Raglak FF: The Time To Change [Part 16]

At Baadi, 11 pm,
Ragini was about to sleep after a long tiring day. Little did she know that her night is going last long! Just when her eyes were about to close, her phone vibrated. She grumpily sat up on the bed and looked at the message. That’s from Laksh!

“Have slept already?”

She glared at that message then looked at the time and thought to herself ‘Then what will people do? Will chit chat with ghosts at this time, like you?’ but didn’t reply anything and once again about to sleep, her phone vibrated again. She huffed and looked at the message. It was once again from Laksh.

“I know you are awake, lost in my thoughts!”

‘How dare he?’ she thought to herself but didn’t reply him thinking he would go to sleep at least now. But her phone vibrated again making her groan in frustration.
“If you don’t reply me now, then I am going to enter Baadi that too through main door and going to ring the calling bell of every house.”

Her eyes widen in shock and thought ‘What the hell? Will he really do like this? No! He doesn’t have that much gut, does he?’ While she was lost in her thoughts, her phone vibrated again,

“You didn’t take me seriously naa, see I am coming!”

She without thinking further, called him immediately. He picked the call immediately. She was about to say something but Laksh interrupted her saying in excited tone “Yay! Now it’s confirmed that you are not sleeping. Thank god! You had fallen for my trick! Hehehe”

Ragini gritted her teeth and thought ‘Did he just trick me? How dare he?’ but replied “Oh yeah! You won! So I am going to sleep now. Good night!”

With that she was about to cut the call but Laksh stopped her saying hurriedly “Ragini if you cut the call, then I swear I would do what I just texted you.”

Ragini narrowed her eyes and said challengingly “Oh really? If you dare, then do like you said. Come on!”

Laksh said “Ragini… don’t challenge me! I will do anything if I wanted to!”

Ragini gulped and said “Ok…ok! Now tell me why you called me?”

Laksh chuckled and said “Hey idiot! You are the one who called me!”

Ragini rolled her eyes and said “Why did you texted me Laksh?”

Laksh pouted and asked “Why shouldn’t I text you Ragini?”

Ragini asked him in disbelief “Seriously, at this time?”

Laksh asked innocently “Why shouldn’t I text you at this time Ragini?”

Ragini groaned “Urgh!” and heard him chuckling.

She gritted her teeth and asked “You are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Laksh grinned and said “Of course! It’s fun irritating you Ragini!”

Ragini glared and said coldly “Oh have fun Laksh! But I am going to sleep, do whatever you want. I am going to sleep! Good night!”

She was about to cut the call but Laksh surrendered saying “Ok…ok! I will tell you. But don’t cut the call.”

Ragini nodded and said “Ok!”

Laksh grinned and said “I want you to come out of your house now!”

Ragini gasped in shock and said “Are you kidding me?”

Laksh said coolly “Nope! I am serious!”

Ragini shook her head and said “Laksh, I am not coming anywhere and yeah I am going to sleep now. Do not disturb me.”

She was once again about to cut but was once again interrupted by him who said coolly “Ok then I am going to carry out my plan.”

Ragini chuckled and said sarcastically “Haan haan… carry out your plan. Go!”

“You don’t believe me naa, just stay in line, you will get to know me soon.” Laksh said challengingly.

Ragini said sarcastically “Oh really! I am so excited to know you Laksh!” and at the end she giggled. But that’s when she heard someone opening the main door of Baadi. Her eyes widen but thought it’s just her imagination. But still she went out of her room and checked outside to find Laksh walking in the corridor towards her house. She was shocked to see him and immediately said through her mobile “Laksh please don’t do anything!”

Laksh smirked and looked up to find her shaking her head in no at him. He said “But Ragini, I wanted to show you who I am! So let me do it!”

He winked at her and again started to walk, this time Ragini rushed downwards while her mobile fall down from her hand. She didn’t care about it. She just ran towards Laksh and pulled his hand which was about to press the calling bell. Laksh looked at her surprised and said coolly “Hey Ragini! I was about to show you who I am. But you stopped me yaar!” He pouted while Ragini glared at him.

“Laksh, Go home NOW!” She ordered him but he looked away with the pout and said “I will only if you accompany me.”

Ragini got tired of his childishness and was about to shout at him but he was faster than her. He lifted her and threw her on his shoulder and started to walk like nothing happened while Ragini was shocked by his action. She fisted his back with her soft palm but nothing happened. He just continued to walk till he reaches his car. He softly placed her on his passenger seat and immediately sat on his seat and started to drive before she could jump from the car. She looked at him in disbelief while he just smirked and concentrated on driving.

“Laksh, this is practically a kidnapping!” She said dramatically but he just smiled and said “How could it be kidnapping Ragini? You know me and I know you, moreover we are husband and wife, so it’s not wrong to take my wife for a drive also it’s not called as kidnapping. It’s called romancing.” He winked at her while she glared at him then looked at the window cursing him under her breath. Laksh tried to talk with her but she didn’t reply him. She just sat with arms crossed on her chest and glaring at the window. He sighed and drove towards his destination.

After 30 minutes, they reached their destination…

Laksh opened Ragini’s door and kneeled down infront of her and bowed his head like a soldier while pulling his one arm out for her, he said “Please come out my princess!”

Ragini still glared at him and pushed away his hand and got down from the car and looked away from him still crossing her hands against her chest. Laksh pouted and stood up while looking at her. Cool breeze and the sound of waves gained her attention. Then only she actually looked at the place he brought her. A beach!

“Ragini please, don’t be angry bachha! (Her eyes widen a little hearing him calling her as ‘bachha’ while he just continued) It’s your birthday! (Her eyes widen even more.) Just loosen up Ragini. I know I am too late to wish you happy birthday. But still I did few things for you. So please just cooperate with me. Just have fun! Leave everything behind. And take my hand now, enjoy the last few minutes of your special day.” He said lovingly and forwarded his hand. Ragini gazed at him and decided to do like what he asked her to. She smiled genuinely and gave her hand to him. He smiled at her while she returned it back with no pressure and grudge.

They both walked hand in hand. Ragini admired the beautiful nature around her while Laksh admired the beautiful woman near him. She bends down and took away her slippers and felt the cold sand with her feet and left Laksh’s hand and ran towards the mighty ocean. She was just in cute pink pajamas which made her look both cute and s*xy for his eyes. He never in his wildest dreams thought that ‘he’ would look at ‘Ragini’ in this’ way. He smiled looking down and thought ‘after all it’s my time to change too’. His thoughts are broken by Ragini’s excited voice.

“Laksh… Laksh! Where is my birthday gift?”

He smiled sweetly pulled her hand and said “Come! I will show you.”

With that he dragged her and ran towards a direction while she giggled and followed him. They both were running like cute kids who were trying to find their treasure i.e. chocolates. Finally they reached a cute tent.

Ragini looked at it excitedly and was about to open it but Laksh stopped her to which she raised her eyebrow at him. He said firmly “I will let you open only if you guess what will be there inside!”

She pouted and said with a huff “Okay!” Then tapped her chin with her finger like thinking deeply and said childishly

“A big fluffy teddy bears which is of my height?” He pressed his lips tightly to not let out his laugh and shook his head in no.

“It’s full of varieties of chocolates!?”
“Or it might be beautiful flowers?”
“Dresses, jewels, cosmetics or something like that?”
“Tickets to Disney Land”
“Birthday cake, balloons, decorations”
“Or are my friends waiting inside to surprise me?”
“A new model mobile”
“A single rose?”
“Candle light dinner”
“Moonlight dinner it is”

Ragini lost her patience by now so she turned around and started to walk towards the car. Laksh immediately grabbed her hand and said “Ok… ok! Go inside and get surprised by my gifts!” She smiled at him and said “Haan! I am eagerly waiting!” She quickly ran towards the tent and was about to open it but Laksh stopped her and quickly showed a switch to her while saying “Press it then you can enter!” Ragini just shrugged and pressed the switch. The tent immediately glows. Seeing it glowing, a big smile curled on her lips. She immediately opened it and gasped seeing her birthday gift!

Her sight first falls on a photo. There was her birth mother with a just born Ragini in her arms looking at the camera with wide beautiful smile. Her eyes immediately welled up seeing it. She slowly looked around. It was dark inside; the soft light from the small fairy butterfly lamp lit up the room.

Everywhere she could see photos of hers’ only. Every photo, from her small childhood till present, was there. She could feel how a normal chubby naughty girl had grown into a traditional introvert shy beautiful dependent girl. There was a cake present at the centre of the tent with the lines

‘To the beautiful wife of mine,

Luck Is Yours
Wish Is Mine
May Your Future
Always Shine
With Lots Of Love…
Happy Birthday Dear Wife!

From the handsome husband of yours’

She giggled seeing the cake. She moves towards it but felt something soft under her feet. She looked down to find rose petals scattered on the ground. She grinned and once again looked up at her surroundings. Chocolates were also hanging there. A big fluffy teddy bear was sitting at the corner looking at her with big innocent eyes. She immediately rushed towards it and hugged it tightly. She kissed it and buried her face inside it letting muffled giggles in the atmosphere. She looked up that’s when her eyes fall on a picture. From the way she dressed in the picture she could say that they were taken after her marriage. But she clearly remembers that she hadn’t taken any pictures at those times due to the problems in her life. Also the pictures look like they were taken without her knowledge. She gaped at them.

Laksh, who was standing quietly and enjoying his wife’s reaction, saw her confused face looking at some pictures. He sighed and came infront of her making her look at him with frown. He smiled at her lightly and said “Those pictures were taken by me.” She looked at him with surprised look on her face. He rubbed his nape in nervousness and said “Happy birthday Ragini! I know I am very late to wish you and I am sorry for that. I wanted to surprise you with plenty of gifts but at this short time I could do these only. I promise I will shower you with gifts next year.” She gave him a wide smile and said “Thank you so much for these gifts. It’s so beautiful and I can see myself growing into a lady infront of my eyes. Thank you for reminding my precious memories.” He smiled back at her and started to say.

“Ragini… (He took in a deep breath and let it out.) I… I don’t know from where I should start. We know that our life is a complete mess, a mess created by us but refusing to clean it. I know I am also a part of it and that’s why I am coming forward and asking you this.” His eyes flared with determination while she looked at him with pale look on her face.

“I want to start a life with you Ragini. A fresh start for our future! I can see a future only with you Ragini. Will you give me a chance to rekindle our relationship?” He asked with hopeful eyes… but she said in her cold tone “I want to go home.”

He was shocked to hear her words. He was about to say something but she just turned around and started to walk towards the car.
While on the other side,

Arjun was calling Ragini but she didn’t pick up his call. ‘I know it’s too late to call her but still she would attend my call at any time, then why not now?’ he thought and decided to go to her house and check on her. He came inside secretly and found her room door was already opened and she nowhere to be seen. He once again called her phone and found that it was lying on the floor. He frowned and picked it up. ‘Where did she go at this time?’ That’s when he heard a car pulled up there. He peeped outside through Ragini’s window and found her getting down from the car with no emotions on her face while Laksh got down along with her and looked at her with hopeful and nervous look. He was both happy and confused seeing them together. Ragini was about to walk inside the house but Laksh stopped her by saying “Please think about it Ragini.”

She just stood still, so came infront of her and cupped her face and with intense eyes he said “I want to be with you Ragini. Let’s work it out. Let’s give a chance for us…

Arjun heard it and felt so happy. He started to jump in happiness and that’s when his phone rang. He looked at the caller and frowned seeing ‘Fatty calling!’

He attended it and said flirtingly “What happened, Ms. Fatty? Missing me already?”

Uttara rolled her eyes and said seriously “Look camel! Laksh bhaiya is not at home. When I called him, he didn’t answer so I called Ragini bhabhi’s mobile, but she too didn’t answer me. I am worried about them. Do you know where they are?”

Arjun smiled and said “Yes!”

Uttara sighed in relief and asked “Where?”

Arjun asked teasingly “Why should I tell you?”

“Oh come on Arjun! Just tell me where they are!” she asked pleadingly.

Hearing his name from her made him smile unknowingly. So he said “They have just returned from somewhere to Baadi and are standing outside Baadi discussing about their future. (He then said accusingly.) But you called me at this time. I don’t know what is going on there. See because of you, I couldn’t overhear them.”

Uttara narrowed her eyes and said “You are accusing me because you couldn’t hear a couple’s conversation? How creepy you are!”

Arjun huffed and said “Don’t say about me like that when you yourself watched your brother’s romance like a hawk today morning.”

Uttara glared and said “How dare you to say like that?”

Like that they both started to fight while at downstairs, Ragini pulled away from Laksh’s grip and looked at him furiously. “Why? Why should I Laksh? Just give me one good reason Laksh! I was with you these many days. But you didn’t want to move on at that time. But when I came out… no! When I was thrown out of that house and within 3 days i.e. 72 hours, you feel like you want to give our relationship a chance. You know what you are blabbering Laksh?”

She yelled at him for which Laksh said “I was about to move on with you Ragini, before that night of exposing you.”

She looked at him red eyes and said mockingly “Haan you are about to… but when? When Swara was going to marry Sanskar infront of everyone; when you felt that you no longer have a chance with Swara. Isn’t it Laksh?”

Laksh looked down knowing that it’s true. Ragini cupped his chin and made him look at her eyes. “You realized that you have a wife and you should move on with her, only after Swasan’s marriage was fixed. Isn’t it Laksh?”

Hurt visible in her eyes which made him feel like his heart being stabbed by a dagger. He tried to look away but she gripped his chin firmly and made him look at her eyes again. “I waited for you. Every day, every minute, every second I waited just for your glance. I was hoping every day that you will notice me one day and we would start a new life after that. But it never happened. You know when you at last noticed me and gave me a watch as a gift, I was so happy… and at the same time I felt that you had me as a second option that if Swara moved away from you then you can have me, if not then you can have her then leave me. You know how was that feel? It was like grabbing your beating heart and squeezing it roughly and ordering you to smile like nothing happened.

A tear rushed out from her eyes and followed by many. She took away her hand from his chin and looked away while Laksh’s eye filled with tears seeing her like that. He wanted to deny that it’s not like that but he couldn’t. Because somewhere inside him, he knows that it’s the truth. She then cleaned her tears and said while looking away “I don’t know what made you to think that you want me back. First know the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ Laksh and then decide. I know that your impulsive brain had taken this decision and it will jump against this decision soon and will make you regret thinking ‘why should I live with a girl whom I never loved?’

She let out a shaky breath and said in a broken voice “I can’t take that Laksh. I don’t have that much strength in my heart. Enough! Enough of this love, marriage, fight, drama, tears, betrayal, husband, wife, family, you, me… everything! After Swasan’s reunion, we are going to divorce and move on in our respective life. That’s it!”

She then moved away from him and started to walk inside her house while remembering how she adored him and fallen for him, her marriage, her dreams, her truth out, everything. While Laksh stood at the same place with teary eyes. She said in a broken voice without turning back “Goodbye Laksh!” Laksh breath caught on his throat. He immediately turned around and tried to go behind her but stopped himself. She ran inside her house while he watched her disappearing back with tears falling down from his eyes.

“Ragini…” He whispered…

So…How was today’s part?
How do you guys felt about…
Raglak’s nok jhok!?
Laksh’s surprise for Ragini!?
Ragini’s happy going side?
Laksh’s proposal and Ragini’s reply!?
The last part…? {I felt sad while writing it! 🙁 }
What will happen next? Will Ajjuttu do something to unite our Raglak?
So now you guys got to know that he asked for a chance just because of Arjun’s words in last chapter?
Will this Laksh realize that he started to love Ragini?
Let’s wait and read.
Till then keep smiling and take care!
Love you all!

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