Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 27) By Anaz

Blind of love ???

Part -27

Ragini sing well….. ???? thats a great slap to kavya ???

Laksh already losted himself on her song ??? bcz she fully sing about laksh na ❤❤❤❤

Both maintain their eyelocks ??? and move on … to close ……

Rcky & shreya enjoying their bonding ☺☺ and said what a beautiful couples they r na ???

Rcky : try to learn from her ? how to make her udbi happy ???

She hits his legs ???

Rcky : sout ouchhhjh……

Ragini cames near to laksh…… but they keep in their eyelocks ???

Kavya notices this …. so she decided to cut her nose infront of all …..

She came in opposite direction ….???

Kavya thought if she hits her legs while walking ( she was in eyelock na ) she fell down infront of all ???

She goes to hit her then she decided to use waiter

She pushed waiter to her side ragini losted her balance ??? sametime he also losted his balance and clashed with kavya ?????

Laksh hold ragini waist tighterly ???? and rescue her from slip

Another side kavya and waiter hits eachother and fell down ?????

All drinks suffed to her dress ?????

Lak : r u ok ragu ??? ( he didnt see kavya ???) she said i am k laksh

Shreya and rcky cant control their laugh

So they start to laugh ???? all joins with them …..

That laugh make raglak attention turns to kavya ?????

Kavya plan again failed ??? her nose cutted infront of all ????

Rag : beat laksh and told to help her ….

Lak : stop to laugh and nodded yes maam

Before that rakesh ( one of kavya frd ) forwarded his hand to her

She gets up ??? angrily but she hide it …..

Rag : kavya go and clean ur dress
She smiled fakely ….

Then left ……..

Raglak speaking eachother then rck shreya joins with them……

Laksh frds ( varun & maneesh ) enjoying with drinks …..

Maneesh : varun see their …

Varun : yah they sharing great bonding each other

Maneesh : how did he get her… see how pretty she is….. all grlz fell in love with him ,easiy

Varun : actually i have the same doubt what speciality he had ?? We had lots of money but we didnt commited still now

Maneesh : how adorable she is ?? Did u know traditional grlz are very expensive in such street ….. ( they start to talking vulgarly ) they r not a good friend of laksh just a clg mates…….

Varun : y dont we try her ?? How we do in clg days ….

Maneesh : no varun did u forgot what happened in clg days its danger… we escaped from that at the last moment

Varun : but ragini dont know that na ?? ??

Maneesh : sry varun i cant again … if u need u will carryon….

Varun : ok ok chill …

( this conversation heared by kavya … and smiled evily)

Rcky : ragini u r amazing dr ☺☺ such a beautiful voice

Rag : smiled ☺☺☺

Laksh hold her hand lovingly ???

Shreya notice this …. so laksh brother what a silent romance ha ??

Raglak unhold their hand ☺☺☺ after hearing that. ….

Shreya : hey i just kidding u guyzzz ??

Then she pushed ragini to laksh…… ❤❤

She fell on his chest ❤❤❤ laksh hold her tightly ….. ?????

Shreya : perfect ….. ?? i wish u live long happily like this….

Ragini blushed ??? laksh smiled ☺☺
And replied samely thank u……

After dinner …..

All r busy in their conversation. …. raginii excuse laksh …

Bcz she felt little headache ????

Lak : ok ragini u go and take rest ….

Ragu tried to move on …..

Kavya frds gang :

See kavya how irritating look she had how laksh love her strange … ???

I dony like her, i just hate her way of talking , dressing, behaviour ….

She is not a perfect partner to our handsome laksh….

Kavya : no no raginii is very nice girl she is perfect partner to laksh….

All these heared by raginiii ???? then she goes to her room.. with teary eyes….

Kavya notice this….. and smiles ☺☺ ( and thanked to her friends to help to tease her )

Next plan also on the way raginiii
U r finished ….. ☺????

Flashback :

She heared both varun and maneesh conversation na …..
She wisperly offer some amount to varun… and ask him to show her character less infront of laksh ….

Varun : agreed ☺☺☺

Flashback end :

Laksh room :

Ragini wiping her tears….. and think about what they said to her….

Suddenly varun enter to laksh room … and saw her sitting on bed ….

He goes near of her … and touch her shoulder ????

Its k laksh ….. no response

She gets up and turns ….. ??? shocked to see varun in their room..

Rag : yah varun what do u want… ?? can i help u

Varun : he smells his fingers and said i need u mrs laksh maheshwari….

Rag : what u mean ??

Varun : i said i want u thats it ….

Rag : mind ur language … mr.varun and gets out from here….. ???

Kavya search laksh everywhere but cant found him… so she thought dont miss this opportunity to show her character less , atleast infront of rcky ….

Laksh room :

Varun goes near to her …. she keeps stepbackward and giving killing look to him ????

This is the limit stay away from me …

He suddenly tried to hug her …..

She pushed him and slap him twicely ??????? in angrily her face turn to ruddish …. eyes r overflowing with tears ?????

She tries to run , varun hold her hand from back… before that she fell on laksh chest ????

After seeing laksh he leaved her hand … raginii hugged him tightly… ????❤❤

Laksh didnt hug her back…. then look varun ….

Varun : laksh see how characterless she is ?? She invited me to here … i came here friendly, , but she tried to come close to me thats y i pushed her away … laksh trust me…. ???

Rag : shocked ???? she is speechless after hearing that…..

All r gathered in laksh room…..

Kavya smile ☺☺☺☺☺ and signald to her friends

They start to blame ragini infront of laksh with cheap words…… ????

Rcky & shreya : just shut up ….

Rcky : laksh our ragini is not such type girl

Rag : keeps crying ??? laksh silent start to kill her slowly

She goes near of laksh and touch his shoulder and tried to explain what was happend ….

Before that he pushed her hand away and shout shut up raginiiii i know all ??????

Ragu heart broked after hearing his words ????

Shreya gribs her shoulder …. ragu watch him with teary face…..

Kavya enjoyed that…..

Laksh thanked varun to prove characterless ??? ragu shocked ????????

Varun : its my pleasure laksh …. to prove her ( charact…….. before he finished his words ,, laksh punched his face)

He fell down …. ?????

All r shocked ????? including raginii…..

Mind ur blo*dy toungue ????

I thanked u ….. to prove urself ( characterless ) u dont ever deserve my friendship

How dare u call her characterless ???

He kicked him continuously in anger.. ?
Rcky control laksh and save him from him

Rag : she cant control her tears in happy ?????????❤❤❤ .

Laksh kneeldown beside him and goes close to his face…. and smile ☺☺

His smile makes all confused including kavya ….. ????

See ur cheek man its already turns to reddish bcz of her tight slap…

What do u think … if u lied to me i will suspect her ….

U idiot…. ur face shows me in first look what was actually happend….

Varun :?????

Do u know then y i allowed u to tell ur imagination story….

Already u got a wonderfull slap from her na so i just give a break to u … ???

Kavya : ???? he is good for nothing idiot …..

Laksh shouts all gets out from here now ……… ?????

Except ragini all went out …..

Ragu looks him helplessly ????

Laksh opend his two hands for her…..

Ragu felt very happy ??? to trust her very much ….

She runs near to laksh and hugged him tightly ❤❤❤❤ he too hug back her …. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ then he kissed her forhead. ??????

Guyz hw was the episode …..

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