Ragini FF- Love Once Again CH–13

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Scene starts in Raichand Mansion—
Avantika, Akshay and Rudra were looking at each other..
Rudra—Why did u do this Mom… Why???
Avantika- Rudra, what are u talking abt….
Rudra- U very well know abt what i am talking… Haa… Why u did not tell me that Ragini is Niti’s music teacher..
Avantika- I am seeing u in so much pain for last 6 months…. I know how much u love her… And that’s why…
Rudra- No mom, I cant tell her… I cant reveal that i am her Laksh… U know naa…
Akshay- Relax, Rudra… we know that…. But we cant see u hurting ur self every day & night…
Avantika- And u know how much she loves u… Her pain can be seen in her eyes , betta…
Rudra has tears in his eyes…

Akshay- Rudra… i know… for now u can’t be with her as Laksh but u can be with her as Rudra… U know naa what i mean… And u can keep a check on Nikhil’s tactics and Save ur family too..
Rudra- May be u are right… But i need some time… plz leave me alone…
Akshay & Avantika leaves… Rudra sits on bed thinking abt what Akshay & Avantika said…
There Scene shifts downstairs—
Ragini smiles & says- Toh Niti Shurru karre…
Niti- Haa, But pahele aap mujhe ek song sunao…
Ragini- Song…
Niti- Haa, plz…..
Vijaya- Haa, Ragini ji plzz….
Ragini-kk.. She starts singing—
na bole mose mohan kyun
hain roothe roothe mohan kyun
kaise manaun haye
kaise manaun..
(As she starts singing Avantika & Akshay heard it… They look at each other… Rudra to hears her voice….)
un bin kate na raina
un bin aave na ik pal chaina
un bin jiyoon to kaise main jiyoon haye
bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina
(Rudra can feel the pain in Ragini’s voice… He wanted to go & hug her…)
nainam chhindanti shastrani
nainam dahati pavakah
na chainam kledayantapo
na shoshayati marutah

naino ke dwaare aane ke vaade
baandhe aise bolo kaahe
chaukhat pe dil ki, aahat rakhi hai
taakon pe hai tore saaye
(Here, Tears start flowing down Ragini’s cheeks… She remembers her & Laksh’s moments)
un bin unhe manaye
un bin kabhi jo unko rijhaye
un bin chhale hai mora ye jiya haye..

bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina
(Here in Rudra’s room he too remembers his & Ragini’s moments… Tears flow down his cheeks…)
komal badi hai saansan ki dori
roothan se bhi toot jaaye
baavan tarah se jee ko manaya
khoje ajahun tori raahein

un bin unhe main paaun
un bin unhe main garva lagaun
un bin unhi mein more jee lage

bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina
(Ragini control’s her emotions & wipes her tears… Here Rudra thinks something & goes downstairs…)

Screen freezes on Rudra going downstairs…..

Precap—Rudra says that he will drop Ragini to MM…..

Note—Shaleen Malhotra as Rudra Raichand/Laksh Maheshwari (after face surgery)
Rudra is Laksh revealation is only for readers…. I will call him as Rudra only till Ragini gets to know that he is only Laksh… I hope there will be no confusion….

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