RadhaKrishn 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Competes With Radha

RadhaKrishn 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna shows his Narayan avatar to asur Shankchurn. Shankchurn thanks him for showing his Narayan avatar and says he is lucky to watch it being an asur. Krishna says asur does not become asur by birth, but by deeds; he is good hearted. Asur requests him to let him gift pearl to devi Radha. Krishna agrees and via his sudarshan chakra beheads asur and gives him mukti. He then burns Asur’s body and gets mani from it. Radha wakes up. Krishna says he came via door and not via balcony this time. She says she needs to tell something important, she saw blanket wearing man even here whom she saw in dreams. Krishna jokes and diverting her attention says she should get ready for a competition tomorrow in which she will lose. Radha says she will win and he will lose. He says let us see. Next day, people gather to watch Radha and Krishna’s competition. Kirtida explains rules that they need to search shells from milk bowl and whoever finds more shells will win and loser has to obey winner for life. Radha and Krishna hurriedly pick shells and drops them in plate. Vrishbhan tells Nand that wedding muhurath is nearby, but Ugrapath has not come yet to perform rituals.

Ayan in his home vents out anger and shouts that his Radha is marrying Krishna and everyone are enjoying their wedding, nobody is bothered about him. Jatila emotionally says she cares for him. Ayan walks away saying he will never return home and will make sure Radhha does not marry Krishna. Ugrapath walks in. Jatila vents out her anger on him and informs Ayan loves Radha and left home, they will lose their son and he can keep serving Vrishbhan instead of worrying for their son’s life. Ugrapath stands tensed.

After competition, Kirtida and Yashoda counts Radha and Krishna’s shells. Krishna increases Radha’s shells. Balram watches it and confronts Krishna what is he doing. Krishna says he has to let Radha win. Balram says it is a question of even his pride. Krishna says Radha’s happiness is above all. Balram says Radha comes above everyone for Krishna. Kirtida announces Radha won. Chandravali asks Balram what will he say now. Balram says he is everyone’s Dau and he is happy with Radha’s win. Chandravali says Krishna has not obey Radha from hereon. Krishna says he will always and for the world Radha comes first and people will know them as Radha Krishna. Next ritual starts. Radha and Krishna sit on chair. Chandravali says they need to respect their jamai/son-in-law. Yashoda says they look like Lakshmi Narayan’s jodi. Balram says they are Lakshmi Narayan’s jodi. Krishna signals him to shop.

Ugrapath reaches near lake and sees Ayan doing pooja. Ayan says he is becoming sanyasi/saint sacrificing his worldly desire. Ugrapath pleads not to. Jatila walks in and warns Ugrapath to stop Ayan, else she will burn herself alive.

Precap: Ugrapath informs Vrishbhan that Ayan loves Radha and as promised Vrishbhan has to get Ayan married to Radha. Vrishbhan addresses everyone.

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