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‌‍ Happy new year guys ❤️ So here is a special update for you all ?

Next level of our relation ??

Ragsan interrupt their intence hug ? & Sanskar wipes Ragini’s tears gently ? meanwhile Ragini eyes him ❤…

SANSKAR: I am sorry Ragini, we will find a solution for our marriage ☹️ but we can’t stay like this …I mean we can be friends ?…

A small smile comes on Ragini’s  face ? & she wipes Sanskar’s  tears ?…

RAGINI: Yes, but very soon you will accept our marriage ❤ & you will fall in love with me , who knows ah  !!..?..

Sanskar looks at her suprised by her answer & then a notification comes on his mobile …she was Kritika?

“ Sanskar my parents fix my marriage with Karan ! I am so happy because we will spend more time & will be close to eachother ❤? love you ..”

Sanskar was ?? meanwhile Karan comes with a sad face ?..

SANSKAR :Kritika is mad !!!! Why she is ruining her & Karan’s life !!?You are so selfish Kritika! You are not that bubby Kritika with who I fell in love !!:(

Ragini was surprised ? meanwhile Karan comes & holds Ragini’s  hand ? which makes Sanskar more angry ?…

RAGINI: Please say no to this marriage , plz say that you don’t want to marry Kritika !!??

KARAN :Listen Ragini ; as a friend thank you for your suggestion but I can’t say no to my mom ? if you help me we can make Kritika realize the importance of marriage ❤ ..

Ragini smiles & hugs Karan ❤ this make Sanskar more angry & he breaks the glass & gets hurt ?

SANSKAR: If your hug is over ? plz Karan leaves us ? alone….

Karan leaves meanwhile Ragini  see Sanskar’s hand which was hurt ? and she goes to him & holds his hand meanwhile Sanskar say “auch” …

RAGINI: How you got hurt? You can’t take care of yourself , why you are so careless ? ?? (she blows on his hand & cleans the blood?)….

Sanskar smiles & he was enjoying her concern ?..

SANSKAR: Yes I am careless because I never get my mom’s love? she leaves me & Anika di to fulfils her dreams …but Anika di always loves me like a mother ❤ I love her so much …In my life there are 3 persons who really cared about me : Anika di,Kritika & you ?..

These words for Ragini were like a dream ?? Sanskar cares her face & gives her a cute kiss on the cheek ? leaving Ragini speachless ❤…

SANSKAR: You are a good friend , very sweet & caring friend?..

He leaves meanwhile Ragini realize that mistakenly a little blood was in her forehead ?? she gets happy & teary eyes to ?❤..

Kritika was so happy ? because she gonna stay close to Sanskar & then her phone rings ?..

KARAN:Hi sweetheart, I am Karan .. your future husband to be  ..So I want to go on a romantic date with you❤️ Sanskar & Ragini are also comfy with us so it will be a very nice dinner night ☺️

Kritika gets happy as he will spend quality time with her love Sanskar ??

KRITIKA: Of course Karan !!!! Pick up me at 8☺️

Ragini was preparing the bags ? meanwhile Sanskar  arrives ?

RAGINI: Sanskar we are going on a dinner date with Karan & Kritika ? I know it’s an awkward situation & plz don’t try to be close to Kritika ?(she touch his face with her finger)..

Sanskar was ??? she winks & leaves ?..

SANSKAR: What the hell is Kritika doing? ? But Ragini’s touches are very soft ? (he literly smiles☺)…

Ragini was preparing in a hot black dress ? Sanskar comes & gets breathless seeing her ? meanwhile Ragini gets shy ?..but he noticed that her dress’s zip is open so he gets close to her ?..

(Ragini’s  look)

SANSKAR: What are you doing Sanskar ? (she was blushing ?)…

Sanskar slowly slowly close her zip leaving Ragini emberessed ??…

RAGINI: Ahhh….thank you ❤

SANSKAR: Ohhh you are looking so hot in this dress ??..

He winks ? & goes leaving Ragini happy ??..

Kritika  & Karan were already at the date place ?? decorated with red roses ?❤..

(Kritika’s  look)

KARAN :You are looking hot in this dress ? & thanks for coming ☺ ..

KRITIKA :Thank you ? I just hope that San…I mean that’s so nice from you?..

Karan gets a little doubt on Kritika’s intentions ? meanwhile Sanskar & Ragini arrives …immediately Karan takes Ragini with him  ? leaving Manik ?????….

SANSKAR: What the hell yaar ? How he can takes Ragini like this ??…

Kritika puts him on the wall ? & starts touching his face & lips romatically ??…Anika was passing in that place for a meeting with a client when her eyes go on Sanskar & Kritika who were included in a romantic moment ?..she was really hurt & angry with Sanskar because he didn’t change ?????…

ANIKA: Sanskarrrrr !? What the hell are you doing with Kritika ? Where is Ragini? What is this , you are married so why you are with her ??..

Sanskar pushes Kritika away & gets shocked seeing Anika di here ..?

SANSKAR: Di I can explain you , I married Ragini because her groom to be escaped from marriage & nothing else l? I love Kritika & Ragini is only my responsability ?

Anika slaps Sanskar ☹️

ANIKA:Omg why are you ruining Ragini’s life☹️ ? She is so sweet & caring & you are so selfish(she looks at him angrily ?) I can’t tolerate this …listen you have to decide Kritika  or Ragini ?! If you choose Kritika , you will get out of from my house & lives with her somewhere & if you choose Ragini you have to give me a baby ?? & that’s mean you have to consummate  your relation & give all the wife’s right to Ragini !!! The choice is yours !!!!

Sanskar was in dilemma ? he can’t harm her di ❤ but Kritika !

SANSAR: Di you know that I can’t say no to you ? I promise that I will accept Ragini as my wife wit all the respect  ❤

Kritika was teary eyes after listening this ? She runs from there meanwhile Anika takes him to Ragini ??…

Karan was about to say something ? but he sees them coming …Ragini was surprised because Sanskar was crying ?..

ANIKA :My dear why you didn’t tell me about your marriage I mean how he married you ! But now he will give you all the rights of being Maheshwari’s daughter-in-law ☺️ You both will get married again with all the function  ?..

She hugs Ragini who looks at sad Sanskar ? & they share intense eyelock. ..??? Karan was really happy ?…

Ragini & Sanskar  were in their bedroom ? none of the talks because Sanskar was fully drunk? but Sanskar turns & hugs Ragini ? and cries meanwhile she console him ?❤…

SANSKAR: For the first time Anika di slapped me ?I am really hurt but she is also right …. I didn’t told her about Kritika ?…She wants a baby formo us !! We will go on the next level but  without any emotion only compromise ok ?…

Ragini interrupt the hug & gets shocked ??..

RAGINI: What I am for you ? I am not your toy that you play whenever you want ? I have emotions dam it ? (after this Sanskar gets more stressed, Anika’s words was in his mind)..

He holds her & kiss her ? to stop her talk ? (passionate kiss❤) 

He makes her lies on the bed & he was still kissing ? he opens her dress ? and kisees her back & shoulders  ? he interrupt the kisses ? and he looks at her ? her eyes were closed close so he started to kiss her neck  &  meanwhile Ragini was & she puts her hands on his back meanwhile he contiene to kiss her neck ?? tears was falling from her eyes because she was feeling Sanskar ??…

So will RAGSAN will consummate their relationship ? I hope you are enjoying the story?


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  1. Mounia543

    Awesome yaar but I don’t want consummate without love

  2. Superb dear

  3. Awesome

  4. Awesome sisssy. Waiting for sanky confession.

  5. Awesomeeeee I don’t want their consummation scenes before their love story.

  6. Superb dear.

  7. Noooooo first make sanskar love ragini.

  8. Superb

  9. Amazing sanskar you are doing wrong. Poor Ragini ?

  10. Jasminerahul

    happy that as I wished krithika’s marriage is fixed with karan.shocking that still kritika’s intention is to be with sanskar.liked karan telling ragini to help him to make krithika know the importance of marriage.zip scene n sanskar telling ragini with a wink that she looks hot in this dress was romantic. anika catching sanskar krithika red handed ..knowing their truth n slapping him n putting on demands …sanskar choosing ragini for anika was superb.ragsan conversation was emotional. ragsan scene was hot. perfect pics

  11. Jasminerahul

    well…nice to see ragsan becoming friends.
    perfect pics.
    in one place its written manik.is it a converted fanfiction?

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