Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter3, 4

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So here we go


Both Nandhini and shruthi got shocked by listening the transfer of chacha

Nandhini: chacha but how we supposed to go from here how we would be comfortable there

Shruthi:yes chacha , dii also studying 2nd year and I too wanna join in college

Chacha: I know beta you got admission in space academy in Mumbai, it was the top college there and they have given u scholarship as ur academic records are good, all the formalities are over and u both will join there day after tomorrow, so go and pack your things me chachi and u both will be leaving tomorrow morning so soon finish your packings

Nandhini: amms is not coming with us??

Amms: yes Nandu I’m not coming with u all

Shruthi: this is not fair amms, how we will be without you

Amms: beta u know na in our gurukul many students are studying I’m not supposed to go , u all go don’t worry my blessings will always be wth u both

Nandhini & shruthi; we miss u amms
(Saying this they went to their room and started packing)

Shruthi; dii I don’t wanna go to Mumbai, here are so many friends of me ,our your,terrace I don’t have mood to leave them

Nandhini: I can understand dear but we have to go so pack ur things soon
(Nandu’s pov- I know its very hard to leave here, but chacha got transfer, shruthi was very excited to join in my college I know she. will be very disappointed, aiyappa pls
my sister should be happy with that college also)end of POV

Shruthi:dii your prayers to aiyappa are over.

Nandhini: shruthi how do u know that I prayed to aiyappa ….

Shruthi: dii I’m ur sister , I know what you will do at which and I think this time also u
prayed for me… Right

Nandhini: you are the one who understand me very well love u dear

Shruthi: love u too dii
(After this both were started there

(Guys nandu’s chacha was AC in revenue dept and now he got promotion to DC and appointed in Mumbai)

At space academy in Mumbai

Fab5 was sitting in canteen and chit chatting
Suddenly cabir got a msg in his mobile and he became happy seeing that msg

Cabir: guys there was a good news for us

Manik: what yaar?

Cabir: guys day after tomorrow two girls are gonna join in our class

Aliya:what’s good in that?

Multi:arey alya don’t u know cabir s saying we will play our pranks on them

Manik:yes guys it will be more fun

Cabir:yup buddy

Dhruv: guys pls stop these pranks and u know those were daughter of DC and they also toppers in chennai and got free scholarship in our college so don’t do anything

Manik: bro even I’m son of one of the trustee of this college, we will play our prank at least in one of those sisters
(Fab 4 gave a HiFive , but dhruv was not interested)

In Roshan’s class ,

Raghav sir was taking the class , it was so boring

Roshan: Ameer this class is very boring.

Ameer: yes bro , see our raghav sir is making us all sleep with his teaching like lori

Roshan:I too feel the same bro
(Both laughed)
(Bell rang)

Raghav sir: OK students , let’s leave now and before that have a good news for u all, day after tomorrow two girls are gonna join in our college and they were the toppers in chennai, the competition is gonna be very tough guys and they are well trained classical singers also, so get ready and u will also celebrating your fresher’s day soon , when the announcement is made I’ll inform u all(after saying this raghav sir left from there)

Ameer: Bro u listen that na two girls are gonna join in our college and they are toppers in chennai

Roshan: what for that yaar

Ameer: bro I heard so they will be very cute and beautiful

Roshan: ameer for u na all girls will be beautiful

Ameer: bhai one of the girl is gonna join in our class

Roshan:oh OK (roshan was in deep thoughts about the both new girls)

Ameer:OK Bro see u tomorrow

Roshan: OK bye ameer

In murthi mansion at night

The mansion looks very silent without any sound , it lost its glow as our two princess were sad

Chacha: beta both of u done with your packings na..

Nandhini & shruthi: yes chacha

Chachi: come let’s have dinner

(All went to dining table and sat , chachi served the food and no one was in a mood to eat, at that time aryaman came in and saw everyone sad)

Aryaman: what happened to everyone why all are seems to be worried..

Chachi: hi beta , how r u

Aryaman: Han chachi I’m good what happened , shruthi?
(While shruthi dint notice him and lost about her journey to Mumbai)
Aryaman: Nandu what happened to her??
(Nandu also silent)
Aryaman: shruthi (saying this he shaked her shoulder then she came to reality)

Shruthi: hi aryaman when u came

Aryaman: when u came! Then u dint notice me

Shruthi: sorry..

Aryaman: OK what happened .

Shruthi: wo …wo

Aryaman: what?.

Nandhini: aryaman we are leaving to Mumbai tomorrow as chacha got transfer there and we continue our studies there itself

Aryaman: NDCdu really u all wanna go

Nandhini: yes .

(Aryaman’s POV: why today I heard such a bad news, Nandu’s family is also like my family and shruthi how can I be without seeing her , she is my life why god why u do this with me please do something)

Shruthi: I don’t have mood to eat I’ll go to terrace ( saying this she went to terrace , nandhini and aryaman also followed her).

Aryaman: don’t worry shruthi u will be happy there

(Shruthi can’t control her tears. , she broke down and cried leaning her head on aryaman’s shoulder, Nandu also cried seeing her sister).

Nandhini: shruthi don’t cry like a child u are grown

Shruthi: but dii I can’t leave this place, it’s really close to me

Aryaman: I know that but u know that space academy is very good place for Study in Mumbai u will have bright future
(After Nandu and aryaman console shruthi calmed down and both shruthi and Nandhini went to their room)

Aryaman’s POV: I have to do something I can’t stay away from shruthi, have to think soon. (Thinkchalthis aryaman went to his home)

At malhotra mansion

Manik and Roshan had their dinner

Manik: roshan how was the dinner

Roshan: it was good bro.

Manik: OK did u listen something about any girls

Roshan: yes bro, raghav sir said two girls are joining in our college and they were toppers in chennai

Manik: yup and u know one more thing we gonna play a prank on one of the girls

Roshan: no bhai don’t do that

Manik: y u so concerned for them

Roshan: nothing like that bhai , I heard so they are daughterz of newly appointed DC

Manik: whatever they may be if fab5 is fixed na then they wanna be our target.

Roshan: u never listen to me bhai, anyways good night

Manik: good night bro

( both manik and and roshan went to sleep)

At murthi mansion in morning

Nandu and shruthi woke up and got ready, nandhini was wearing a black top with blue jean and shruthi was wearing a white top wth black jean, both applied some makeup and wore simple jewels and came down

Chacha: good morning beta all your things are ready na

Nandu: yes chacha ..

Chachi: OK let’s have breakfast our flight is on 10:30

All had breakfast and ready to leave , aryaman also came and all got blessings frm amms, Nandu and shruthi cried while hugging amms, later shruthi hugged aryaman and bidded a bye to him , aryaman also snd them wth teary eyes, all went to airport and boarded to Mumbai’s flight)

In space handsome
everything thing was as usual and fab5 were enjoying at canteen and roshan was in class, after the class over many of them were eager to know the two girls and waiting for tomorrow

Ameer: bro so tomorrow the both sisters will be here, I’m excited to see them

Roshan: yaar enough pls how much time u will say it

Ameer: bhai tomorrow wanna get ready with more concern wanna impress those girls na

Roshan: god chal enough of ur Ramayana.

Both went to their home and at the same time nandhini’s family also came to Mumbai they went to their new home

Chachw;: beta both go and see the house all are appliances will reach here within one hour .

Both Nandu and Shruthi went all over the house and returned to the living room and said the house was good.

Chacha:OK beta u both go to ur room and take rest after having dinner, tomorrow u have college
(After having dinner all went to their room and slept)

In malhotra mansion.

Manik and roshan had some chats about college and they both dozed off to bed

Precap: meeting of manan and shruhan in a different places

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