What kind of love is this? (Chapter 11)

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Chapter 11

Ok guys first of all I apologize I made a big mistake ???. ‘A slap or a kiss?’ part doesn’t belong to the last chap. Usually when I get new ideas for future chaps I write small drafts on them. While I was cutting and pasting them I have accidentally pasted on the previous chap. I couldn’t read the chap when it was updated coz I had some work. So when I saw your comments I was so confused what you guys were talking about. Honestly I know it’s too early for a slap or a kiss and after reading your comments I decided to make Kabir and Sanchi realize their love little by little. Even if I mistakenly pasted that sentence your comments made me have many good ideas ???. So thank you and sorry again for my mistake. I will read the chap very carefully and submit from now on.

And all of my lovely readers thank you for the encouragement you gave me through your comments. Please continue it and silent readers if you have time do comment. A single word you give us writers means a lot. Enough wasting time, let’s go to the story.

Previously on “what kind if love is this”

Suddenly the car came to a stop.
Kabir got out of the car saying “Now what happend?” It started to rain while he was looking what’s wrong with the car. He came in and said “I can’t fix it we need a mechanic”. Then he called someone and the mechanic will take around 1 1/2 hours to come.

Looking at the rain Sanchi wanted to dance in the rain so she got out of the car. “Sanchi what are you doing? Get in the the car!!


Sanchi didn’t hear Kabir calling her due to the radio’s high ??? volume and rain ☔️☔️☔️. So she started to play with water and dance ???. Kabir too got out of the car and came to her.

(Imaging that Sanchi’s wearing the most beautiful cream colour shalwar you ever saw)

“Are you mad Sanchi? Come on let’s go” saying Kabir tried to drag her back.

“Noooo Kabir look!! Yeh baarish kitni achcha hai? You too should enjoy it keeping your khadoos personality aside” said Sanchi.

Kabir was admiring her beauty. **God!!! She looks like an angel fallen from sky. Playing and dancing in the rain? How innocent she is! No one would ever believe this is the same jaansi ki raani that turn SDCH upside down ???** said in his mind.

“Oh ho you’re still here like a statue. C’mon!!” she said.

She held his hands and starts dancing ??? again. At first he was hesitant but after some time they both were dancing romantically.

And yeh mausam ki baarish plays on radio.

Chehre mein tere
Khud ko main dhoondhun
Aankhon ke darmiyaan
Tu ab hai iss tarah
Khwabon ko bhi jagah na mile

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish puraani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani

Kabhi tujhme utrun
Toh saanson se guzrun
Toh aaye dil ko raahat

Main hoon bethikana
Panaah mujhko paana
Hai tujhme, de ijazat

Na koi darmiyaan
Hum dono hai yahan
Phir kyun hai tu bata

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish puraani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani

Na na… la la..

Hawaaon se tera pata poochta hoon
Ab toh aaja tu kahin se
Parindon ki tarah yeh dil hai safar mein
Tu mila de zindagi se

Bas itni ilteja
Tu aake ik dafa
Jo dil ne na kahaa
Jaan le…

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish purani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani

At the end of the song both ended their dance in each other’s arms. They were lost in each other’s eyes. Kabir slowly leaned towards Sanchi and she slowly closed her eyes. He removed a small hair strand from her face. She shivered at his touch and slowly opened her eyes. They were lost in each other’s eyes again.

“Excuse me sir, was it you who called for a mechanic?” asked someone.

Sanchi and Kabir quickly let go of each other. They got the car repaired and start heading back to the hostal. There was one thought in their minds. **what just happened?**

When they reached the hostal, Sanchi was about to get down but she couldn’t. Her shawl was stuck around Kabir’s watch. Kabir removed it while looking at Sanchi but she was too embarrassed to look back ???. Both got out of the car. Sanchi thanked huh for the ride and turned to leave. But he stopped her by holding her hand. “Thank you again for this wonderful day” he bid her good night with a light smile and a wave.

………..in Sanchi’s room……….

“Abae ooo maharaani why are you drenched?” asked Pragya.

“Car broke down” replied Sanchi in a daze and went to bathroom.

“What happened to her?” asked Isha.

“Patha nahi yaar, whatever it is, it changed her mood a lot” said Pragya.

“Maybe she and Kabir sir got in to a fight” said Isha.

“She’ll tell us. Give her time. C’mon let’s sleep” both Isha and Pragya went to sleep.

Inside the bathroom Sanchi was thinking about what happened earlier. “What just happened Sanchi? You danced in the rain with him!! Are you mad? The way he looked at me was so intense. Like he didn’t want to lose me. Now you’re totaly out of your mind. No Sanchi no!! You can’t do this! He’s your SENIOR!! You can’t think of him like that!! But I don’t regret that moment. It was the most wonderful moment in my life!! Why would he like someone so plain like you? He might have been caught up in the moment. He sees you like a student and a friend. Nothing more. So forget what happened and act normal ok?” She tried so hard to convince herself but couldn’t control the tears that fall from her eyes. She went to sleep while crying.

……….in Kabir’s and Dev’s quaters……….

Doctors quaters are the opposite building of interns hostel. They’re like apartments. Doctors can stay there alone or they can share if they like. Dev’s and Kabir’s apartment is in the third floor. Kabir entered there smiling.

“??? Kabir dosth? Is this real or am I dreaming? You’re coming home fully drenched from rain with a SMILE?” Asked Dev with a whistle.

“Kyu? Can’t I smile?” asked Kabir.

“Ofcourse you can yaar. Your message said your car broke down so how did you got drenched? Weren’t you two were inside the car?” asked Dev again.

Kabir stayed silent. Dev got more curious now. “??? KABIIIIRRRR? Yaar don’t tell me you danced under the rain!!!” exclaimed Dev.

“Ok then I won’t tell you” Kabir replied nonchalantly.

“You…. you danced with my Sanchi right?” Dev asked again.

Hearing that made Kabir stand up. “YOUR Sanchi?”

“??? relax bro, ??? you did dance in the rain!! Yaar Kabir Kapoor dancing in the rain!! Just imagin, none of our friends would ever believe that. ???” Dev teased him.

“Arre chup karr yaar” Kabir said annoyedly and went to the bathroom. **not a single moment is boring with her. Her cute antics always manage to make me smile ???. Shit!! Did I just think she’s cute? Seriously? It’s the second time I thought that. What the hell is this girl doing to me?** said in his mind. “God I miss her already!!” was his last thought before sleep.

……….next day at SDCH……….

Kabir came to his office in a happy mood. He opened the door saying “Sanch- hmm? Where’s she? May be she went to the class,” he sneezed “I knew I should’ve took medicine for cold last night, now don’t have time gotta go to the class” with that he went to the class.

Class starts and they were talking about blah blah blah and blah blah blah.

Suddenly both Sanchi and Kabir sneezed at the same time. The whole class looked at them questionably. Kabir occasionally looked at Sanchi but she kept looking away. He was puzzled by her behavior. He dismissed the class so everyone went for their duties.

In their break time our gang went to the cafeteria. All were talking about last night Kabir’s b’day but Sanchi was silent. Veer decided to break that. “Sooo miss Golgappa, today you and Dr. Kabir both have a cold. How did it happened?” he questioned.

“Car broke down. Got out to see what happened. That’s how” Sanchi replied in monotone while drinking water.

“Really? ??? I thought you and hitler danced in the rain ???” Veer joked.

Hearing that Sanchi spit out the water she was drinking. “Chiiii ??? Sanchi, kya yaar why did you spit at me?” Veer started to whine.

Everyone in the cafeteria was laughing. Even Kabir and Dev were passing by saw this and stopped to listen.

“If you don’t want to experience such incidents, stop saying weird stuff” again Sanchi replied with a ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

“Why? He didn’t say anything wrong” said Garv.

“Really guys? If you asked wether I danced in the rain that’s not a weird thing. But Dr. Kabir+me+rain+dance=IMPOSSIBLE” said Sanchi.

“No yaar that equation gives us a different answer. It’s like this. Dr. Kabir+Dr. Sanchi+Rain+Dance=sneeze” said Isha and the whole cafeteria laughed out aloud.

Well Riya was different story, you guys know that.

“Ok whatever, Pragya, give these files to Dr. Kabir. I have to check some patients” with that Sanchi left.

Kabir thought why did she lied when she didn’t have any patients to check. He went to his office and waited for Sanchi to come since she’s his assistant but she didn’t.

Couple of days have passed like this. By now Kabir understood Sanchi was ignoring him. “Who does she think she is? How dare she ignore me?” Kabir was screaming angrily when he came to his apartment.

“Oh ho Kabir mera dosth don’t worry!! Bhabi will talk to you” Dev tried to pacify him.

“Don’t call her bhabi” Kabir said even more angrily.

So Dev started to say “If you say so. You know what Kabir, when I first saw Sanchi at your house- Arre bhai don’t give me such a scary expression. Just hear what I have to say first. Ok so as I was saying when I first saw Sanchi at your house holding a cake I had this feeling-”

Kabir grabbed his collar and asked “what’re you trying to say????”

“When I first saw Sanchi at your house holding a cake I had this feeling she’ll be your love” Dev said in one breath.

Kabir let go of him. “Chill bro, I don’t want your girl. How about you try to make her jealous by getting close to another girl” he also said.

“Tumara dimaag kharab ho gai hai kya? I don’t to give her more reasons to avoid me” Kabir got annoyed and went.

“Kabir beta you didn’t deny it when I said ‘she’ll be your love’ ??? things will be soo interesting” Dev said to himself.


So do you think Kabir will make Sanchi jealous or will Kabir get jealous instead?

Let’s wait and see what will happen. I must say next chap will be late a little coz I have some urgent work to finish. So I’m saying sorry in advance. Until we meet again ???

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