Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 10)

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Lets begin

Girl:who anamika..?leave it i m ur big fan..autograph please…(frnds whoever thought her to be sw or pi for them..and ya some where u are right to)

Bt 2 pairs of eyes are watching them..shockingly(u r rytee..its swpi..bt wat sw always wears western..wat hpnd to her she’s wearing..salwar)
They both comes out

Pi:iska mathlab
Sw:di ke sankar tho sankar maheshwari hai
Pi:ab kya kare..
Sw:i m his biggest fan..we vl do wat we came to do..
Pi:if he gets to knw..in ur excitement
Sw:nthg vl hpn..
(Kya kichdi pak raha hai?)
Sw mobile beeps..its our rag
R:sw..his msg..y didnt u reached till nw..
S:we reached di..ok bye..
Rag feels restless

San takes his mobile to cl her..
Swpi comes there..
He looks at them..
Sw(innocently..acts as rag):r u sanskar
Piya luks at her shocked
San feels she is nt anamika..
Sw:sanskar maheshwari wants to meet me?
San:ya i want to knw u..
Sw:for that u want to knw my real name..
Piya to hrslf:ye sw kya karne jaa rahi hai

San pov
In msg she was feeling awkward..y i m feeling she is nt the real anamika..

Sw:wr r u lost ?
Sw:i m…RAGINI..
Piya is shocked
San:y i dont knw..bt i feel u r nt anamika
Piya coughs..
San offers her water
Sw stamps her foot
San:wat hpnd..
Pi:nyhng..jst a insect..bited..

San gets cal frm ap
San:ok..i vl cme nw..

Sw:whose cl
San:mom..ok..bye..i hv to leave nw
He leaves

Piya:wat hv u dne
Sw:wat i hv done..we cm to do dis only na

San hears dis..he gets confused..tgen he leaves

Swpi too leaves

Swpi enters rag comes running..wat hpnd
They explain her
She dont knw y bt her heart pained..

San mansion
San was lost in his thought..
Lak comes there
Lak:wat hpnd..bhai
Lak:did u met ur anamika
San:ya lak..bt
Lak:bt wat bhai..
San:dont knw y..bt i feel she is not my..
Lak smiles
San:i mean she is nt anamika..then he say abt the meating
Lak:i cn help u
San:no..no ways..u flirter..
Lak:slowly slowly..woh behenon ka bhai ghar per hai
San laughs
Lak:so..i vl help u..do as i say ok

Ap&suj comes
We r going with raj..do u want to comr
San:woh..i hv a meeting mom..v vl come next time
They leaves
Sanlak laughs

Doorbell rings
Rag runs to the door
All smiles seeing her excitement

She opens the door she sees ap and suj..they smiles seeing her she didnt recognise her

Then raj comes
She hugs him..in sign language..u are 30 mins late..then he also explains her that he came with his mom and badi mom..
Rag sees them smiles bt nervous..
They gets to knw abt that she is deaf and dumb..

They gets sad
Rag goes to them and takes their blessings..
Swpi too comes and takes their blessing
Suj to rag:u r so beautiful..
Sw comes forwad bt before her raj goes to them and explains
All smiles seeing their bonding..
Rag:u both r beautiful than me
Suj:u chnged my nalayak son beta
Rag:no anyone shouldnt say my bhai..anything.. my bhai shldnt get hurt(smilingly)
They smiles
Suj:if he is ur bhail then..then i m ur mom
Ap:i m ur badi ma
Rag has happy tears as she craved for mom’s love nw she got 2 moms she hugs them
All smiles
Sw:and me
Suj ap:u too
They hugs..tmrw we r leaving we want u both to come to see off..
Sw:we both no we 3
Suj ap gets confused
Sw:piya too
They smules
Suj likes piya..she thinks to make her bahu
They leaves..

Lak:did u msg her..

Here rag phn beeps..
She again gets scared seeing san msg
(She nw knw sanky is a rockstar..bt she never saw him..)
Swpi too sees the msg
Can v meet tmrw sm place same time
Sw replies ok
Rag feels bad she dont knw y..

Lak:all set..
Lak:tmrw v vl knw abt u ms.fake anamika
San:if she is anamika then
Lak:shadi kr lena..
Raj comes:shadi..kisse?
Sanlak get shocked
Lak goes behind sanky
Raj:lak wat hpnd to u
Lak:nthng(lil scared)
Raj:tu dharr kyun raha hai
Sanky:tujse darr raha hai
He laughs
Raj:mujse..wait lucky u r afraid of me..(lil shocked)
Lak:laksh maheshwari kisise nahi darta
Lak:no..bhai plzz
Raj:san u tell
San then tells him everything
Sanraj burst out into laughter..
Raj:ok guys..gud nytee..
He leaves
Lak:haso haso..i wont help u nw..
San:sorry sorry
Lak:u wont laugh again
San(laughing):sorry sorry..i wont laugh

Lak:ab kaam shuru
Lak:ab mein tumhara boss hun
San:ok boss..cn i call raj too(teasingly)
San:sorry sorry

Precap:sanlak and swpi in cafe..raj too comes there..

So guys wat vl hapn next..
Will sanskar get to knw abt swara’s identity?
Wat vl be his reaction?
Hw vl be swalak’s first meet?
Hw raj cm to cafe?will he see sanlak & swpi??

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