RadhaKrishn 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Confronts Krishna

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Nand confronts Vrishbhan that if his daughter is his pride, my son is my dignity and my son will not disappoint him. Jatila yells she already informed Vrishbhan that his friend is untrustable. Vrishban and Nand’s argument continues. Yashoda asks Vrisbhan to not forget that his daughter opened eyes for the first time when Krishna touched her. Vrishbhan continues shouting and orders dhrupadh to build a wall between Barsana and Vrindavan right now. Radha and Krishna look at each other sadly. Jatila hopes now her son will be freed. Ayan’s rope burns and he falls towards crocodiles when door shuts and he is saved. Akroor congratulates him that his mother finished task on time and saved him.

Nand returns home and fumes that Vrishbhan insulted him and Krishna without their mistakes, he will never forgive him. Vrishban fumes that he found a traitor in his friend, now he will never trust anyone and found people’s true colors. Yashoda tells there must be some misunderstanding and someone is behind it.

Radha reminisces Krishna’s confession repeatedly expressing his love for her and thinks why he denied his love in front of everyone, she needs to confront him. On the other side, Jatila rushes towards Mathura murmuring that she has to save her son. Ayan meets her and says he is safe now. Jatila informs that there is a permanent wall between Barsana and Vrindavan now and Krishna lost Radha. Vrishbhan and Nand watch wall being being built between Barsana and Vrindavan.

Balram confronts Krishna why did he do that, because of him, a rift is created between Barsana and Vrindavan, he broke Radha’s heart and separated Radha and Krishna, why.. Krishna says he is Narayan and cannot do anything wrong to anyone, he has to protect each and every animal and he just followed Radha’s order.

Radha hears Krishna’s bansuri sound and walks towards door to meet him. Kirtida stops him and asks where is she going. Radha says to meet Krishna and walks away. She meets Krishna and confronts him that why did he act expressing his love for her when he does not love her at all. He asks if she really loved her or if it is just an infatuation. Radha stands shocked while Krishna continues..

Krishna gives moral gyaan that they get angry on their parents thinking they don’t care about us, but did they realize they cannot watch their nose as it is between their eyes and when someone hits us, we hold nose first, similarly parent’s love is invisible and will protect them whole life.

Precap: Radha says he hates Krishna and breaks his bansuri. She informs Vrishbhan that she is ready to marry Vyomesh.

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