RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 37

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Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini

Next morning..
Laksh was gone for his daily morning excercise.. Ragini was sitting on floor on her side.. Placing her head and hands on bed.. Lifeless..helpless.. Her clothes were torn at places..and there were marks of his nail scratches on her arms and back.. Teary stunned eyes..she then got up and tried to walk but she got disbalanced holding the lower part of her belly.. It was paining her so badly.. She couldn't even walk properly.. And then she somehow reached the cupboard And took clothes from the cupboard.. Then she went into the washroom..she stood under the shower… And ran water from it.. And tears fell down from her eyes…she sat down on the floor under the running water and she cried sitting on floor… After sometime.. She came out of the washroom.. Wearing a sky blue coloured lehenga with dark pink blouse..She stood infont of the mirror.. But couldn't look up at herself….she Laksh had made her life a curse on herself.. and then she gathered some courage to look at herslef in mirror..and she looked up.. So many emotions were there in her eyes.. Her helplessness..broken heart.. Anger..frustration.. And she burst into tears.. Her eyes fell on his bite marks on her neck and deep neck..and she covered them with her duppatta crying like that.. Then her eyes fell on her sindoor box.. She hesitatingly moved her hand ahead.. But then she made a fist of her hand and took it back.. She stepped back just then she bumped with something so hard and she looked up in mirror with her teary eyes..It was laksh behind her.. Angrily looking at her in mirror… She got her teary eyes bigger.. He then took up the box and took a pinch of sindoor from it..in the same way he did before.. And filled her centre parting… She closed her crying eyes.. Her tears rolled down.. Then she was about to move from there without looking up..laksh held her in his arms.. And she cried..

Ragini: (crying in pain) Aahhh…

Laksh stopped… She didn't look up and was crying… He moved her hair aside from her back and saw his nails scratches on her back.. laksh closed his eyes for a while.. But then opened them in anger and held her again closer to him in his arms tightly.. She hissed But he didn't bother and brought his face closer to hers nuzzling her neck and kissed on her cheek.. He then losened his grip and held her again from the other side.. And she cried again..closing her eyes tightly… And he kissed on her neck from behind..feeling her… Then he turned her back in his arms.. And she was crying..without looking up..

Laksh: It pains wen i touch na??u dont feel gud na?but now get habitual to dis touch…

Then he left her pushing her a bit.. He took out his clothes from cupboard and went into the washroom..and she was stood crying…

Then after sometime..
Ragini was sitting on her bed.. Keeping her head on her folded knees.. Lost with teary eyes.. And then Laksh (pinkish orange shirt-black pant- black blazer) entered into the room with a tray of breakfast in his hands.. Ragini looked at him and he came to her looking at her a bit angrily.. And she removed her eyes.. He came to her and sat down.. Keeping the tray infront of her.. She looked at it but removed her eyes that got filled with tears and she was about to burst into tears but she somehow controlled herself.. Laksh was looking at her.. And then he removed his angry eyes and made a chunk of food for her.. He took it to her mouth..

Laksh: Ragini eat dis..

Ragini looked at it.. Then at laksh.. He had anger in his eyes and then she removed her eyes being irritated.. Laksh grinded his teeth..

Laksh: Ragini.. dint u hear me? (Held her face within his another hand putting that into her mouth) eat dis…

Ragini's tears rolled down and she ate that… Laksh nodded in no in disbelief..ragini tried to to chew but it was hard as she was crying.. And then laksh brought another chunk to her mouth.. She opened her mouth while crying and ate that too… And now he took the third bite to her mouth but she couldn't tolerate anymore..she got up from bed and ran into the washroom..laksh looked at her.. She latched it from inside..and cried merging her back with the door.. Laksh removed his teary eyes.. He felt bad but then he controlled.. He let that breakfast kept there and he moved out his room..latching it from outside..And came in the main hall.. Chandan was standing there..

Chandan: Sir Ragini madam dint cum down today
Laksh: (looked at him in a bit attitude) she is not well..dont disturb her (Showing him a finger) and dont try to go to my room even by mistake..understood??
Chandan: Y..yes sir

Thrn laksh turned back to go..just then..

Chandan: Sir breakfast..?

He ignored him and went out..and drove to his office..
He went into his cabin.. And nikita was there.. He looked at her.. Then he got in removing his eyes..

Nikita: Good morning sir..

Laksh didn't say anything and nodded in yes.. He sat down on his chair and looked at her..she was looking at him smiling..

Nikita: Sir.. u r late today..
Laksh: (bit angrily)i know..
Nikita: y do u talk to me lyk dis everyrime..?
Laksh: nikita please.. I am already very frustrated.. Just do ur work quietly…
Nikita: (got a bit worried) is everything ok sir?
Laksh: (grinding teeth) Nikita.. Files???

She got a bit nervous.. Then she offered him the files.. He took the files.. Nikita was noticing his face and emotions.. And was sure that there was something wrong between ragini and him.. Laksh signed some of the files..

Laksh: Forward dis…mail d details of d new company to papa…n handle other projects urself..i will sign dem afterwards
Nikita: Ok sir..

She took files from his hand.. And went out of the cabin..

Nikita: something has happened..i m sure dat Ragini must have done something..den only sir's mood is off

Laksh was in the cabin.. He looked up at the roof and rest his head on the back of his chair.. He closed his eyes slowly.. And all the incident of previous day got repeated in his mind.. They way ragini smiled with aditya. They way they sat in hand in hand in that hotel… Everything.. And his temper rose up.. and he threw his glass of water down… It broke into pieces… Just then nikita entered.. Shocked and worried..

Nikita: Wat happened sir? is everything fine?.. is der any problem? tell me..please..
Laksh: (angrily) You jus…

His phone rang.. He took it out and saw its jeet..

Laksh: (looking at nikita) do ur work..

She thought for a while.. Then she moved back towards the chairs kept aside for the clients looking into the files..and laksh picked up the call..

Laksh: (upset and down) hello?
Jeet: lucky my bro.. Congrats..
Laksh: (confused) for wat?
Jeet: arey u only told about ur n Ragini's suhaagraat na.. for dat only..
Laksh: Hmm..
Jeet: Abey wat happened? dis tym also she dint let u touch her? or u again slept away sadly?
Laksh: dis tym i dint even gv here a chance to say yes or no.. i just dis whatever i had to do…
Jeet: Arey wah.. that's like a man.. i expected dis only from u..
Laksh: Ok i hv lots of work..will talk to u later..

And he ended the call… Nikita heard him..she was noticing him..He moved his hair back.. And then placed his elbow on the table..and held his forehead lifting his eyebrows up with his thumb and finger..he was looking really disturbed.. Just then nikita came to him and put a hand on his shoulder..he looked at her hand..and then at her.. Then she put her palm on his forehead and made him to rest his head on chair's back..

Laksh: (irritated) nikita what the hell are you doing?

Nikita started massaging his head..and he held her hand to remove just then..

Nikita: u dont tell anything.. atleast let me do dis.. watever stress or problem u have..it will be lessened

He stopped.. And she smiled.. Massaging his head..

Nikita: (teary eyes) i m not as lucky as Ragini dat i got ur love but dis is only enough for me.. M so glad..so thankful to you..
Laksh: (lost in some thoughts) I can understand how u feel wen u see me wid Ragini ..wat pain one feels on seeing der love wid someone else..i know dat feeling
Nikita: (nikita got some idea) dis means..Ragini wid someone else..??Oh god..how evil she is..wen she doesnt even care for ur love..y dont u leave her sir????

Laksh came out of his thought and got angry.. He held her hand..and got up looking at her angrily…

Laksh: My Ragini is only mine… You got that? Today also i love my Ragini d same way as i did b4..nd i will keep loving her till my last breath.. (Grinding teeth)nd if u lyk massaging so much den go n sit in some massage corner or spa n keep giving massage to everyone

Then he turned back in attitude and walked out of the cabin.. He reached home.. Chandan looked at him.. He stood in the centre of the stairs..

Laksh: how is Ragini??
Chandan: dont know sir..u told me not to go to ur room so i didnt go der

Laksh nodded in yes.. Then he went upstairs to his room.. Ragini was sitting down on the floor on the outlet of the balcony.. looking out in balcony with teary eyes..Lifeless and broken.. Laksh opened the door.. And she looked at him.. He looked at her in anger.. She immediately got up.. He moved in towards her and she backed off slowly..Then he moved to the dressing table.. And saw that she had not taked her breakfast.. Laksh felt bad..And she turned back because she didn't want to look at him at all.. He moved to the dressing table and opened the drawer..After that..laksh came to her..held her arm.. And turned her back..she turned back..and he pulled her to himself and held her locking her in his arms…she looked at his face.. Tears were still falling from her helpless eyes.. He also looked at her.. But she removed her eyes.. And looked to the otherside turning her head.. Then laksh took some cream on his fingers behind her back looking at it.. And applied it on the nail scratches on her back.. It pained her..

Ragini: (cried in pain) isss….ahh…

And she clutched his coat in her fists on his chest… Closing her eyes tightly.. He applied it on her wounds..and she was crying..then he cleaned his hand with his hanky..behind her back..as he was still holding her.. Then she was about to get seperated from him just then he held her tightly close to him.. She cried.. So helpless she was..Laksh look at her face but she didn't look up at him.. Laksh held her face to make her look up.. She looked up in his angry eyes with her crying eyes..

Laksh: now u will get seperated from me only wen i want..understood? (Moved his hand from her forehead to cheeks) I loved u soo much Ragini but u.. (Held her face in his hand..and she closed her eyes tightly) u betrayed me…(she opened her eyes and looked into his teary angry red eyes) u must be hating me ryt…??but me.. (Pushed her back) i cannot even hate u Ragini.. (His anger was ready to burst into tears) i just cant hate u..

And she got back..crying looking down.. Then he held her from her shoulders.. Closer to him..

Laksh: U did a very big mistake Ragini..u destroyed our good-going relationship..n now u will pay for ur mistakes..nd u will hav to bear dem
Then he left her and went out of the room..and she fell down on floor crying… Laksh again latched it from outside.. He came to the dinning hall.. And sat on the chair of dinning table angrily.. poured water in glass and drank from it to relax himself… Just then chandan came to him..

Chandan: Sir..how is madam??

Laksh got angry… He got up.. And stood infront of him looking at him a bit angrily.. He got nervous..

Laksh: u r very much worried about madam… Hmm? wat happened?
Chnadan: n…no s..s..sir.. actually…dint see madam from d morning so…
Laksh: (hit his hand on table) So? widout seeing her u cant do ur work? Han?
Chandan: S..sir…u r m..m..misunderstanding me
Laksh: get out from here.. (Shouted)go from here…

Chandan got scared and went from there….

On the otherside in MM..
Laksh came to the room.. And saw ragini sitting on floor on the other side.. Placing her head on bed.. He closed the door..She didn't notice him.. She was just lifeless..eyes teary.. Lost in some thoughts.. Laksh was upset to see her like that but moreover he was angry on her.. He took out his laptop from the cupboard… sat on the bed.. And opened it doing something.. He did some work.. Then he again looked at ragini.. And his angry eyes got teary..then he removed his eyes in anger and got busy on his laptop.. Just then his room's door knocked.. Laksh looked at the door.
Chandan:laksh sir… Swara didi aur sanskaar have come..

Laksh got a his eyes bigger..And ragini got a life.. She looked up at the door.. Laksh looked at her… Her tears fell down..She immediately got up and walked towards the door.. But laksh moved to her held her arm.. She got shocked..and tried to remove his hand..

Ragini: (pleasing..and crying) Laksh.. Plea..

Just then laksh held her and shut her mouth putting his hand on it..

Laksh: (in a louder voice) Tell dem to sit i am coming

And she was struggling to get free…

Chandan: yes sir

Chandan went from there.. Laksh then removed his hand and held her arm.. Looking at her angrily…

Ragini: (removing his hand..crying) Laksh..let me meet sanskar bhai please..please… Please laksh..

He then dragged her to the washroom.. And she was sturggling to get free..

Ragini: Laksh..please… let me meet my brother

He opened the washroom and threw her in.. The moment she turned back he shut the door of the washroom and latched it..

Ragink: (patting the door..crying) Laksh…? Laksh please.. Please open d door.. Please laksh…Let me meet my brother once.. Please..

He turned back in anger.. And walked out of the room latching it too…ragini was left in the washroom crying.. She sat down crying near the door..

Ragini: Please.. Laksh..i will not tell anything to him..please…just once… (And she cried more)

On the other hand laksh moved to the main door.. He came to the stairs.. Then he took a sigh and changed his expressions.. He reached the centre of the stairs and faked a smile at swasan.. He came down..and swara hugged him smiling.. He also hugged her back..

Laksh: how r u?
Swara: i m fine..

Then they walked forward.. He shook hands with sanskaar and hugged eachother.. Then they broke the hug..

Laksh: today suddenly?
Swara: just lyk dat…came to meet ul

Laksh faked a smile..and looked at sanskaar..he was looking up waiting for ragini.. Then..

Sanskaar: Laksh.. wer is Ragini?
Laksh: Wo..? Wo…uh… in d Room..
Swara: y? doesnt she know dat her brother has come.. (Walked to go up) i will call her

Laksh got shocked..

Laksh: (in a louder voice) No swara… (They both looked at him shocked and confused..he got normal) I mean..she is having headache..i hv made her sleep wid great difficulty.
Sanskaar: (worried) headache.. ?u took her to doctor?
Swara: Sanskaar.. do u think u need to ask dis to bhai?
Laksh: (faked a smile) Ul dont worry..she is fine..
Swara: We know bhai..if u r der den she will b fine only.. (Smiled)

Laksh was getting hurt by such words.. He knew that he's the only one who's hurting his love more than anything.. He was so upset but faking a smile.. Sanskaar was noticing him..

Laksh:ul sit na.. (Calling) chandan..bring some tea-snacks…
Swara: Bhai..wen is badi ma coming?
Laksh:i talked to her…day after tomorrow morning she's coming
Swara: Ok..n how is maasiji..?
Laksh: she is also fine..

Then they talked to eachother…after sometime they went from there.. And laksh came to the room.. He unlatched the door.. And ragini who was sitting on the floor crying heard the sound of opening of door and got up immediately.. Laksh came to the washroom and opened the door..He looked at her angrily..she was looking at him crying a bit angrily.. Then she came out pushing him aside and moved ahead to go just then laksh held her arm and she stopped..

Laksh: sanskar went away…

He pulled her turning her and she collapsed with him.. Looking down and crying..

Laksh: (grinding teeth)i heard everything u wanted…n i saw wat u did wid my trust.. (She looked down crying badly) but enough..now only dat will happen wat i wish..u will do wt i want..u will meet only whom i want..n widout my permission u will not even step out of d room

She was crying.. She sat down crying in his feet..he was was looking at her crying.. Then he moved from there to cupboard.. Took out his clothes..and went to the washroom.. And she was crying..

In night
@Swasan's home…
Sanskaar was lying on bed.. Thinking something.. Then swara came to him..took up the blanket and lied placing her head on sanskaar's chest…

Swara: wat r u thinking?
Sanskaar: Swara today i found Laksh a bit different…
Swara: different?
Sanskaar: today Ragini didnt cum down n Laksh was also behaving a bit differently..
Swara: sanskaar..Ragini had a headache so bhai will obviously be tensed na..
Sanskaar: I hope evrything is normal between dem..
Swara: everything is fine between dem
Sanskaar: (Took up his phone) i dint see her but atleast i can talk to her
Swara: Offo… she must be sleeping.. (Took his phone from his hand) talk to her tomorrow morning..
Swara: (getting back..lying) chalo now sleep

Then sanskaar also lied down.. and turned off the light..

@MM, raglak's room..
In midnight..
Laksh was sleeping…lying on his belly..with his back up..and with his t-shirt off.. And ragini was sitting on the bed.. Lifeless.. With eyes filled with tears.. The she stopped.. She looked at laksh.. He was sleeping…she then wiped her tears.. She slowly moved down and put her legs down.. She got up and moved ahead to go just then her pallu got streched.. She stopped shocked… She closed her eyes.. Realising that laksh has got up and held her pallu… She hesitatingly turned back and saw that he's still sleeping.. But he was holding her pallu in his hand and it was kept under his hand..she was about to burst into tears but she shut her mouth with her hand.. Then she took a sigh and slowly moved to him.. She pulled her pallu a bit but stopped being scared.. Then she got back and snatched out the dupatta from her neck..and left that on the bed.. She then moved to the Night stand slowly..and picked up his phone.. And got into the washroom.. He was sleeping.. She shut the door of the washroom.. And turned on his phone.. She was about to operate it..but there was password on it.. And she got disappointed… She looked up and cried.. Then she stopped and took a sigh.. She wiped her tears..She slowly opened the door.. Laksh was still sleeping.. She came out slowly.. And put his phone back on the table.. Scared with teary eyes.. Then she slowly moved to the door and unlatched it..she slowly got out and shut it.. Then she ran out of towards the door.. Crying.. She reached the main door.. But damn…!! it was locked..she held the handles to open it but it didn't open..and She burst into tears… Hitting her hands badly on door…just then she heard some footsteps coming downstairs..she got shocked and scared…she turned back and saw laksh standing infront of her..wearing his black jacket with his zip opened.. He was looking at her angrily…then he walked to her..

Laksh: (angrily) i told u na..u will not cum out of d room widout my permission But u… (He patted his hand on door keeping her inbetween his arms..and she closed her eyes tightly..crying) u never listen to wat i say..u will not listen wen i talk wid love…but now i know how to handle u

She looked at him with her teary eyes..He then held her arm and dragged her with him.. Upstairs..

Ragini: (removing his hands..crying) no laksh.. Laksh please.. Laksh i m sorry… Laksh i will not go out…Laksh please…
Laksh: (stopped and turned to her)i shud forgive u?? even god cannot forgv u for wat u did…u betrayed my love n my trust..u broke our relation..but i will not let our relation break….i will keep u wid myself forcefully..nd u will not be able to get seperated from me even if u want
Ragini: (crying) L..laksh..u r thinking wrong…
Laksh: (showing finger to her) Quiet..just quiet..

He didn't listen her..and was dragging her to the room..

Ragini: Laksh listen to me once… Laksh please…

He then took her to the room.. And threw her in..

Laksh: enough Ragini..i m not ready to hear anymore lies of urs

Ragini nodded in no.. He then turned back and shut the door latching it.. She was standing crying looking at him.. He was angry.. He walked to her..she was backing off..he came to her..

Ragini: (crying) laksh..please..once listen to me

He put his finger on her lips…looking at her angrily…and she stopped.. But still crying.. Then laksh..held her face tightly and kissed her… After that he started putting his weight on her and lied on bed with her kissing her..and she was crying being frustrated from all this..But he didn't stop..and he switched off the lights…

Precap- Laksh realised what the heck he has done but…. 🙁

i hv posted d link of d full ff which is on facebook in d comments of part 36 of dis ff on tellyupdates
happy reading

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