Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman taking a gun and going to Atharv. She aims gun at Atharv’s head. Suman asks how dare you do this. Vividha says Atharv did not do anything. Suman scolds Sujata and Atharv. Vividha says that is not Atharv, its someone who looks like Atharv. Suman recalls the man with mask, and says yes, that man had mask, who was he, Atharv’s face is clean. Atharv says yes, its not me and its me, shall I beat him.

Vividha says he has attacked me before also. Suman says what, attacks are happening on you? Ravish comes and says Vividha is right. Suman scolds him for hiding this matter and says I made this house a man, its my responsibility to manage family, you did not tell me when someone has attacked on my bahu to ruin her respect. She says there are two young bahus and one young sister, why did you not tell Daddy ji, we know this man roams with Atharv’s looks, what else do we know. Atharv goes out playing. Everyone come, and even Vipul. Vividha looks at Vipul.

Vipul asks what happened, is there any tension. Suman says we know that man changes his looks, how to know who is he. Vividha says I know everything, it was my and Ravish’s plan to catch the man red handed before you all come, but this could not happen, when he attacked on me last time, I burnt his hand with diya, his hands should have burn mark, no one was there at home, except me, Atharv and Sujata, when Ravish reaches, he had run away.

Daddy ji says it means he has run away. Ravish says no, he is still in this room. They all get shocked. Vipul asks why are you all seeing me. Vividha says I will give you an answer. Vividha tells everything. She says Vipul changed face and came to us, so that we should think he came from imp meeting. Vipul says you are making any story, how can you think such thing, its wrong, I did not do this. She says you know what you did.

Kalindi says enough, you are blaming my son. She scolds Vividha. Bhoomi asks Ravish do you think so. Ravish says yes, situation says so. Kalindi asks Daddy ji to say something. Vividha says I can prove this, when I was attacked, I have hit on that man’s head, his mask got off. They see Vipul hurt. Ravish asks Vipul how did he get hurt. Vipul says I went to take food items and got hurt.

Vividha says fine, show me your hand. Vipul shows hand and asks them to see. Kalindi asks did they see well. Vividha says not this, the other hand. He says whats this joke, I will not show my hand, I don’t have to prove anything, I m going. He goes. Kalindi shouts to them and says no one will go to my son, he is innocent. Suman says enough, why did Vipul run away, his running is proof that he is culprit, you are born to soldier family, if your son did this cheap thing, you should kill him by your hands, if he has this bad thing in him.

They hear some sound, and rush to see. Vividha says Atharv….. Atharv catches the fake Atharv. Everyone come there and see two Atharv. Fake Atharv sees everyone and gets shocked. Fake Atharv starts Atharv’s acting and asks Sujata to see, they are beating me. Atharv says its not me, its me, Sujata, leave her. They both pull Sujata’s hands. Ravish and everyone get confused seeing both of them.

Sujata says Atharv, its hurting me, leave me. Atharv leaves Sujata. Fake Atharv says you are my mum. Suman slaps fake Atharv. Sujata says my Atharv can’t hurt his mum even in this state, so he left me, this is not my Atharv. Ravish catches the fake Atharv and pulls off the mask from his face.

They all get shocked seeing Situram. Atharv says its Sita. Everyone look on. Ravish and Vividha think. Situram recalls how he has cleared all evidence against him. Its shown how Situram heard Sujata and Atharv’s whereabouts, schedule always and has cheated them. He tells everyone how he executed his duty planning. They all get shocked.

Ravish says Situram….. Suman says yes, that day after car stopped. Situram went to get mechanic and did not come back. She asks Situram why did he do this. Ravish asks why did you do this. Situram apologizes and comes to his true form.

Ravish says so this was your loyalty and work, you tried to ruin Vividha’s respect by taking advantage of Atharv’s stage, I trusted you a lot, I left everything on you, my life and secrets, what did you do in return. Situram says secrets, I know many secrets. He smiles. Ravish, Vividha, and Sujata get worried.

Suman says if anyone else comes at home, how will I believe him, I can’t even trust people staying in this house. Guddi comes to stay with them. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This total trashy show is still on? Low standard garbage!!!

  2. What happening they are dividing ravidhaaa hoo noo why guddi entry

  3. Soooo the fake atharv is situram.why guddi came there? ??????

  4. Its getting bore day by day stop dragging n get into d story…

  5. My guess was right
    Hope vitharv unites not intervening by this guddi

  6. Super epi.. Tht is my atharv.. Even atharv condition ill he catches fake atharv.. ??????????

  7. Very nice episode..ravidha is best couple

  8. This low standard garbage show has no story. Only morons can like this trash

  9. Ravidha is best couple.

  10. yes its finally happening ravish and vividha together and guddi with athrav ??????? cant wait for it and finally situram got caught ?????

  11. Antonio conte

    Nice episode….

  12. OMG it was situram. But why vipul run away. What other secrets does he know apart from ravish and vividha pretending to be married after ravish removed mangalsutra. Why has Guddi come there?

  13. Haha finaly Atharvne pakad liya fake athrv ko….guddy kyu aaya..????aaj atharv teek hota tho situram ki haalath kya hothi..idiot wrtrs paagal banadi athrv ko…

  14. I’m still suspecting Vivbul whatever his ugly face of a Name is, What in the World is Guddi doing there? Is the House now a Vacation Resort?

  15. Maybe director has going through some of viewers… that some viewers think guddi would be matches for Ravish or Atharv… So that is y guddi came toooo ravish house…new drama on the way…

  16. I think guddi is for captain avinashh if not i hope they wont do ravish and guddi uniteee if it happenss really it is worlds worst serialllllllllllllllll hoping ravidha

  17. Plz writers change the story we see atharv lk this..he is d real hero,dont give much importance to ravish

  18. We can’t see atharv lk dis …

  19. writers ruined the original script..i hope vitharv united soon

  20. Vividha and atharva best couple

  21. Ya we can’t see atharvs condition. Don’t know wt to comment. But only hope is it is a story of a boy n girl brought up in completely different environments n how their love changed each other giving strength to each other. Don’t want story of a Mahaan bap n beti. How So called baap saved her daughter n his family from avara, besharam ladka(who risked his life many times) named atharva. How a baap cares about daughters future. N how he made her rishta with Mahaan ravish. N beti realized her mistake n lived happily ever after with Mahaan Pati parameshwar. If dis is the story line who cares about showing 7 vachans taken by vitharv. Writers apke story leke bhaad me Jao. What is d meaning of Jana na dil se door.what a twist Making male lead pagal n mental. N showing female lead characterless(it may not be true, but making most of our audience to misunderstand vividhas guilty as falling for other male lead) great story n great twists.???.turned sweet love story in to complicated awkward story. In previous episode they showed atharv filling maang with blood just before separation. N again ravishs entry in babis life. Can’t take any more.

  22. indera sanichara

    Writers make Artharv good and unite him with Vividha then this show rating will skyrocket to number one.

  23. Finally this double role drama ended…and i don’t think guddi will be paired opposite atharv as she is like a sister to him as he told in one of the previous episodes..and if still writers pairs them then it will be a complete bullshit… introduction of a new girl will be best for atharv

    1. Me to think same new girl for athravvv and ravidhaaa

  24. N please for god sake don’t pair up guddi with atharva. He used to treat her as his sister.

  25. Antonio conte

    Definitely vipul is the fake atravel ….later it will be revealed….anyway come on writer make atharv normal.

  26. OMG ?? 4 Men behind one woman….Vividha…First Atharv, then Ravish and then Vipul and now Situram…..Seriously Vividha you r not but a pr*stitute ? WHORE….Ghar ke saare males ko pata nahi kya Hua hai why they r behind that Shameless b*t*h…Hopeless…Guddi ko us BC Uma ne hi bheja hai Atharv par nazar rakh ne liye taaki wo Ravish and Vividha ke bich na aaye…Uma what kind of woman u r…u and ur daughters r stains on the name of women….pehele to Atharv ka ghar hadap liya now what r u expecting Atharv and Sujata ko ab unke khudke hak ke ghar se bhi nikal jaana chahiye just for ur CALL Girl daughter’s sake…..u stooped this much low to send guddi to spy Atharv….if we recall old episode they have revealed Uma’s past that before Marring Kailash she had an affair with other guy then she betrayed him and married Kailash…Your daughter Vividha is exactly like u …guddi bhi starting ko characterless hi dikhai hai..dadi bhi kya kam flirt thi…Ankit and Kailash both r Murderers and thieves…Not even a single person in this family is descent and virgin Women pr*stitute and b*t*hes and Men Murderers and Killers….CRIMINALs ..puri family ko zinda jalana chahiye…Kill this blo*dy family….f**k u all Kashap family ….Go to hell…Hopeless people

  27. With vitharav track the trp is .7…..wonderful….only saving part is ravish….

  28. Such a stupid show, RIP jndsd

  29. I think that evil Kailash Kasyap is back again. it seems kailash has send guddi by threatening to kill her mom(Uma). that is y guddi reached ravish house to make vitharv away and make bond b/w ravidha.
    blo*dy kailash… go to hell man..

  30. Seturam molested secence r end. Then vipul molested secence start chestara director ji? Ravidha love story r. Vidharv unite cheyandam chupinchandi sir molested secence kadu.

  31. Ya it’s may be true. Kk may have sent guddi separate vitharv. But hope dis situation brings atharv close again.

  32. Pratiksha More

    atharv & vividha make the best pair.
    Guddi can be paired with ravish if wanted.

  33. wow…what a surprise. I think it was vipul but then the writers changed character to situram. I think he they were making it too obvious and they saw that we were figuring it out. Good to see that nasty part of the culprit harassing vividha come to a stop. Let’s focus on getting vividha and artharv back together and out of that place. Guiddi entry to the house is needed to make ravish fall in love with her.

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