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I tossed and turned side to side feeling of neck pain. It doesn’t seem to be my bed but yet it’s is more comfy.

Opening my eyes i screamed as someone faces came to view very closely to my face. Pushing him back i sat up with Slight pain in my neck. I saw him looking at me from up to down, it made me uncomfortable. I covered my leg with duvet. So i had duvet too, sleeping comfortably in office that too on couch in my boss cabin. ‘enjoying 1st day of your office life’

He sat next to me on couch. How come he  is inside boss cabin without getting permission and where did the Laksh go.

“so, you’re the one” he asked keeping hand my shoulder and slap it away. He smirk at me. His eyes not leaving mine. There was something in his eyes like he can’t believe me. Like i was something different.

“which one” i asked averting my eyes. He again kept his hand only shoulder dragging me towards him while i struggled to stop him from doing it. I felt it wrong, same i feel for Ranjit touch but Laksh and Pradeep touch only makes me comfort and secure. I moved away from him. Maintaining some distance.

“Laksh new PA” he said he eying me closely.
“yeah. so, who are you? How can you enter into boss cabin in his absence? ” i snapped at him still moving to edge of couch.

” Now i understand. Why he choose you out of many women out there” he said with smile, a really friendly smile.
‘he is playing with you’ i eyed him curiously.

“Hey, sorry for being jerk before. I just wanted to find are you worth for Laksh” what worth. I just going to work here. Not to marry Laksh and live happily to think about my worth.

“so you thought me a gold digger or some sült to sleep with boss and get paid for it” i almost yelled at the end.

“you’re not only his PA, you’re going to be his….”

“cabir” i turn to see Laksh, my boss standing same as i saw before sleep. He gave a glare at cabir, the one who was with me. Cabir walks to Laksh.

” I happy for you man” he said eyeing me. Laksh smile at his comment making me wonder what is just happening here. When Laksh eye met mine everything vanished except he and me. His eyes told me that i was most precious one in his life. I eyes are sulking my soul out making me feel him.

“yes, i told you” Laksh walks toward me maintaining eye contact. He sat in place were cabir sat before. Caressing my cheek and pressing his lips on my cheek for a moment. I kept my eyes down not daring to look at him as i felt my cheeks heat up. Forming a bush.

“dude, I’m here and you know i don’t mind eyeing your romance but she is turning red due to embarrassment” cabri voice broke the magical moment. ‘maintain distance Ragini you’re Loosing yourself to him’

I composed myself and tried to move away but his hand on waist kept me back in place with him next to me. His scent and his body touching my side. Oh this is hell. I can’t keep my desires for him. I like him.

‘wow! First day of the office sleeping on couch in boss cabin, doing no work and now falling for boss! Every girl dream of it’ i scoffed at my subconscious for stupid comment.

I’m ordinary girl while Laksh get many girl as much he wants. I’m just one of his PA he may even think me as sült like cabir though.

“Ragini! What’s wrong? Where are you lost?” i ture to see Laksh looking down at me worriedly.

“Hmm, I’m fine…. Hmm just think of something sir”

“Can you please call me Laksh” he asked with pout. I smiled at him nodding my head i want to say he is my boss I’m just an ordinary staff but he will bulge. As far i know him he never gives up easily so its better to go with him than arguing then my eye landed on cabir who stood adoring us. That’s what i felt! He had huge smiles which is not leaving his face.

“Ok lets me introduction myself clearly” cabir told and walks towards couch and sat on other side.

“I’m cabir sharma, Laksh friend for ever and business partner. That’s why i have liberty to come here at anytime. Sorry for making you uncomfortable. I was just teasing you. Please forgive me for it, so.. Friends ” he smiled at me forwarding hand.”you don’t need to worry about boss employee stuff” i eyed Laksh then cabir. He sounds to be good person so i tool his hand.

“I’m Ragini, Laksh PA for now.” i told coping him. We bust into laugh.

Suddenly Laksh grabbed my hand away from cabir’s. Dragging me still towards him making me frozen.

“OK I’m moving, see you my dear friend soon” he winked at me, before leaving from room.

“Do…. Do you” i clears his throat “Do you like him” his lit up eyes were now dark. What had happened to him. Like him in the seance what. Yes he sounds to be good.

“what? I know him just now not even as much i know you” i argued.

“Okay then” he said, losing his tie and started to unbuttoning his shirt. I was horrified. What is he up to. He took card less and called someone and asked then for food. Hearing his order i intently felt hungry. I look at watch, it almost 2:00 pm.

He went inside another door opposite to the washroom. I wonder what it could be cabin is in square shape with 4 doors. One is door for room opposite to the door on the right corner Laksh table facing the door while left a door for washroom, one for my cabin and another one is what?.. My trace broken by door shutting sound. I saw him coming after fresh up and looking manly.

“what is that door for” i asked without second thought. He arched his brows, messing his hair with hand making water drops to fall on me. It gave me tickling sensation. I was feeling something is being developed in me for him. ‘like!! You like him’ if i starts to like him i will only end up in hurting myself, because he is CEO for multinational company where I’m his employee earning from him. Its wrong i have only one relationship with him as PA.

He kept staring me. “what?” i asked. He mouthed “Nothing”.

“Ms. Ragini come here please” he said before sitting on his chair.

I’ll not go, why will i go to him ‘you should he is your boss’.

“yes, sir” I regularly moved towards him still. And stood in front of his table. He looked at me with furrowed eyebrows.

“Ragini what i have told you? I said not to call me as sir” i rolled my eyes he can call me miss while if i call him sir he acts like manic. ‘because he is, he is your boss’.

His expression harden when i kept numb. He stood up and pulled me closer, my body suddenly tensed up. He tuned me so my back towards him, he back hugged me with his hand on my waist, playfully. He bit my ear and nibbed it. I was in heaven with his fresh scent and his wet lips. ‘maintain distance’ i release from his grip.

“Better you cooperate with me else i will punish you, like this” he smirked. I stood there for a moment unable to register what just happened.

I ran to washroom washed my face and ear. Looking at myself in the mirror. I was blushing profusely. ‘This is first step to heart break ragini, do you really think he will like you. he is attracted to you, be in limits you have lots of things to do, don’t fall for him’

I can’t stop myself from being attracted towards him. I know i started to to him but it will lead me to disaster.

I came out of washroom Laksh stood balancing himself in the door of mysterious room. He guested me to get in the room after opening the door. I gulped. What he planning to do?. He gave one hard look that said me to do what he wanted me to do.

I got into the room it’s was such a big master bedroom. Room has painted with blue and gray colours. I startled with sound of door locking. I look at the table filled with food and chair and both the side.

What did he think about me. A sůlt how dare. I called me inside the bedroom, clenching my teeth to keep angry in.

“come have a seat” he said. I kept grazing him in angry.

I wanted to grab the knife and stab him. For smirking at me.

I sat opposite to him, he started serving food for both of us. ‘he is so caring, is it?’ i wanted to kill my subconscious.

“Why are you so caring?” i blurted out.


“Are you so caring for all the staff” i asked keeping my eye down.

“yes, health employers then healthy company. So i do care for all” he said causally. It already started to hurt.
‘so, its better if we maintain distance, he cares like employer does for employees’

Tears gather in my eyes. I swallowed the lump in my throat. Stop expecting. ‘Affection towards him, just at first day of office’

After lunch he handed me a file and asked me to go through and get some print. i was busy till 5:00 pm.

“sir, it’s time up. So I’m moving” I didn’t wait for his response. I wanted to get home and relax after all it is fist and such a hectic day.

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