him in his arms.
K: hi Ansh
An:hi buddy and kissed him on cheeks. Kunj also did same with him…
T: Kunj go and change ur dress..
K: hmm I m coming Ansh in 2 mins
An: okk come fast…
Kunj went in washroom…

Twinkle sat with ansh on bed they both talking with each other
After Kunj come out of washroom and went to them and sat with them on bed…
K: aur mere hero ne kya kya kiya Mumbai me ….
An: full masti….aap ko pata hai papa nani ke saath mazaya .. twinj smiled and they both kissed on cheeks..
An: aap kha the…papa mamma
T: nani ke ghar par…
An: massi kha hai .
T: massi aapne ghar par hai ….
Chalo bas ansh ab aap soh jao bhut late hogay hai … ok mamma
They lay down on the bed . Ansh is sleeping in middle of the bed and twinj was sleep biside him..twinkle was try to make him sleep . But Ansh was playing with kunj hands he too…

T :Ansh plz don’t do this stop this and sleep and plz u to ..kunj
K: mene kya kiya..
T: kuch ….nhi
Twinkle take Ansh closed to her .he hugged twinkle while she was rubbing his hair soon he slept.. and she pecked on his forehead.. they both sleep….

In morning
[email protected]
Twinkel woke up and looked at on Ansh and Kunj faces they both were sleeping peacefully.
T: dono baap bete pure ek jeshe lagte hai
Same to same…..she kissed on ansh cheek and went to kunj and try to kiss him just then she stopped…and realised what was she going to do…tears comes from her eyes she wiped his tears and goes to washroom after sometime later she comes out of washroom and went to Ansh ..

T: Ansh plz uto subh ho gai hai ….
An: mamma sohne do na plz ….
T: nhi ansh aap school ke liye late horhe ho plz now get up fast my baby
He wakes up but not fully his eyes was still closed . Twinkle took him in her arms and went to the washroom…
In washroom….
Twinkle took off his clothes and make him stands under the shower ? and giving him ? bath
An:mamma aaaahhh..
T: chup chap haa koi rona dona nhi samja Ansh…..
After bath ? ….
Twinkle making him ready for school …
Kunj also wake up and get freshen up…
And they went downstairs….

@ hall
Everyone were sitting and having their breakfast….
Twinkle give a milk of glass ? to ansh .
He deny…
T: no excuses Ansh…
He was making faces while drinking a milk..
After that Ansh left for school …
Kunj went for office…..
Twinkle asked to bebe about maya and anant where they are …
B: are puttar woh na anant puttar aur maya ko kuch kaam ta toh woh subhe jaldi chalegay te……


She went in kitchen and doing her works
And thinking about (someone)while she was just smiling….???….

Just then bebe came in kitchen and tell her that kunj was forgot office his files…and
He just called me and tell me to inform you

T:ok bebe I will call him……
She went upstairs and goes in her room …
Twinkle phone was rang ..
T: o babaji i m sure yeh sadu sarna ka hi call hai …..she fell scared what to do now .
She picked phone ? while picking a call her hands was shiver. Finally she picked the call .
Kunj was talking with her in loud voice ….
T: why are you shouting on me
K: chila hu nhi to kya karu..ha me tumhe kab se call kar rha hu ….
T: me niche ti aur phone upar room me tha
Aur file tum bhul ke gay ghar par meri kya galti iss me …..and tell me kha hai file tumari….aur tum kishi ko bhej do file lene ke liye
K: mere pass koi nhi hai tum hi office leke aao file samji…and he cut the call…

T: apne aap ko samja ta kya hai jab dekho
… she were finding the file after sometime later she found the file..
Uff finally mil hi gai sadu ki ..,,,File

She left for office….,,
Twinkle went inside in office.she went to the receptionist and asked her where is Kunj she tell her . In his cabin ..
T: ok thanks..
R: ?
Twinkle entered in Kunj cabin..but she couldn’t found him in the cabin .
Unfortunately she founded Alisha in his cabin….and she get angry ? to saw Alisha…….both looked at each other..
Twinkle went to her .
T: tum yeha kya kar rhi ho
Aalish: for your kind information twinkle I m working here…
T: I know this tell me something new ..what are you doing here in kunj cabin…
Aalish: you have any problem…
T: yes I have …yeh mere pati ka cabin hai
Alisha laughed on pati ..word
T: don’t laugh.. mene koi jok nhi bola..
Alisha: hmm jok hi bola tum ne ……….
pati woh bhi kunj tumhara….really twinkle…..
Kabhi kabhi toh mujhy hasi aati hai tum hare upar…..
Twinkle just listening her words because she knows what ever she tells to her it’s absolutely right……just then Kunj and yuvi entered in cabin they both looked at them..goes to them.
Y: hi saali shahiba ….smiled
T: hi ….. just looking at kunj and Alisha…..
(Yuvi think aaj toh lagta hai maha war hone wala hai … beta Kunj tu to gaya …somewhere felling sad ? for twinkle…..)
K: twinkle file kha hai ..
She give him….
Y: okk guys I m going…lets go Alisha..
Give them some privacy …and he laughed slightly…Alisha get angry….hmm yah yuvi..and They left…..
Twinkle was continually looks on Kunj face
K: what …
T: nothing
K: aeshe kyu dekh rhi ho …
T: remember one thing of my kunj…
Jo tum mere saath kar rhe ho na woh bhil kul bhi acha nhi kar rhe ..
K: ab mene kya kiya …..why u always blaming me ha…
T: don’t be act so innocent in fornt of me Kunj .. you knows everything what I m talking about….
K: why would i …..
T: kyu na tum aapna shara kam apni us Alisha se kyu nhi karate ho.. uff sorry us Alisha nhi tumhari Alisha se . I m right kunj…he goes close to her … and pecked on twinkle forehead….she was that moment and looks at him …..
K: what are you saying twinkle… hmm Alisha….kya meri na (both looking in each other eyes… … )yes she is mine now u r happy. Tears coming from her eyes .
T: toh phir me kon hu tumari kunj answer me . Haa . He wiping her tears ?.
Tum he Sab ka pyaar dikhata hai Phar mera kyu nhi kunj….huu tumhe toh pyaar ka matlab hi nhi pata hai …just then yuvi comes inside..
Y: hoo sorry tumlogo ka romance disturbed karne ke liye …
T: tu kyu sorry bol rha hai yuvi
Aur romance hhaa ???woh bhi humare beach me and looked at him…
Yeh baath tab bolna jab Kunj aur uski Alisha romance karne…..while she cries ….
yuvi went toward twinj and stands beside twinkle… yeh kya bol rhi hai tu twinkle…
T: sach hi toh bol rhi hu …. pucho aapne bhai aur dost se … yeh sawaal…tu ..abhi abhi us ne hi kha hai Alisha uski hai…..
Yuvi get shocked ?…kunj look at her….
T: ab kya hua kunj itne shock kyu ho…..
He clutched twinkle hand …
Y: kunj chod us ka haat pagal hai tu kya kar rha hai tu……
K: plz yuvi tu yeha se ja….don’t involve in this .
T: kyu ab kya ….he pinch her hand tightly
Haaa kunj….
Yuvi hold kunj hand ..said him leave her hand kunj….he leave her hand..
yuvi: twinkle tu ja yeha se plz … twinkle left from there……
Y: r u gone kunj….
K: shut up plz leave me alone…..
Y: ok fine I will go… but r u seriously ? kunj tune yeh bola us ko …that …Alisha
Is mine ..ha
K: yes bola ab bol kya kar lega.tu or woh..
Y: us ko kitna bhura laga hoga tune yeh kabhi socha hai
K: I don’t care about her …
Y: gud u know kunj one thing about u ..
U R selfie man…. whenever u want her u can used her and suddenly u throw her …
He left……
Continue ……
Plz ignore any grammatical errors ???

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  1. Nishuu

    Awesome episode kiya
    Loved it
    Feeling sad for twinkle
    This kunj na i hate him

  2. SidMin23

    Why kunj is doing this to twinkle she is his wife and this Alisha ??? I just want to kill her hope soon kunj to remove twinkle then used her. Post soon and twinj have baby but still he only used her.

  3. Amazing
    Feeling bad for twi
    Post soon

  4. Ayesha51

    awsm amzng epi yaara kiya
    the ff is going too interesting

    felt bad for twinkle

    hate that kunisha

    nice uv = very supportive

    plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP kiya

    plz Can’t wait to read the next

    I’m hell desperate


    love u a lot ♡♡♡

  5. Amazinggg…
    Hste as kidhar nd kunj yoo…
    Felt bad for twinkle
    Loved it
    Post soon
    Love u

  6. Amazing
    Post soon

  7. Sameera

    Hehe thnxxx Simran …
    Well it was lovely … fantabulous
    Hate this kunj ????…still but love him too …
    Post soon ✌✌✌✌

    1. Kiya1234

      Welcome raj ???❤️

  8. wow yr superb !kya likha h
    plz post asap
    I want to read more plzzzzzzzz
    luv u
    jldi se post krna

  9. Fabulous ☺️… Plz post soon.

  10. Twinj2000

    Twinj’s baby ?
    N still he behaves like this
    So mean
    But he was wiping her tears
    Maybe he is doing this for some reason
    But still feeling bad for twinkle n getting angry on kunjs behaviour
    But nice episode
    Post soon

  11. Damn emotional I just thought once to kill kunj any ways post the nxt soon please

  12. Awesome episode
    Post soon

  13. Superb episode kiya
    Yrr ye kunj aesa kyu kr raha h twinkle ke saath iss suspence ko bhi khol do plZzzzzzzzzz sweety
    I hate this kunj
    Bechari twinkle
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxzzzzzzzzz post soon
    Luv u

  14. Vibhu

    oh .. I am slightly confused now .. twinj have a child .. lyk seriously .. why is kunj so rude to Twinkle & then the
    last line of Yuvi .. Pta nahi kya suspense hai
    Anyways post soon dear

  15. Cheena2001Cp

    Kiyaaaa!!!! Tumne mujhe crazy hi Kar Diya!!!?? I mean shocks pe shocks! Kunj ko peetne ka man Kar raha Hai!!……Ek taraf gharwaali aur dosri taraf woh chipku chudail……
    Must say, your getting better and better at this!

  16. Awesome Amazing
    Hate that kunj
    Usse Twinkle ki parwah nahi
    But amazing
    Love you keep smiling

  17. Anusha

    Awesome yar
    hate kunj
    feeling bad for twinkle
    he doesn’t care for twinkle
    post soon next part

  18. Simiyy

    Amazing episode
    hate this is Kunj
    feel really sad for Twinkle
    Please post soon
    Loads of Love

  19. Lama

    Kiya meri jaan…awesome episode…u just nailed it…i loved it toooooo much…i m sorry yr…i was not able to comment on the last episode…i was kinda busy….pr yaar itna dard kyu h is ff m…plz make everything normal….plz plz plz…luv u

  20. nice epi

  21. Baby

    kiya babes srsly luvd it ♥
    it made me cry like srsly m crying sooooooo mch ♥
    loved it ♥
    love u lods ♥
    twinj hv a baby god ab toh or confusion hai ♥

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