Kaanchi OS : Opposite Attracts

[ Not in accordance with the show , purely fictional ]

She’s khadoos, he’s jovial
She’s super extra serious, he enjoys life to the fullest
She’s mysterious, he’s carefree
She’s another name of Hitler, he’s full atrangi…

These qualities shows they are opposite to each other.
Well it’s said opposite attracts
Let’s see will opposite attract here !!

Get ready for rolar coaster rideπŸ˜‰

Noooooooooooooooo, you can’t do this to me. I’m still a kid 😭I don’t want to marry .

A boy is shouting and his parents are seen covering their ears with hands to save from that earbleed squeak…

” See kabir, we know what’s right and wrong and it’s perfect time for you to get marry” says kailash

” yeah kabir and we aren’t asking you to marry any stranger , she’s your father’s friends Sunil’s daughter Saanchi ” kusum says making kabir thinking

“That’s the problem only, how will I handle that khadoos” Kabir murmurs to himself

“So we should start preparing for your marriage, I have called Sunil’s family and pandit ji for marriage discussion ” kailash

Kabir starts his melodrama
“Tadap tadap ke iss dil se aah nikalti rahi, aisa kya gunah kiya jo loot gye haan loot gye…..” (imagine him beating his chest and his forehead πŸ˜‰)

He was doing that and kailash kusum were watching dumbstruck
Suddenly they see Sunil, Jaya and saanchi seeing them.
Kabir immediately stops and his pose was both hand on his chest like he was beating hard. And his mouth open.

Kailash – come Sunil , we were waiting for you only.

Saanchi (sternly ) – really mom you want me to get married to this nautanki

Kabir – Same here. I too don’t want to marry khadoos like you. Even school Principal’s are not khadoos like you.

Saanchi (goes towards him and points finger) – youuu, and you… you are India’s no.1 dramebaaz😑😑

Kabir – aye miss , do you even know you have crossed the limit of hitlerpanti.
I wonder our kids won’t be khadoos like you.

Saanchi – I just pray our kids won’t be nautanki like you

(And they both imagine themselves…. kabir ~ his kids and Saanchi are ordering him like he’s the naughtiest one in the house…. and Saanchi ~ her kids are doing nautanki like kabir does everytime )

Both were fighting and their parents were shocked to see the drama and their trance broke when pandit came.

Kailash – Enoughhhh (kabir and saanchi looks towards them)
Kabir kapoor you don’t want to marry na then it’s ok , out of my house now.. you may leave exit is over there (points towards the gate)

Kabir was shocked.

Jaya got teary eyes and said I never asked you anything Saanchi. Everytime me and your dad supported you😒😒😒

Saanchi couldn’t see tears in her mother’s eyes. She ran and hugged her.
Saanchi – I’m sorry maa, I will marry him. Bit pls don’t cry .

Here kusum went to kabir and said I didn’t expected this from you kabir. I wont talk to you.

Kabir hugged her and said I’m sorry mom , I will marry her but pls talk to me. You know na I can’t bear this. Pls maa pls forgive your son.

Kabir kapoor – 24 year old . Son of kusum and kailash. Has recently returned from London after completing masters business. He will soon join his father’s company. And about his character you all must have got idea from the above.

Saanchi Mishra – 23 year old. Daughter of Sunil and Jaya. She has recently taken the responsibility of CEO position in her father’s company.

Sunil and kailash are childhood friends. Kabir and saanchi barely know each other as till high school saanchi was in hostel and when she returned kabir went London. Now when both children are big enough so they want their friendship to convert into relation. Kusum and Jaya also shares a good bond.


After few days finally they were married and all were very happy except the two and you all know.

They entered kabir’s room all exhausted and they were shocked to see the decoration and 1 person was about to faint seeing all those.
Kabir – Omg.. I can’t believe my room is this clean. You know Saanchi I never thought in my dreams also that my room will be this clean. I’m so so so happy. (He was jumping on his fluffy bed)

And on the gate stood exhausted and flabbergasted Saanchi with “what the hell” look .
Kabir saw this and composed himself.

Kabir – I.. I’m sorry come inside Saanchi. I.. I just couldn’t control my happiness seeing my room clean.

Both changed their dresses and Saanchi was just moving towards the bed then only kabir jumped in between.

Kabir – hey listen I won’t leave my bed. I will sleep on my bed only. If you want you can sleep on couch.

Saanchi – what are you saying

Kabir – yes I have seen in movies and serials that the hero sleeps on couch sacrificing his bed for heroine. This is not fair. Why this discrimination with we boys (and he made a cry baby face😭😭)

Saanchi couldn’t believe the changes in her life that took place in last 1 month.
Ooh how could she forget about her so called long drive with her fiance (before marriage )

After their marriage was fixed none of them talked to each other. So finally after insistence of jaya kusum both went on a night long drive as their date plan was cancelled due to urgent meeting of Saanchi.

Kabir went to pick saanchi. Saanchi came out and so kabir out of car. Saanchi was a bit hesitant and kabir as usual in jolly mood. Saanchi was about to sit on passenger’s seat when kabir said.

Kabir – hey ms who will drive then πŸ˜•
Saanchi – ofcorse you
Kabir – why should always boys take girls on long drive. I don’t know you are going to drive and that’s final.
Saanchi – ok fine you go alone on a long drive.
Kabir – ok I have no problem. I will say jaya aunty about my long drive πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Saanchi was shocked and seeing no option she moved to driver’s seat.

After a little time arguing they started talking casually. They were returning and none of them were speaking now. Saanchi was concentrating on driving and kabir was seeing outside when suddenly he shouted.

Kabir – saanchiii… stop the car.

The car jolted and stopped as saanchi immediately applied brake.
Kabir – I want to eat ice-cream kabir shouted 😭😭
Saanchi – why are you shouting like this.
After this they both ate ice-cream .

Flashback ends

Finally they both settled on bed with a pillow wall between them.

Next morning Saanchi woke up and was shocked to see Kabir. His 1 hand over his head and another touching the floor. One leg on another pillow and other 1 straight. And was sleeping with his mouth slightly open and saliva oozing out.

“Who sleeps like this ” Saanchi made a disgusted face.

She got ready in formal maroon shirt, black pants, hairs comed into a little high bun with few strands falling on her face, chura in her hands, high wedges.
She was giving final touch up to her makeup when kabir woke up.
He was mesmerised to see saanchi. And fortunately Saanchi caught him staring her through mirror.

“Whattt” Saanchi said snapping her fingers breaking his trance.
“Nothing , I was just asking where are you going this morning ” Kabir said yawning and stretching.
“Getting ready for office, any problem” Saanchi

“Whatttt, are you mad or what. Which girl goes to office the next day of her marriage only ” Kabir shouts

Just then kusum comes
“Due to sudden meeting she has to go and it can not be postponed so it’s necessary for her, and Saanchi atleast drink this juice ” kusum said keeping the juice glass on table.

“Ye kaisi biwi mili hai mujhe, jo shaadi ke dusre din hi office jaa rahi hai. Sab jagah nayi Dulhan apni pehli rasoi ke liye ready hoti hai aur yha dekho , meri to kismat hi phuti h😭😭😭” Kabir said dramatically

“You and your drama Kabir ” kusum said pissing off

Saanchi drank the juice and quickly left as she was getting late for meeting.

Kabir came down for breakfast and kusum served him.
“Kaha biwiya apne pati ke liye naye naye dishes banati h aur yha dekho whi sukha hua ghaas phus” Kabir murmured

“Kabir as I don’t have time so from tommorow you will go with Saanchi and learn how to handle everything, afterall now you only have to take the responsibility of our company. Such a confident girl she’s, how smoothly she’s handling everything ” kailash said excitedly and saw kabir’s jaw dropped

Kailash – Now what happened

“Nothing I’m going to get ready” Kabir said taking his towel from the cupboard

Next morning Saanchi woke up and got ready but still kabir was sleeping like a log. She shook him but seeing no option she took the water jug and poured on him.

“Mum..mummyy…. flood.. flood” Kabir woke up immediately and saw Saanchi standing with hands on her waist.

After rubbing his eyes
Kabir – how much my wifey cares for me. I shouldn’t gate late so made me bath on the bed only. Awwww my cutie πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Saanchi – just shuttt up and get ready for office. In half an hour we will leave.

After few minutes she came and saw kabir putting gel and setting his hair.
Kabir – hey I guess you won’t have problem if I flirt with beautifulll ladies of your office (he emphasised on word beautiful )

Saanchi – you are going to office or a fashion show πŸ˜• do whatever you want but dare you disturb during work.

She went away from there saying she’s waiting down.

Kabir did a victory dance after that.
After breakfast both headed to Office. Kabir was with Saanchi all that time and after they reached Saanchi’s cabin her PA came to inform her about meetings and deals.
Meanwhile kabir was scanning her office.
After Saanchi finished she turned back to see a kid aka Kabir who was excitedly seeing and touching her things neatly placed on the table. She frowned but then composes herself and said.

“Kabir, this is office; behave” Saanchi said with an annoyed tone
Kabir immediately leaves the things
“Yes boss , oops angry bird or say khadoos hilter” Kabir said saluting her dramatically

Saanchi grabs her file from the table and says him to roam around office as today is his first day.
Kabir suddenly sees one office female staff and starts flirting. He roams around the office whole day flirting and talking with the employees and he concluded Saanchi aka his wife is another name of the great hitler.

When Saanchi was going to her cabin she was pissed of seeing kabir laughing and doing masti will other employees.

Time skips to 2 month with their silly fights, Saanchi’s strictness, kabir’s masti , and last but not the least falling for each other. Kabir has realised but didn’t confessed. And on Saanchi’s side she didn’t realised when she started enjoying kabir’s company, When kabir’s nautanki and drama became a part of her life, whenever she would see Kabir talking to another girl she would feel jealous. It wasn’t that kabir didn’t noticed. In past few days since he realised his love for her lovely wife he noticed change in her behaviour. She would fight less with him , infact sometimes she would give company in playing pranks on kusum and kailash. Both parents were very happy seeing them. She replaced kabir’s PA sikha with Karan as she didn’t wanted any female around his husband another le the time.

Today there was a party for which kabir and Saanchi were getting ready.
Kabir wore a black tuxedo he was waiting for Saanchi since 10 minutes.

Kabir – Saanchi where are u, we are gett..tt…ing…la..te (he was mesmerised to see a beautiful petite figure coming towards him adjusting her royal blue saree)

Saanchi – sorry kabir it’s just I don’t have habit of wearing these saree so it took time (While adjusting her saree.. she didn’t noticed kabir )
After adjusting as she looked up she found kabir looking at her awestruck.
She blushed seeing him but then composed
Saanchi – kabir we are getting late.(snapping her fingers)

Kabir got into his senses and saw blushing saanchi.
Both reached the party venue.
As kabir was new so Saanchi made him introduce to everyone.

Kabir met one of his schoolfriend who was one of leading businessman in the city. Kabir moved with his friend towards the bar counter for drink and saanchi got involved with her business partners.
Kabir was talking with his friend when suddenly he saw something which made him flabbergasted there. A little far away he saw the love of his life, his beloved wife Saanchi hugging an unknown man and smiling and talking with him.
He excused his friend and moved towards Saanchi. Somewhere he had fear of loosing her, though he trusted her but there a war started between his heart and mind.
He went to her and tapped Saanchi’s shoulder gaining her attention.

Saanchi – ohh kabir, I was searching for you only. Meet Mr. Veer Malhotra the owner of karma industries and our business partner too. And Veer this is kabir Kapoor my husband.
Veer – ohh hello kabir, nice to meet you.
(Shaking hands)
Kabir – hello veer, nice to meet you (fake smiled)

kabir was very disturbed. After returning from party he was lost somewhere. Saanchi tried to talk to him but he was lost somewhere else only.
Next day when kabir reached office as saanchi left earlier saying she had some important meeting he was shocked would be an understatement. Saanchi was hugging veer and both were smiling. This scene made kabir freeze there. He opened the door making them break their hug.

Saanchi – good morning kabir, you are early today btw see who’s here.
Kabir – ohh so you had important meeting and now I know what important work you had.
Saanchi couldn’t understand what he was saying then when she saw Isha entering the cabin.

Saanchi – bhabi, see na bhai didn’t brought my chocolates.

Saanchi helped isha to sit comfortably on the couch. Isha was 6 months pregnant. Kabir stood there clueless .

Isha – Veer why are you troubling my baby girl.
Veer – hey I was just kidding
Isha – you just shut up, soon your kid will be in your hands and you are trying to kid here (she got angry )
Veer – I’m so sorry jaan, see here are your baby girl’s special chocolate from Switzerland.
(He gave them to saanchi while she showed her tongue teasing him while he too made faces)

Coming to kabir since Isha entered the scene he was like a statue there .
Saanchi came to him and waved her hands infront of his eyes.
Saanchi – hey kabir , now say what you were talking about.
Kabir – first tell me what’s going on here.

Veer – today is raksha bandhan and you darling wife , my best friend and also my little sister tied rakhi to me (showed him his rakhi which was under the sleeves of his shirt)

Veer, saanchi and Isha were in same college. Veer and Isha were 1 year senior to saanchi. And ishveer were in relationship too. One day isha was standing near a golgappa stall when some stalkers started teasing and misbehaving with her. Isha was hell frightened and was praying for veer to come back soon and when a stalker fall on isha’s feet. When all other stalkers turned they saw fierce Saanchi. She made all 4 stalkers run away with her fighting skills.
Till then Veer also came and was sorry to isha for not being there. And from then they all 3 became good friends. Veer used to treat her like sister. Every raksha bandhan she used to tie him rakhi. 2 years ago veer and isha got married and now Isha was 6 months pregnant.

Kabir was feeling guilty for misunderstanding his love Saanchi. Though he trusted her but he was scared to loose her.
Veer – you know I’m sure you will make this khadoos Saanchi normal. (Earning glare from saanchi)
Saanchi – bhaiiii, not fair .
Isha – but yeah kabir if I ever get to know that my girl got hurt, you will see the worst side of me.
Veer – do you think this will ever happen, she maybe our little girl but Sherni hai humari Saanchi (but our saanchi is tigress)

After that veer and Isha went .

Kabir – I.. I’m so sorry saanchi, I doubted you. (He was stammering )
Saanchi – for what kabir
Kabir – actually yesterday in party and now today I saw you hugging veer I was scared saanchi I was scared … I’m sorry saanchi.

Saanchi was shocked at his confession.
And she started doing her work.
Kabir – Saanchi please say something, your silence is killing me (scared and nervous )
Saanchi – I have to attend an important meeting kabir, see you in evening(emotionless )

And she moved out. Kabir stood their regretting.
In the evening kabir left a note for Saanchi saying he has some work.
Saanchi was going home when she thought to visit mall for some shopping as today her work completed earlier.
She was roaming in the mall when she saw kabir with a girl. She started following them. After shopping kabir and the girl moved towards cafe. Saanchi covered her face with stall and goggles so kabir can’t recognise her. Kabir and girl went to counter for ordering their drinks.

Counterboy – yes sir ma’am what you would like to have.
Girl – um..mm
Kabir – 1 black coffee and 1 chocolate milkshake for Riya
(Yeah the girl is non other than RiyaπŸ˜‰)
Riya – you still remember, wow I’m impressed.
Kabir – anything for you (he said side hugging her)

Saanchi was heartbroken after this. Somewhere she had started feeling for kabir and now she can’t afford to loose him. She was hell angry on kabir for cheating her. She never expected kabir would do this. She moved to her car and leaning on she started crying badly. Kabir and Riya were moving towards kabir’s car when he noticed Saanchi’s car and saw her sitting with her knees hugging her chest and her crying face buried between her hands . He excused Riya and moved to see her.

Kabir – Saanchi is that you

He only spoke to see Saanchi in miserable condition. Her sobs got less and she tries to get up holding the car. Kabir tried to help her but she jerked him.

Saanchi – stay away from me.
Kabir – saanchi what happened why are you crying like this .
Saanchi – I never expected this from you kabir. You doubted on my and Veer’s relation and here you are only having extra martial affair… chii… kabir chiii
Kabir was dumbstruck listening this.
Saanchi – I was fool to trust you..

Aaannddd then entered Riya in the scene
Riya – where are you we were getting late na
And this is when she noticed Saanchi before she could say anything Saanchi shouted

Saanchi – yes yes go kabir, what’s the need of me when you are already settled with her.

Riya – bhabi what are you talking about. Bhai what happened.

This statement of Riya made saanchi shocked would be an understatement.

Saanchi – what you just said.. bhabi
Riya – yes, you are kabir bhai’s wife so according to that you are my bhabi na. And see he only gave me 1 chocolate 😭😭 but when I blackmailed him that I will tell his secret to you he agreed and brought me here for shopping.

Kabir left from there without speaking .

Saanchi – but he doesn’t have any sister.

Riya – my brother and kabir bhai were best friends. They were in 12th and in 10th. We were in same school. Kabir bhai didn’t had any sister so I used to tie him rakhi every year. They both were like shield for me. No boys dared to harm or tease me. But one in accident my brother passed away (tears appeared in her eyes) Since then kabir bhai never let me feel the absence of brother. But after 12th he went to London and now when he has returned I tied him rakhi after 5 years.

Saanchi – ye kya kar diya maine
Riya – what happened bhabi what you are saying
Saanchi – I saw you both and misunderstood the situation and don’t know how many things I said to kabir which I shouldn’t.

Riya – go bhabi, go fast he loves you so much, he needs you bhabi
Saanchi was on cloud nine hearing that kabir loves her.
Saanchi – w..what he loves me (stammering)
Riya – yes bhabi and he didn’t wanted to loose your friendship so he didn’t confessed.

Saanchi reached home and went directly to their room. Kabir was in washroom when he came out Saanchi went and hugged him. He parted her little holding her shoulder.

Saanchi – I…I’m sorry kabir. I shouldn’t have done that (crying )
Kabir – it’s enough saanchi. I don’t want to talk.
Saanchi (a little angrily) – but kabir like you misunderstood me same happened with me.
Kabir – it isn’t same saanchi. I accept I misunderstood but I trusted you and when I saw you in office with veer then i couldn’t control my anger but what you did with me. You simply assumed anything. I flirt with girls but for fun. I know my limits, and moreover I can never think of cheating my wife. I didn’t knew you thought this about me. I thought we have started understanding each other but no I was wrong .

Saanchi – I’m sorry kabir
She tried to talk to him but he moved and slept on his side. Without any option saanchi to moved towards bed thinking his anger will fade away, he isn’t much angry otherwise he wouldn’t have slept in the room but the girl didn’t knew this time she had badly hurt him.

Next morning when Saanchi woke up she didn’t found kabir. Thinking he went in the hall she got ready and headed towards dining table in order to see Kabir. But alas when she reached kabir wasn’t there. She asked from kusum but no clue. She got worried and searched him in whole house . Kusum and kailash too got worried. Saanchi dialled his no. but it was not reachable.
Saanchi went to her room to take her purse and suddenly her eyes fell on table.
It was a letter left by kabir.

“I’m sorry, I could never stand on your expectations. I’m a very bad person. You all might be fed up of my crazy things, but I swear I always wanted to make everyone smile. I’m very irresponsible. But now you all will not have to bear these. I have no right to live in this world. I’m going, going very far from you all, from this world”

Your kabir

Saanchi – Kabirrrrrrr
Kusum and kailash arrived and when no response from Saanchi kusum took the letter and after reading she fainted.

What happened to kabir??

I wanted to post this on Raksha bandhan but couldn’t complete on time and now also it isn’t complete. If you all liked this then do tell otherwise I won’t write final part of this.
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Yippie I’m so so so happy that sdch ended. And a big shout out to all the writers of sdch fanfictions . Please comeback all our writers. We can keep our kaanchi alive through the fanfictions. We miss you all.

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    Hey yaar…….how are you dear………….we miss you lot dear………this os is really yaar amazing and Mind blowing……….I can’t wait for he next part yaar please yaar post soon na……….in this story we get a different kabir and sanchi………….I like it so so much……. lovely and beautiful story yaar…….love u lots yaar…………….tc dear you and your family…………..

    1. Priyanshipp

      Hey an uu. .I’m fine dear u say.. instead I should say I missed u alot and it’s truth I missed ur 2 ongoing ffs😣 I’m glad to see u back n m happy that u liked the plot. I will post soon dear. Luv u too n Take care ❀❀

  12. Riyarocks

    haha…..sabse pehle aayi cmmnt karne k liye,…arey neeche se…sabse pehle πŸ™‚ jinny…pehle toh ye vs k paas bhej….baithe bithaaye usse pata chaljayega ki achhi script kise kehte hain…….ye rs ko koi samjhaye, thodi TU mein aake story ki training le le, coz usse iski bohut zaroorat hai….aur rahi baat iss os ki, tujhe wohi cheezein kab tak sunaoongi….par chal….ig waali nhi….apni pooraani ff style cmmnt karti hoon…..khidkitod, darwaazatod, buildingtod, mohallatod os hai……..hehe……..jaldi hamare dramebaaz kabir ko laa….warna mein tujhe kachha chaba jaoongi………hehe…….luv u bohut saara :):)

  13. Priyanshipp

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚tujhe pata h kitna acha laga tera comment dekh ke…purane din yaad aa gye..aur tu block karwane pe kyu tuli h😜😜 aur tera purana style comment to mere os ki aan baan shaan h… maza aa jata h padh ke…aur tera kabir nhi wo saanchi ka kabir h😜thik h chaba jana mai jinny betal hoon gayab ho jaungi😝😝 love u too paglet sanki ghanchakkar brahmarakshas 😚😚😚

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